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Until the last time, it was drawn mainly from the past of Kirishima, but this time it is finally settled!

In my recollection, Ashido was too angelic, but this time, I think the interaction with Ranbu-kun became interesting!

The wreckage was a stupid person, but he was a man who had something he couldn’t hate!

Chapter 146 “Seconded” Spoilers confirmed impression and consideration! [MHA]

Anyway, the blow of Fat Gum’s friendship that exploded.

The Hokotate confrontation was relieved after the Fat Gum Red Riot team won the victory.

The barrier villain had no show until the end! Will you be active in the future?

Although it was a KO that broke with this blow, he managed to get up at the end and urged Fat Gum to “give Kiriki’s allowance .

It seems that he had a good feeling for Kirishima, who had been hitting him for his life, because he was a pure fighting fanatic!

Ranbu-kun looks like a man with some quirky logical points, but it’s not just a crazy man …

A wreck that seems to have escalated variously and want to die again.

The point is that he liked talking fists to fists, but he was too strong …

The number of people who can fight him is so small that the opportunity to talk in a fist has been impaired … that’s who he is!

I feel like becoming a rival with Kirishima!

Kirishima was so much loved by the turbulence.

I’m already full of wounds, but someday there will be a revenge frontal collision scenario again!

Just as a strange relationship was born between Stein and Iida-kun, a human relationship is being established here as well!

I can’t say much yet, but perhaps the wreckage will end up in jail after this.

I don’t know where he is going to, but maybe it’s Tartarus where All For One or Stain is imprisoned.

Then, one day, when the villain alliance and Aki Yasai start the “Tartaros Raid” event, the rematch will be visible!

The storm will fade out next time, but I’m looking forward to the next appearance again!

I would like to actively watch the causal relationship with Kirishima and rivalry in the future! 

The smart villains who are moving!

In the latter half of 146 Chapter this time, the main focus was the exchange of Aya Hsaisai, mainly in Harizaki.

Eri seems to be safe, but Haruki’s expression remains calm and quiet!

No, he’s more like a “psychopath” than crazy !

The day of execution is just around the corner, and is Hachisai Akai also finishing?

It seems that the specific aim has not been decided yet, but there is a feeling that Ai Yasai is also finishing.

It seems that it can be grasped from the following expression of Harizaki.

I have a clear goal and I’m about to set foot there.

I wonder if there is something that is not visible to the hero, but only to Osamu!

Also, it seems that Harazaki does not care so much for the “deviation of consciousness” with his children .

For example, from the following cuts, I feel that some kind of emotion close to giving up is conveyed!

And , based on that “giving up” , the impression that he still thinks, “No matter what kind of sacrifice I make, I will not die if I achieve my purpose .”

Something like a clear belief that has not yet been revealed must be rooted in his motives for action!

By the way, the minions used to say a little maliciousness about Harizaki by saying, “Take the name of the villain-like name, such as overhaul .”

In the future, if there is a time when the true intention of Harizaki will be talked about , it may be possible that such a “problem of visibility from the surroundings (entanglement with symbols)” will be drawn!

The stuff is complete!

Also, I’m interested in the following completed “butsu” !

Previously, a bad product made in Asia … a dangerous drug with the feeling of being discovered …

The “finished product” below seems to be something different!

It may be the aim of Harazaki to scatter these things into the world, but what kind of influence does that have?

I think that there is the ability of Osamu Hara alone, but if the time comes when you will explode your personality like a beast that the entire world is rampaging …

I have a feeling that a dangerous era will come when the strength of the individual is not satisfied.

The Villan Union / Temporary Workers are about to start rampaging!

So, at this last time, the seconded group of the Villan Coalition started to rage!

This time, Toga Himiko & Twice will be drawn as a seconded group of the Villan Union.

I think these two people will stand in front of the heroes!

Twice’s individuality, “double” , and Toga Himiko’s transformation ability are extremely dangerous when combined.

Now that Kirishima, Fat Gum, Sun Eater, etc. have been separated, it will even be possible to launch a large-scale confusion operation in which no one knows who is an ally or who is an enemy!

At the time of the training camp, it was still direct because Twice increased the number of opponents, but if the amount of toga that is suitable for disturbance was increased …

I feel that the future battle may become tricky at some point!

Whether it’s Jinjin or Jiwajiwa … I’m really dying for the kind of uplifting excitement!

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