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Monday is coming well again this week! !

So, I bought a jump from Ichi in the morning, and My Hero Academia was very interesting this week too!

The success of Deku who activated one for all, full cowl and 100% was shining! !

Chapter 158: “Extreme gratitude of Harizaki!” Spoilers confirmed impressions and consideration!

I think that the 158 Chapters this time had a strong feeling of “realistic Harizaki vs idealistic deku .”

I don’t know, but this “ideal vs. reality” battle may be like “hero vs. villain fight war” !

This time, I would like to touch on that area through the consideration of 158 Chapters!

First of all, the scenario this time started from the point where the origin of the paranormal was told!

One theory is that there are various theories about the occurrence of supernormality.

What was told this time was “an unknown virus theory mediated by a mouse .

Previously, it was only said that “a glowing baby was born in Chongqing, China” , but this time it’s continued!

I think of Mouse = Principal Nezu … But it’s too early to associate this area, so I’d like to keep it in my mind!

A force that breaks reason, a break!

In addition, in this scenario, it was said from the mouth of Harizaki that Kiri-chan has the power to break the reason .

In his view, it seems that “the fact that people have” individuality “is a problem” .

Therefore, it feels like aiming to “return” people to their original state through the personality of Kairi !

In a different meaning from the dead tree, I hate the individuality society / hero society itself …

Harizaki wants to destroy the world’s reason based on individuality using Kirichan.

It sounds good to say that you live your own ideal, but if you say it badly, you might get the impression that you want to do what you want .

After reading 158 Chapters, I wanted to think about the difference between the two, which look similar! !

Full cowl explosive & Kairi’s ability is also dangerous! !

Deku is a 100% opponent of the enormous attacking Harizaki.

Kairi keeps returning Deku “before getting hurt” , and Deku keeps breaking with one for all.

It’s because this loop is what makes this tactic valid …

However, as mentioned in the frame on the left side of the cut below, Kairi-chan seems to be “in a state where he is stepping on the individual accelerator .

If Deku’s attack calms down, something negative might happen!

It is a considerable thing to be able to pass enough damage to the swollen Harazaki on this scale.

I had to reconfirm the awesomeness of One for All!

I ‘m worried about Sir’s “room” and Kairi’s “accelerating”, but there is no doubt that the current deck is dominant!

Harazaki’s reminiscence & psychopathic rationalism!

Until now, Harizaki had a prominent way of thinking about psychopaths, but this was especially true for 158 Chapters.

In the latter half of this time, his reminiscence scene is also drawn, but you can see that the logic is a bit perverted!

His loyalty to work on his benefactor to reward him … I’m just feeling awful with its distortion! !

Let’s check the flashback scene of Harizaki!

To understand his full psychopath, let’s first review his reminiscence scene.

First, check out the following cuts!

There is no doubt that Harazaki is aiming for “restoration of yakuza power,” and he is working for that cause.

At least this seems to be true!

And Harizaki had a terrible plan.

  • Selling “drugs that neutralize individuality” to the villain side
  • Sell ​​”the serum” to the hero

The more the confrontation between the two is fueled, the more Yasaku Akira, who controls the medicine behind the scenes, can make more money and increase his power …

This is a terrifying “measure” that weighs the weaknesses of both parties !

Certainly, if this measure is fulfilled, the impact on the entire hero society will reach such a scale that it cannot be destroyed!

Next, I want to check the following cuts!

Next, Harizaki picked up a group leader who showed a color opposite to his confidence.

I didn’t kill it, but I made it so that I couldn’t easily wake it up, and when the plan started to work, I had to “cure” it.

Harazaki hurts the beneficiary by waving for the benefactor .

You can see the refraction of logic somewhere here.

It may not be like Haruzaki if it doesn’t look like intellectual Harazaki, but I think it’s an interpretation that “the streak passes.”

This is a disappointing point, surely.

Harazaki who is angry that everyone does not try to see the big picture!

Everyone “not to try to see the big picture,” especially Chisaki feel the anger.

Certainly, there may be an aspect that big goals and ambitions cannot be achieved if you are distracted by the small things at hand.

But in the case of Harisaki, that’s a bit extreme.

It may seem like it is overshadowing the biggest theme of this conflict, “ideal and reality” !

It seems that everyone is angry at “don’t try to see the big picture” , but if you look at it a little from a bird’s eye view, it looks different.

On the contrary, Harazaki seems to be disregarding the process leading up to that, with the atmosphere of “I’m only looking at the big picture” .

It is important to try to get the desired results, and there is no denying the idea that you should see the big picture .

But it’s also true that some people have the value of “finding value in the process” to get the desired result .

It seems that Harizaki is acting by looking at the big picture, but it is none other than that he judges that he is “looking at the big picture,” and the right to make that judgment is strictly the person himself. I don’t think

So if you look at it, it seems that what Harizaki is doing is just like a runaway, but …

I don’t know if Deku was thinking that way, but I felt that such a “value conflict” was well expressed in the following cut !

  • Harizaki: I can’t fulfill my purpose without being able to sacrifice a girl alone
  • Deku … I can’t fulfill my purpose even though I can’t protect the girl alone

Clashes between claims and head-on.

Such conflicts of will make my heart really hot!

Sir seems to have gone up to the ground at the last time … I strongly hope that he will push through without any inversion! !

It’s a pity that it will be suspended next time, but I’d like to look forward to the next My Hero Academia!

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