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At the last My Hero Academia, Kairi finally decided to be prepared to help .

She manages to jump into Deku’s arm, but it feels like Harizaki is trying to chase …

From now on, it seems that a considerable battle will start! I feel that the unique feeling of My Hero Academia is creeping in! !

Chapter 157 “Infinite 100%!” Spoilers confirmed impression and consideration!

Contrary to this, Chapter 157 begins with the development that Harizaki aims to “regain the destruction .”

She is at the core of Harizaki’s “plan” , and it seems that there is a part like “because” because she is there.

The power of Harazaki who is pursuing violently with a momentum is considerable!

Harazaki’s personality is also quite strong, and it has the level of sickness that “clogs when touched .

It’s rare for that calm Harazaki to be so upset that the assault from here is scary!

Furthermore, in the storm of choices and selections that keep the face jammed, Deku has released one-for-all above the allowable limit!

Apparently, the above cut seemed like “I was in the air when I noticed” because I didn’t even realize it.

It seems that I didn’t catch up with my thoughts.

Actually it will be revealed in the final version of the story, but how Deku tries to overcome this situation … I think that this area has become a really clever and attractive attitude! !

The exchange of Ochako and Sir should be a future step …

I also feel that the Ochako and Sir exchanges that took place below will serve as a stepping stone for the future.

In particular, Sir seems to have seen a bad future with “prediction” , which is his personality .

To be honest, it’s a place where you don’t have a “bad feeling” around Sir !

What is the next action for the already deadly sir?

I’ll dig down on the next page, but when I’m in the position of a sir, I feel like I’m aiming for something very dangerous, so don’t worry!

Ochako is also trying to do her best in a place different from Sir’s thinking!

Sir resists the future he sees, “I just can’t do anything!” breakthrough, I

It ‘s like a hero’s egg! It ‘s a great showcase for her!

I want women to devote themselves to logistical support because Osamu’s combat ability is too dangerous, but Ochako’s lack of heart is a psychologically encouraging part!

I’m scared of Sir’s future actions!

However, anyway, when I think of Sir’s future actions, it becomes very scary.

I’m sure Batwan isn’t the only one who feels the same …!

As a result of putting up the behavior of the sir so far, the next action the sir can take is …

The feeling that Sir will throw his life …!

Sir asks Ochako & Rykyu to ask me to go up .

This shouldn’t sound like Batwan is saying, I’m going to create possibilities for the future.”

I think he’s already full-blown, which is also adding to this hypothesis!

Looking back on Sir’s thoughts so far, the following cuts are really ominous!

In the story a little while ago, Sir had a suspicion about his personality, “Isn’t my future determined by what I see?”

If this assumption is met, I think that Batwan would be Sir’s position.

“If the future is settled by what I see, if I see it, I can cancel the fixed future?”

Sir seemed to penetrate the belly with its internal organs due to the rocks, and it seems that restoration is impossible at this point unless it is also used in Kairi’s “rewinding personality” .

However, Sir shouldn’t know the personality of Kairi …

Rather, I would have thought of Milio who fought hard and lost his personality, and I saw Deku and the beautiful days trying to change the future.

Considering these factors, I think it’s a scenario to judge that I’m not long anymore” and decide to make the most of the situation and throw away my life (cancel the confirmed future) …!

Because this route exists, I feel a little scared even if I know that there is a personality to rewind … !

One for all full cowl 100% activated!

Anyway, I think it was a big plus factor that Kairi-chan decided to be prepared to be saved .

Deku decides to fight one for all full cowls with 100% output in front of the strong enemy called Harizaki.

Kairi’s “rewinding individuality” restores injuries and delivers full output.

If this is true, then it may seem that Harizaki is going to become a doku superiority” even with the other party !

However, Sir’s predictions at the moment seemed to say that “Deku will be killed” , so the outcome of the victory is unclear.

Even if I die, I don’t think there is a possibility that I can “rewind” with the personality of Kairi, but her personality is also unstable.

Although Deku and Harazaki collide in a tricky battlefield with strong personality flying, who will ultimately be the deciding factor? !

In the next 158 ​​Chapters, I think that with the hard fight of Deku, the turning of other heroes will become more aggressive, so I will pay attention to that area as well! !

Especially keep an eye on the movements of Sir and Milio! maybe!

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