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Monday came well again this week! !

So MHA is really interesting every week! I have collected all books and DVDs, and I hope they will continue to get excited!

In the previous Chapter 159, the battle against Harizaki was settled, but this time it feels like the dead tree has begun to move!

Below, I would like to touch on Batwan’s thoughts and thoughts on Chapter 160! !

Chapter 160 “Highway” Spoiler Confirmation & Consideration!

The first thing I would like to pick up is the following Toga-chan interaction.

TWICE is still confused by the side effects of individuality, but I think these two guys were a really good combination this time!

Although they aren’t fighting characters on the front lines, the fact that they’ve run well should have had a considerable impact on the defeat of Harazaki!

Especially the achievement that made all the heroes match the bees is huge!

Despite being confused, the two are giving instructions to Toga and maintaining cooperation with the dead trees.

I don’t know, but was this part of the plan for the Villan Union?

That’s the purpose of the dead tree, such as “Hatsusai Akira is crushed by a hero and only nuclear children are stolen.”

Last time I was saying “What is shogi …. Should I take the ball like this?” , And the ball for the villain coalition is interpreted as the drug and serum involved in this destruction. You should be able to do that!

About Sand Hero Snatch!

In addition, a hero called “Sand Hero Snatch” has appeared in this scenario .

Snatch looks like this!

It looks like a powerful hero with a personality that can transform his body into sand! !

When compared with the characteristics of the dead tree, it feels like a “natural enemy” , but apparently there are some weaknesses, such as “only the upper body can be sanded” .

I think the cooperation of the villain alliance, which had defeated Snatch with an overwhelming technique, was amazing! !

In the previous case of Kamino-cho (all-for-one case), the heroes attacked Villan’s hideout with a momentary death, but this time it’s a wonderful interlocking as if to rob the hero’s stock.

The above is I’m situation is crushing the police car … Well in the entity of rocks by the personality of Mr compress “I was ready,” I’m feeling! Careful! !

During this series of actions, Snatch was defeated, the car was overturned, and the police side was exhausted.

The important death tree is to succeed in contacting Harizaki …

Overwhelming maliciousness of dead tree!

In the latter half, the overwhelming malice of the Vilan Union and the dead tree was drawn.

At the beginning of the contact, it seemed that Harizaki looked better, but now the position has reversed!

Dead tree may have been aiming for this kind of vision behind the alliance …! !

For Haruzaki who can’t move!

I think that the actions taken by Death Tree in this 160 Chapters were quite easy.

The villain alliance is one-sided to tackle Harizaki who cannot move.

Obviously, of course, Mr. Compress who was deprived of one arm by Haruzaki seems to have succeeded in “thank you” !

This “revenge” would have been something that Mr Compress wanted to achieve.

However, I think this attack is quite cruel to Harazaki who is unable to move due to his whole body being restrained! !

Also, I can’t miss that Mr. Compress’s robbed one arm has changed into a prosthetic hand, so I’d like to remember it for the time being!

By the way, the remarks made in the subsequent developments, “That overhaul, human beings shouldn’t rely on their personality to erase their personality,” are colored with strong illness even though they have the essence. I felt that it was a great choice of words! 

This time it will be the turn of the Villan Union!

The villain alliance of Death Pattern Tree et al., Who chose to take the arm against the immovable Harazaki, rob the individuality, and suffer thoroughly.

Dead tree has always been mature, but the following cuts have finally shown their true nature!

It’s been so modest and cool these days, so you might feel like seeing the “real face” of a dead tree after a long time!

Until now, I felt like I was patient and endured, but this completely reversed my position with Aki Yasai.

Harazaki stole the “crystal of effort” that he has been warming for a long time, and took it as his own!

Although this sacking is very absurd for Harizaki, it is real, and it can be said that it is “some kind of growth” for the dead tree .

It looks ruthless and cowardly, but it seems that Dead Tree has definitely strengthened with this.

With this, I think that the right to carry out the “that plan” that Shiretaki was aiming for has moved to the Villan Union …!

  • Selling a drug that erases individuality to rogues and villains
  • Selling serum that restores erased personality to heroes & police

The horrifying vision of creating a situation in which both the police and the villain are forced to rely on a dead tree by stirring these wheels.

If he were to achieve this, it would be “cracking into a hero society” !

Was emitted in the following cut “next, I’m us,” I think the words that is, was very impressive!

As you can see from this case, the dead tree seems to be considerably cautious.

Probably, the next move will also come up with some reasonably calculated behaviour …!

If it is appropriate, is it going to start preparing for bundling the rogues of the world while moving to mass-produce the drugs and serum obtained this time at the Villan Hospital?

No, or maybe there is a chance to take the “kidnapping of Kairi-chan” again !

Since there is Fushi who is becoming more and more talented as a leader, Shigeki is unavoidable because of his “next move “!

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