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Monday came well again this week! !

Jump was released on Saturday last week, and this week’s One Piece was suspended … so I have a long impression!

But as Batwan, I’m looking forward to MHA and demonization, so I went to the convenience store the first morning today!

MHA this time was also very interesting! !

Chapter 156 “The Power of the Person Saved” Spoilers Confirmation and Consideration!

It was Deku who joined Ryukyu and others at the last event, but this time from the Chapter “a little before” .

This time vs. Aki Yasai, the time axis goes back and forth, and it is woven into a considerable amount of technical, so I feel the high level of technology!

By the way, the members of Aki Yassai, who had been rampaging in front of the office for a long time, seem to be the following person, Rikiya Katsukame!

A hero and a police who restrain a live bottle once.

Live bottles seem to have a personality that absorbs their “vigor” by touching the other person and makes it their own power!

It has the impression that it’s a wild rush, but in terms of the atmosphere, is it sugar sugar dope that is similar to that of a sugar dope?

There are limited conditions for use, but I think it’s a simple and powerful personality!

By the way , it was Toga Himiko, the villain coalition that played the role of “typhoon’s eyes” in this battle, who guided such a bottle .

I’ll talk about this later!

Tomohiko Toga who hits Harizaki and the hero intentionally!

The villain union has the least force in this battle.

After all, there are only two basic members, Twice and Toga, so from the standpoint of two people, “avoid frontal combat” is the theory.

Toga, who is aware that he has little power, has succeeded in inducing Ryukyu by using the unique “transformation” to impersonate Deku!

I think this was a very nice turn around!

On the contrary, from the perspective of the Ryukyu camp, it feels like “I was rolled in my opponent’s hands” depending on the situation and the destination of the guidance . This is kind of dangerous!

However, it should be clear that the character of Toga is “transformation” in the future, so the chances of being tossed with such a trick will decrease. I don’t know!

By the way, the two members of the villain called Mr. Compress (a dummy) and temporarily increased their strength.

As far as their conversation is heard, it seems that Mr Compress, who is not the main body (probably increased by Twice’s individuality), participates in the battle as an avant-garde.

You seemed to be behind Rykyu, but how do you plan to get around?

After all, I wonder if the most important person, “Aiming for Kairi-chan,” will be decided!

He is a key player in the “Abductor Abduction” case , so it would be a nuisance to be defeated!

The battle with Harizaki is final!

In the latter half of the scenario, the battle with Harizaki is final!

Although Batwan was suffering a lot of psychological damage a little while ago, due to the loss of Rumilion’s individuality, this time it seems that “a big hope” has been drawn!

If this is the case, it may be possible to recover a lot … !

The battle is heading for the best!

A battlefield that becomes increasingly chaotic.

That calm Osamu Osamu seems to be in a hurry, so he decided to operate the ground (?) To get out of the hole above.

On the rock that rises like an escalator, Harizaki holding Eri-chan escapes!

As far as the above cut is seen, the impression that Harizaki has climbed to a considerable height in an instant.

Deku managed to chase with a full cowl, but from here I think it will be a considerable “breakpoint of fate” !

In Sir’s future prediction, I said that “Jizaki has escaped” , but I don’t think that “something big” has occurred that will change the future .

Maybe the only hope is the personality of Kairi discovered this time!

The personality of Kairi is revealed!

The “big hope” drawn this time is probably the following cut!

It turned out that Eri-chan’s personality was “rewinding personality,” and hope came to light on everything!

It is written that it breaks the reason, but it’s true that even her fate could be rewritten if her personality …! !

It turns out that Kairi’s personality is the “unwinding personality” , but it’s quite powerful.

There were a lot of sirs who could predict the future, but Kairi-chan’s personality may have a factor close to “time interference” in a sense !

With this, you might be able to change the lost personality of Remillion and the worst fate seen by Sir!

Whether or not the fate seen by Sir includes the element that “Kari-chan makes use of individuality” will be a big point of attention in the future!

Even if Kairi tries to use her individuality, the future has already been decided … Isn’t there a way to go?

Then, this last finish with the following cuts!

The last of this time was touched by the point that the consciousness reform had occurred in Kairi-chan and finished.

Up until now, she had decided that “I shouldn’t help” , but the thoughts moved when I saw the heroes who tried to help her many times without being frustrated.

I hope I could be helped a little sooner if possible, but given the psychological state of her, this development is reasonably possible.

However, it is so big that the above-mentioned cut came to judge that I need help!”

From now on, I think that Kairi will be quite supportive of being rescued !

The unifying power-ups of Harizaki have also been lifted, and it may be in the reverse direction!

Good luck, deku! Kairi-chan, please reach out firmly! !

Next week’s Chapter 159, can you hold the stretched hand or not … Ah! I’m really worried! 

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