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The 20th anniversary jump of the momentum to drop the flying birds!

Of course, My Hero Academia is in a great condition for both this magazine and anime, and it’s dangerous!

The title of 148 Chapter this time is “Young Tougueis worries”, which is reminiscent of Goethe’s novel “Young Wertel worries” !

Chapter 148 “Young Tugais’s Trouble” Spoiler Confirmation and Consideration! [My Hero Academia]

“Young welter worries” is a novel about a young man Wertel who fell in love with a female Charlotte who is a fiancee, and desperately desperately desperately.

“Worries” in 148 Chapter Twice was the one who !

As for 148 Chapter, it might be interesting to read the scenario while paying attention to his viewpoint!

This 148 Chapter start from the battle of sir vs turbulence.

Obviously, this breakup was augmented by Twice’s personality “twice” ! It’s really troublesome!

Anyway, it’s amazing that Sir didn’t pull back as much as he could say!

Battle brilliantly by making full use of a heavy stamp called “super mass stamp” !

As expected, it’s an all-might ex-sidekick!

This seal feels like an item for throwing and attacking.

Since it weighs 5 kg, it’s a sensationally and descriptively “5 kg bullet” !

This seems to be directly linked to damage that won’t make you smashed!

About the relationship between Twice and Toga!

Twice with half the mask stripped from this mass mark.

As I touched on before, he’s a person who has the feeling that if you don’t wear a mask your mind will split up!

Toga approaching at the time of hiding covered the torn mask … Gentle!

He has a strong image of killing anyone, but he also has a gentle side to his relatives.

The cute little twice that tears a little bit!

Oh yeah, Ms. Mug was killed just as Twice brought Harazaki to her …

There is no choice but to feel responsible!

Until now, villains were often depicted with extremely crazy aspects such as stains, muscular, moonfish, and so on.

However, I feel that I can see the side where they are made up of bonds in their own way!

In particular, Toga’s “scene of thinking about Twiis’s sense of responsibility” may make you feel frustrated!

How the two came to be dispatched here!

In the latter half, it will be said how the two came to be dispatched here.

Although it was a decision / decision based on a dead tree, at first two people seemed to oppose it!

State of two people who oppose!

As far as the two oppositions are concerned, Twice is particularly serious.

Harazaki kills Magne and blows off MrMr Compress’s arm.

It’s bad that Mug’s sister struck it first, but it’s not up to everyone to decide on its responsibility.

Some people think that carelessly setting Magne is bad, and some think that Mr. Osamu who dealt with it is bad.

However, from Twice’s point of view, it ‘s natural for me to feel like I ‘m not here !

If you think about it, at this point, Tomihiko may have already noticed Twice’s chest pain.

She also complained when she was dispatched to Aya Hatsusai!

Himiko Toga asks a knife against a dead tree and asks.

In a sense, the question What do I have to do to do something painful and unpleasant?” Asks the “vessel as a boss” of a dead tree !

And, on the other hand, the dead pattern tree survived a certain kind of hail!

The charisma that began to fall into the dead tree!

The answer answered by Tokigai is as follows.

“It’s for me and you,” said the tree with a slight smile.

This seems like a little unexplained answer, but the answer that convinces the two has been supplemented in some effective ways!

The words released after this line.

It can be said that this was enough persuasive power for Twice and Toga! !

The following two points can be summarized from the assertion of the dead tree that was told immediately afterwards!

  • “You two are very important people for me too.”
  • “I believe in you two”

I don’t want to let go because I think it’s important.

I don’t want to let go, but I have to choose to let go.

But I believe in you.

In other words, I think that this will lead to the interpretation that “Must come back!”

If you connect it with “For me and you”, it may be interpreted as “Go to Hatsusai Akai for the villain alliance, and make sure to come back !”

It feels round and round, but I think this is the most natural!

Then, the last is a melee battle pattern involving no ally and foe, and finish!

A hero who was targeted at Akihachi Saikai, but was devoted to the appearance of Unpredictable Toga and Twice.

Toga & Twice who arbitrates on the hero side and provokes entering.

I am trying to crush all the heroes, Toga & Twice together …

With this, the mixed battle with the enemy and the allies started … it feels like!

It’s going to be pretty chaotic next week, but what about …! !

By the way, Saturday’s anime has an original Chapter-like feel to it, and I can’t take my eyes off because My Hero Academia’s momentum is accelerating! !

It burns like a dizzying roller coaster! 

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