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My Hero Academia has won a solid position as one of the fun on Monday.

I’m happy that I can enjoy My Hero Academia twice a week together with the Saturday animation! I’m an enthusiastic fan, so I don’t mind! !

So, I would like to touch on the spoilers and thoughts of Chapter 153 below!

Chapter 153 “Transform!” Spoilers confirmed impression and consideration!

Until the last time, the development of the activity of Million (Rumillion) continued from beginning to end.

Expectations and anxiety are mixed while watching Milio working hard alone, and the phase of “I can only support” is over.

Finally, Deku and his friends rush to us! It was really good!

By the way, the main story goes a little back in the past and is drawn from the area where rock rock is inspired!

The awesome thing about this edition of Aki Yassai is that the emphasis is on the expression of the time axis” !

It’s a difficult way to make it difficult to understand if you make a mistake in one step, but it is a powerful plot that is different from simply listing what happened , there was something like that …” .

It was impressive that the death hell Hatsusai Akira edition was constructed with attention to this area from the beginning!

Toga & Twice Cleverness!

Also, it turns out that Toga and Twice are doing something wrong in the middle of the work.

These two guys haven’t been good at all, but these days, strange strangeness (?) May be born!

It’s said that “Mr. Kun will be pleased” , but what are they trying to do?

Toga & Twice try to act based on the idea that “I want to bark in the overhaul” .

Is it like “stealing the medicine of the example” from making Haruki regret and pleasing the dead tree ?

Or could it be like getting a blueprint for a drug?

What are you thinking about … 

Finally join Deku & Million!

From such a flow, it was finally the flow where Dekside and Milio, a single horse, joined.

Mirio was in a pinch of extinction due to the loss of personality, so it was really last minute! It was good in time!

A full-fledged Milio! well done!

When you arrive, you will see a fully-equipped Milio.

Deku who judges the situation by comprehensively considering the situation that his aides are falling and the situation of overhaul.

Immediately, the punch blow that hits Harizaki was swiftly swung away!

This is a development that has been entangled in the flow of angry waves, turning from a situation of impatient circumstances.

Deku has come through many times, so the decision is getting faster!

The savior-likeness of Deku this time was really serious! !

Also, until the previous Chapter , Milio had a “hero feeling” exploding in both ability and personality , but his physical strength seemed to be at its limit!

It’s because Milio always behaves brightly, so the above-mentioned cut conveys that death-blowing effect well!

I think that this time the battle between Harizaki vs Million was with the Million side and it’s safe to be killed at any time” , and I think he protected me well!

I think Milio has done enough work, and I hope you will take a good rest once this battle is over!

Harazaki begins to rampage (overhaul)!

Then, in this last, Osamu Harazaki will be drawn.

Originally, the eraser head used to seal the individuality with “erasure” , but Haruka’s entourage, Kurono, used the individuality to accelerate Dr. Aizawa’s blink.

This will bring his personality to life again!

It is already clear from the battle with Milio that the uniqueness of Harizaki is so strong, so it’s dangerous to be unable to contain it!

Also, whether the eraser head or the chronograph has a unique auxiliary system, how dangerous is it? I think the above description is indirectly transmitted.

Furthermore, it seems that Harizaki finally took in the personality of his relatives and fused them!

It is already clear in an all-for-one case that “having multiple personalities” is possible.

However, it is unlikely that Harazaki has the personality to pull it off!

From the next time onward, the power-up Harizaki will make full use of his abilities to attack, so it seems that the development that cannot be overlooked will continue!

Also, don’t overlook that the subordinates around Harizaki were “only auxiliary guys” compared to when they were all for one !

An emergency situation that is different from that time, that is, a combination of individual numbers in the recovery” .

How to overcome this critical moment … The judgment of heroes is questioned!

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