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Although MHA’s psychological depiction is deep every time, this 155 Chapter was also terrible!

I can often draw deep parts with this quality … I’m scared!

The third season of the anime has been decided, and in this magazine, it seems that the battle with vs. Ai Yasai is about to reach a climax … It burns! !

Chapter 155: “The person who saves, the person who is saved, the whereabouts of the hero”

I was wondering where to touch it, but at first I would like to touch from the following cuts!

Genno needles (Kuronohari) that blindly restrain the eraser head, which has a unique character to erase individuality.

Professor Aizawa is in a pinch! Is this okay?

If Aizawa-sensei, who can erase his or her personality by looking at the other person, is blindfolded, it is simply nothingness.

It’s still stronger than the average person because he’s undergoing combat training, but this position from the back is …!

In addition to being unable to move freely, it can only be said that it is desperate when considering the individuality of the opponent!

The following cuts made Genuine’s individuality clearer!

Genno’s personality, “chronostasis,” is the ability to stretch and attack the hair in the shape of a clock’s hands, slowing the movement of the subject.

Moreover, based on this handsome appearance, if you do something bad, you will feel like a super important person!

If you’re not good at it, it’s no wonder that it’s a black curtain that incites Harizaki (overhaul)!

The interaction between Genno and Aizawa-sensei should be clearly engraved in the mind as a future “harassment factor” !

Brain blow! Manchester Smash!

Continuing from the last time, Harazaki played a Taiman match with Ideku.

Deku showed off his new technique, “Brain Hit! Manchester Smash!”

Almight was a technical name with American states as a motif, whereas Manchester is England.

It may have brought the place name of Europe where soccer is popular because of only kicking! cool!

As far as I can see the motion of the technique, I feel like removing the whole heel…!

Including the front and rear depictions, I wonder if it would be a shot that kicked the ceiling with a recoiled recoil and shot in the middle of the middle of the air (forward somersault) …!

As a result, this blow was avoided, but the dynamic attack that moves around with Chokomaka is cool!

Mio’s emotional description is dangerous!

Then, in the middle of the game, Million’s emotional depiction was made, but this is quite dangerous!

It’s Milio who worked hard in the previous scenario, but I feel that the tears that hold him tell his heart!

The following is the number of times Mirio did his best, jumping to issue No. 41, so if you like it, you might want to read it again!

Milio, who worked so hard, supported his heart at the last minute.

In the above cut, it seems that you are thinking of Sir, so I think there is also a part of “Sir rather than yourself” .

But what I want to focus on more than that is the phrase “still! It depends on me!”

At the time when he came up with the idea of “still” , Milio would have decided that “this work will be the last one” .

Mirio is a man of effort that has climbed up from Billi.

Thinking that his hero’s life would end here, I’m almost starting to feel my chest …! !

I wish I could manage to regain my personality … uh … Millio! 

Cruelty of induction of adult, Osamu Osamu!

The point that this psychological description was awesome is not limited to Milio.

The following cuts, the feeling of Harizaki leading Kairi-chan, was also a very outrageous guidance method …!

Haruzaki who makes you judge!

Harazaki tries to lure out Kairi with the crumbled deku as food.

The guidance “I’ll die again for you! Do you want this !?” is bad!

After learning that Kai-chan, who has no strength, must “follow” , he makes choices and lets him choose the sacrifice himself!

This feels like “substantial extortion with false respect”, it’s awful! !

And then, with that as a shield, Osamu refuses to ask Deku, “You aren’t asked for .

His coolness was amazing from the beginning, but it’s a really clever reasoning and twisting of logic!

If you were a person with a weak heart, you might end up saying “Uh …” in this scene . I don’t know!

Haruzaki who showed the difference in fighting ability and pursued Deku even in the logical part.

How do you deal with “hostages who claim that they don’t want to be helped” ? Deku’s judgment is asked!

Deku demonstrates the character of a protagonist!

It was in a heavy and bitter atmosphere, but from this point on, it was nice to see Deku exploding!

In the past, “Runaway of justice” was a prominent feature, but this time I think I’ve really stopped!

He must have recalled the all-might word , “The extra care is the essence of a hero.”

If you think about it carefully, the phrase “additional care is the essence of a hero “ can also mean “do what you think is right .”

That’s exactly what Deku’s reaction was to this time, Kairi-chan!

I think this feeling is also that would sometimes become a bit too far, while also fails “or lead to correct action How?” Is, there is only proceed before while ask myself point.

This time, Deku might have taken that step …

Then the last cut is the following cut!

While Sir and Rumilion, who would have been the strongest fighters, were forced into battle, Deku managed to hold up.

It is very encouraging that the Ryukyus have arrived here!

I have a feeling that it will be the development that Haruzaki will escape due to the confusion from now on, and that it will be a frontal collision.

Milio did his best, and I wonder if it would be possible to protect just Kairi-chan, but what happens?

I think MHA’s view of the world isn’t always rewarded for his efforts, but I hope Milio’s efforts are rewarded!

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