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My hero academia, the royal road of battle manga that represents the new era.

In the past, it seems that many works deteriorated compared to the original work when animated, but in My Hero Academia, while the goodness of the original work is utilized almost 100%, there are times when convincing original elements are incorporated. The anime version is also quite interesting!

The second period has ended, but it seems that the third stage has been decided, and the fact that it is one of the works I would like to pay attention to most is not moving anymore!

Anyway, the celebration, the third period! I feel like that! !

So, this time, while following the development of 154 Chapter, I would like to touch on the impressions and consideration!

Chapter 154 “Invisible Hope” Spoiler Confirmation and Consideration!

My Hero Academia, who was absent from the physical condition last time, took a rest, but this time it was posted safely.

I’m worried that Mr. Horikoshi was able to recover, but at least it doesn’t seem to affect the work! Really professional! !

Continuing from the last time, Harizaki, who absorbed his subordinates, rampaged into a rampage!

“It’s the worst feeling, but it’s a little better than a while ago ,” says Musaki.

He’s a clever man, so even though he’s a subordinate, “fusing” would have been the last resort.

But how was he being pushed because he had to do it? I think you can understand!

I will touch on the deformed ability of Harizaki later!

On the other hand, I think Deku who judged the situation was calm and good!

Various other hero eggs have appeared, but in this situation, there are only two people, Deku and Bakugo, who can calmly analyze the situation so far.

There is a lot of footsteps, so it seems that Deku gives top priority to grasping the situation.

Deku understands that if there’s an oversight here, it’ll be dangerous later … I feel like that!

A word about Osamu that fuels the whole!

In addition, in 154 Chapters this time, I think that you can also see the side of Harusaki who was good at psychological warfare.

The following cuts should have been given a big “psychological shake” especially !

The expression of Deku who lost words pierces his chest!

In the above cut, I think Deku also felt like, “Seriously ?!” , and Sir was shocked considerably.

When Milio, a disciple who has been hand-salted, loses her personality, it can be upset.

Especially if you get close to Sir’s feelings, it’s a place where your chest shouldn’t hurt!

But the reality is that it’s more permanent and doesn’t give me time to mourn!

Anyway, if you do not leave this place, Milio’s efforts will be wasted.

Both Kairi-chan and Milio are dangerous if their individuality cannot be activated in the first place.

There are various things, but Deku has given top priority to “moving places”, and as a result, Sir puts Taiman and Taiman in the development, but I think Deku’s decision was correct … maybe!

I’m sure it would have been best to do that in that situation …

Convergence, Harazaki vs Sir!

As for the 155 Chapters of this time, the battle of Haruzaki vs Sir developed as it unfolded in the latter half, and it ended.

If you say from the conclusion, the sir with that incomparable strength is defeated …, this is so bad! !

The defeat of Sir, who should be the overall leader!

This operation was all done manually by Sir.

It’s quite hard for Sir, who should be such a leader, to leave here!

Also, even when he activates “Future Sight , which is one of his strongest abilities, he is terrified by the high combat ability of Harazaki, which still couldn’t come true!

I think Mio’s “transparency” is one of the strongest abilities, but Sir’s “future prediction” should be the strongest.

However, even though Sir has that ability, he seems to have been defeated before Osamu Harazaki.

Even if we can see the future, we can not change the “already clogged situation” .

I think it’s symbolized in the cut above!

And what was the future of Harizaki that he saw last?

Nothing. Or darkness.

I don’t know what this darkness means, but apparently it won’t be at least a bright future.

It seems that the sir’s pupil, who is about to lose light, makes the sense of despair stand out.

What should I do with this … Harazaki’s ability is too serious! !

Deku’s ability limit has been released!

In such a situation, the situation around the sir continued, and the scene changed.

However, the situation is not only dark, but Deku has finally succeeded in activating 20% ​​of one-for-all!

It seems that there is a recoil in the whole body, but this is reliable!

In the past, at the sports festival, I felt that if I hit one shot, that part would break down, but now it is possible to control it because the control is in effect.

In the worst case, you can even focus on 100% of your power, just like when you were doing mascular.

I want you to avoid doing things that destroy you, but 20% opening of this deck is encouraging!

It’s growing steadily! Becoming a protagonist! !

Then the last cut is the following cut!

If this is the last one this time, the battle between Deku vs Haruzaki will be in full swing next time!

The whole picture of 20% one-for-all is finally about to be revealed!

In addition, while Deku has had a problematic side that tends to cause a sense of justice to run out of control, it is worth noting that he is acting very calmly in this operation!

To what extent can Deku’s steadily growing ability be used for overhaul? The development of the next 155 Chapters is awaited! !

Oh, that’s good, My Hero Academia!

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