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The long-awaited Monday, MHA was suspended last week, so I was really looking forward to this week! !

Deku’s one-for-all 100% was exploding with a good feeling, and this fight has come to an end!

So, I would like to enter the impressions and consideration of Chapter 159 below!

Chapter 159 “End !!!!!” Spoiler Confirmation & Consideration!

As for the title, Chapter 159 was “End” .

It seems that Haruzaki, who was destroyed by Deku, and his staff member, Genno, have been caught by the police.

It was a tough opponent, but I’m glad I managed to win!

Genno is completely surrounded, and it feels as though it were an idea.

By the way, the swordfish that pierced his arm reflects the swordfish’s ability that Fat Gum ate him at the beginning of this scenario!

The foreshadowing of marlin did not lead to any outstanding activity, but that’s why MHA reality emphasizes reality. it could be said that it was a development of !

On the other hand, the boss, Harizaki, was completely knocked out!

Harusaki has become the prey of 100% of Deku who inherited the power of Almite.

I think he had a good fight too, but he didn’t seem to be good enough for Deku who showed all-mighty physical ability!

I’m sure he was sorry because I think he had his beliefs.

The psychological depiction of that area may be drawn with some impetus in the future!

Runaway and Eraser Head!

Although it was good to be able to defeat Harazaki by “rewinding” Kairi-chan, whose personality is out of control, even after defeating him, he was in a hurry .

How Kairi’s personality runs out of control … I think the description was odd!

If you can see how so much energy is out there, you can see how her personality is a rampage!

The “individuality” itself is neither good nor bad, but it can be good or bad depending on the person who uses it.

This time, Kairi was used to take advantage of the fact that she could not control her own personality, but the pain pressure must have been considerable!

By the way, this runaway became the flow that succeeded in suppressing it by erasing by the eraser head.

If you think about the two cuts on the top and bottom, you can see various routes and it’s interesting! !

Around the above cut, I think that Eraser’s work was shining, and I think that Aizawa-sensei was full of work.

In addition, I am worried about future treatment when I get entangled with Kairi!

It is likely that other villains will be targeted because of too strong personality, and it is necessary to stop it when the personality runs out of control.

Perhaps she needs a child like a “guardian” and needs to be a stopper and bodyguard! (Maybe Aizawa is a candidate!)

There may be other children in her world, such as her, who suffer from an overly strong personality, and I’m wondering what happens in this case!

Deku who succeeded in twisting the future!

What is amazing in this scenario is that Deku twisted the “Sir’s Prediction”, which never went off .

The reason why Deku was able to accomplish something nobody could do before … what is it?

It’s Mr. Horikoshi, so he seems to have some kind of device! !

For example, Deku may have something to do with “originally non-individuality” ! !

I feel that there is a possibility that there is some kind of personality that is difficult to confirm, such as “personality that opens up fate”, including the fact that it was recognized by Allmite on that day when I thought it was innocent !

The battle has ended safely!

Anyway, the battle ended safely in 159 Chapters.

Until now, the battle with Villan was often quite miserable …

Although he succeeded in fighting back in the USJ attack, he was completely defeated in the forest school because he was kidnapped by bombers and ragdolls.

After that, the battle between All For One and All Might in Kamino-cho is unclear as a victory.

It was a tough battle this time, but I think we can count for victory!

For the time being, the damage is minimal and Kirishima seems to be safe.

With the above cut, it seems that fat gum can be joined without any problems, which is good!

However, what is worrisome here is probably the existence of “Tsukigata Million (Rumillion)” !

Batwan loves Milio, so he can’t help but worry about his safety and future hero life! !

His future, which should have been able to save everyone, is cut off here … it’s too painful, and I pray that his destiny will be in good shape!

Vilan Union to attack!

Also noteworthy in this Chapter 159 are the following cuts.

Oh, can I go home safely?

A dubious truck running in front of the escorting police … The shadow of the Villan Union emerges! !

It’s a police car being escorted, but this hero is also on the ride … Perhaps.

Dead tree has also become more expensive lately, and it might be natural to think that the hero is aiming after he handed over to the police.

By saying, “In Shogi, you just have to pick up the ball at the end,” so you are aiming for bullets, capsules, and serum using the “discarded piece” of Aihasai Sai .

If Dead Tree succeeds in this attack and gets the necessary item , it may be possible to steal the entire “horrible plan” that Harizaki was aiming for ! !

Is the police okay?

I don’t know if it will be the next time or if I will wait a while, but when “the next dead tree comes up,” I can’t feel that there will be considerable upheaval!

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