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A little! It was ridiculous on Saturday’s anime My Hero Academia!

MVP was a stain, but Iida-kun was also doing his best, and Endeader’s wall-running was so cool!

Logistics support from the freezing was also good, and the sights are full of momentum and the momentum does not stop!

So today, Tomohiko Toga has been messed up in this magazine, and My Hero Academia is amazing! !

[My Hero Academia] Chapter 147 “Tougais !!” Spoilers confirmed impressions and consideration!

This Chapter 147 starts around the following cuts.

The “wall” that Mimic is operating insideHeroes who are likely to be overwhelmed by the that … It’s a pinch!

Then, Rock, one of the heroes, tries to care for this situation!

A lock lock that locks the wall in place by using its individuality to prevent the approaching wall.

This personality seems to be easy to use for both offense and defense!

Let’s have the potential to play an active role as a “restricted system” with a feeling of being Shinjuku Kamui and Best Genist !

It’s not a type that you can hit each other on the front like Deku or Kirishima, but I think that it will be an auxiliary ability, but if you cooperate with surrounding heroes, it will be a very useful personality.

It is good that the value will change greatly with each use!

Mimic battle and Toga Himiko’s entry!

Also, in the middle stage, I was touched lightly on the entry of the approaching wall (Mimic).

As for him, his character was still unstable, but he was a little more “personal” !

His personality seems to be called “Iranaka Tsukui” !

By doing this, you can get into walls and manipulate various things …!

It seems that this “overkill operation” was a method I wouldn’t want to use if I could if I could , because it would reduce my physical strength when operating large objects or a wide range of objects !

So, after hunting down the heroes to a certain line and earning time, they move to the “next operation” !

In response to the rock that is being chased by correspondence, Toga Himiko appears from nowhere and slashes from behind!

The personality of Toga has been determined to be “transformation .”

Right now, it seems that heroes are dispersed and chasing Akai , so it’s a lot of pressure when the fact that “Toga is on the enemy side” is transmitted!

Moreover, her presence never stops!

Togo’s behavior is too dangerous!

In the latter half, let’s start with the behavior of Toga, which is too dangerous!

Originally, she had a personally broken (looks like) personality, but because of this, she had a great presence this time too!

If you say, it feels like “Yandere is extremely rare!”

Standing around using transformation is like this! !

I mentioned in the previous page that Toga Himiko’s personality is “transformation,” but with this personality, you can even do the following!

You can impersonate a friend of the other party and hit them unexpectedly … It’s quite annoying!

From the hero’s point of view, it seems that “hit and away” makes a lot of appearances, surprise attacks, and withdraws … It’s a mental exhaustion battle!

Also, when her personality is released, it seems like the following!

As far as this description can be seen, it seems that her transformation is “feeling like wearing a viscous body fluid all over the body like special makeup” !

The expression at the moment when the transformation is solved is ecstatic, and it makes you feel like nothing!

There was a scene where Deku and Himiko Toga were lightly hit before (dressed as Chemie), but this time it’s the third confrontation …

From Villan Coalition to Death Hachisai!

Himiko Toga rejoices from the Villan Union to Death Hachisaikai.

She had been aiming for a deku since the time of the Rinkan training camp …

She appeared almost alone in front of the heroes in this case, but I am wondering how to stand around from now on!

In addition, the following cuts are smooth, but the interaction between the dead tree and Harazaki that was done in the past was drawn.

It is a scene where Osamu Osamu has proposed to transfer some of the strength from the Villan Union to the Death Hachisai Society.

It was a dead tree that had a stronger hysterical atmosphere at the beginning of the appearance, but now I have the impression that it is patiently listening to the opponent’s demands!

In addition, there is also a “shogi boom” trend, so the production that happened to be a coincidence or intention was timely!

Harazaki proposed that Toga or Twice or Kurogiri be collected at the Death Hachisai Society, and as a result Toga and Twice were sent to the Death Hachisai Society.

I don’t think Dead Tree will let them go completely, so I ‘m sure these two are just like rentals ! !

At the end of the story, it seems that Sir and Twice were staring at each other from the front, and next time, I don’t know where the fire lid of the battle will be cut off, so it will burn!

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