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TV animation is also in great shape, and the momentum to drop the flying birds does not stop!

The original story about Baiu-chan was also included, but I was impressed with the quality being too high!

It’s been a while since there was a trade-off in the merger issue, but this time it feels like Twice and Toga have been picked up with a good feeling!

Chapter 149 “Don’t get angry, I’m Iranaka-Kun” Spoilers confirmed impressions! [My Hero Academia]

There are some places where the timeline of My Hero Academia these days tends to change a little, but it is interesting because it changes the flow!

This time from the Chapter when Aki Yasai and Toga & Twice joined!

It seems that Harazaki apologized and said I’m sorry as a matter of course .

As usual, I feel a big sense in the majestic behavior like a general!

Twice came carelessly, and as a result Mug’s sister died.

It should be quite mentally mindful that Twice shows his face before him again.

Whether it’s on the top or on the other side, I think that it was meaningful for Harizaki to speak apologizing words here!

In a sense, it might have been Twice’s mental care.

Then, the conversation develops about the personality of the two members of the Villan Union Seconded Team!

Considering the points of Twice’s individuality, it feels as follows.

  • Increase everything to two
  • It is impossible unless it is an image
  • Data is super important
  • Up to two can be increased at the same time
  • The durability of the fake is lower than the real one
  • I can’t increase to two

Basically, Twice’s personality looks like this!

It’s easy to use, but it seems to be risky!

Regarding his “personal convenience”, please refer to the following consideration!

In addition to this, Toga-chan’s individuality was also revealed in detail!

About the personality of Toga Himiko!

Also, I feel that I can dig deeper into Toga-chan’s personality!

She once transformed into Chemie, and has succeeded in collecting the blood of Ochako at the forest camp!

The summary of Toga Himiko’s individuality is as follows!

  • You can transform into that person by taking blood
  • Transformation time and intake are proportional
  • You can transform with a glass for about a day
  • You can transform including clothes
  • But the clothes are double, so you have to be naked (!)

She has a personality that is effective by sucking blood.

When I think about it, it seems that the hero killing and stains that she adheres to was also a personality that limits the movement of the opponent by licking blood.

You may feel sympathy with a blood-sucking connection …

And above all, I want to remember firmly that I have to be naked because my clothes are double ! Uooo!

Don’t get angry

This is the second half of the game, taking into account a little exchange with Akihasai.

In the second half of the game, the scene was skipped in real-time battle, and the introductory story of Toga & Twice was played!

According to Toga, “The smaller the person, the more they want to hide their weakness , so they look down on others to make themselves stronger .”

I see … Maybe you see such people occasionally?

I’m getting into the provocation!

The personality I entered was very good.

Even if the performance is not as high as that of Kurogiri, I think there aren’t many characters with such a threatening personality.

However, while I was entering, the inner part did not catch up with that excellent personality … I feel like it!

I want to be respected by somebody, I want to have an advantage … I don’t know, but I’m just angry.

It seems that he has completely survived the repeated provocation of Toga & Twice.

If that happens, you’ll lose your composure and it’s a bad fighting aspect!

I was angry while I was in, and I chose the option of wielding individuality as my emotions went.

This was almost “ self-defeating ” while I was in, but I think the role of Toga and Twice, who managed to get around and control the place, was also wonderful!

After this, the defeat in the collaboration with Deku and Professor Aizawa was completed successfully!

Defeated while entering is wonderfully completed!

Deku who faints while falling and holds it down as it is.

Being a hero, I feel like I’m restraining the other person as much as possible without damaging them!

If Aizawa-sensei’s personality is “erased”, it’s the same as non-individuality … I’m glad I was able to manage the entry successfully!

Also, at the last time, time goes back even further, and this time it will be the turn of Milio!

At this point, you’ll be pretty nervous, have you already encountered it?

Moreover, it is a story two minutes after Milio moved to a solo action.

That means that at that point when Deku and his friends are fighting … Mirio had already encountered Harizaki!

I don’t think it’s easy to do unless there is a great deal because it is a “transparent” personality, but … because Harazaki and others also deal with “drugs whose individuality cannot be used .”

If at least the “scene in which Deku and the others were fighting” is “now” , the battle between Milio and Harazaki has already been settled …

I can’t really imagine the future when Mirio captured Harizaki, and I don’t want to think about the future when Harizaki killed Mirio.

Finally came, the flow of “feeling of harassment peculiar to My Hero Academia .

The next 150 Chapter, I’m just worried about Milio’s safety! ! Please be safe!

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