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I’ve always loved Millio since it first appeared, but I think I’ve come to like it even more this time!

For Batwan, who was a big all-might fan, there was a part that was selfish (?) And became like the “all-might-loss phenomenon” , but if Mirio played an active role, I would like to have a different color. Light up! !

Chapter 150 “Tsukigata Million” Spoilers Confirmation and consideration!

Continuing from the previous Chapter, the 150 Chapter this time are from the scene where Milio encounters Harizaki and deepens exchanges!

I’m worried about the safety of Milio, who seems to run a little against Harizaki, but I’m frustrated that I can only pray as a fan!

Tens of tense exchanges continue, with every word lean!

“I wasn’t looking at it at that time,” he points to the painful part of Milio’s heart.

MHA is really skillful not only for simple battles, but also for such a “heart attack” !

It seems that this time the Haruzaki camp especially knows “Milio doesn’t want to be said most !”

In many battle mangas , this “talking” is often meaningless.

But in MHA, it’s real because it’s given meaning! It’s an inevitable exchange!

By blaming our hearts, we aim to make people hurt by making them hurt and hurt their judgments. This is one of the tricks of them and can be said to be a “powerful move”!

About Satsuki Mud and Makoto Nemoto!

Also, if you look down at this scene calmly, it is 3 to 1 as a force.

There are two support types on the enemy’s side who are around Sasaki!

Moreover, it feels like you are shooting with a “handgun” with a positive alpha … Dangerous! !

The above-mentioned mud has a personality that deprives people in the vicinity of the sense of equilibrium.

On the other hand, the root of the following is a person who has the personality of forcing himself to speak.

It is a combination of mud that deprives the human body of balance and the root that upsets the sense of balance of the human mind …

These two have very bad personalities, but the conclusion is that they didn’t work for Milio.

No, I don’t think it wasn’t completely effective, but strictly speaking, it worked, but the effect did not reach the surface. sense, do you feel that it ?

From this point onwards, Milio was the highlight, and I think it was really cool!

Million which can endure various shaking! !

Shake to your body and to your heart.

The things that Mud & Nemoto have set up this time should have been quite difficult for ordinary people.

But Milio has endured it!

It feels like Milio’s scale of heroism” is hidden and visible!

Milio admits his weakness obediently!

From this point on, the great parts of Million will be drawn more and more!

At the moment when Mud and Nemoto were convinced of victory, Milio moved at a tremendous speed and seemed to fight back!

The released Phantom Menace is below! Cool! !

According to Milio, “I’m always feeling a drunken feeling.” .

Yes, the transparency is so unique that it sits through , and to overcome it, Milio has made repeated blood-bleeding efforts.

Even with my heart, Milio is a person who has accepted weaknesses …!

Milio is a person who has accepted that he is weak, and has the strength to face his weaknesses.

Even if you were exposed to your weaknesses, that wasn’t something you could hide for Milio !

As a result, Mirio was able to bring the individuality of the sound book “to speak and to move the heart” to a form that is almost invalid!

It is natural to decide whether the result is strong or weak.

In that case, it is better not to forcibly hide the weak parts and to show the good appearance, but to reveal the weak parts and be honest.

I don’t know, but maybe I have a policy like that!

Weakness is a prerequisite! Tsuruga Milio won’t shake anymore! !

We have found that weakness is a prerequisite for Tongata Milio.

I think there are various strengths, but it seems that Mirio has been determined to be “a person who also has inner strength” !

On the surface, “strong physical strength” or “having a mysterious power” is not so strong, but it’s also great to be able to sharpen the inside so far!

Rather, I want these people to be heroes!

It’s different from “simple, easy-to-understand strength & cheerful and cheerful sense of humor” like almighty, but that’s why Million is a “new generation wind”. has a part that feels the !

You can understand why Milio is currently called the “closest to No.1 hero” !

Then, this 150 Chapter finish with the following cuts!

As expected , the scenario is settled with “Millio’s fine play & Osamu Osamu’s failure” … I am afraid of a counterattack, but I think it was good that Mirio’s big success was drawn in the memorable 150 Chapter!

Hopefully I will withdraw as soon as possible, and after feeling that the pursuit of Harazaki has joined with others, I want to feel like that! !

It would be cool if I could withdraw without being greedy, but … Mirio has a strong sense of justice.

Now, I’m really looking forward to what happens to the next 151 Chapter!

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