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“Suraa !!!!!”161 Chapters of this time when I wanted to scream

In the previous and all the previous Chapters, the battle with Aki Yasai was concentrated, but the movements of the dead trees have been restarted, so I feel like I can not feel relieved!

Below, I would like to write about the impressions and considerations that Batwan made after reading 161 Chapters!

Chapter 161 “Bright Future” Spoilers Confirmation & Consideration!

“One case of highway” where dead trees stood around scene has changed from the , and the following is a university hospital.

Deku was still injured his doctor because he had a big injury to his arm …! !

Deku has been devised to avoid a catastrophic way of fighting, but this time he was a real strong enemy … There may be parts that can’t be helped …

But mom, you’ll be worried again …!

By the way, Deku is still Deku, and he seems to be more concerned about the people around him rather than himself.

I think the hero’s surroundings were blocking the words of the doctor, and he had a good sense of quality!

This is his good part, kind or what! !

By the way, Professor Aizawa said that the other members were as follows!

You get the impression that each of them is “generally” seriously injured!

A bait with a crack in the face and a fat gum with several broken bones. Rock Rock seemed to be safe and good! !

Kirishima is bruised and lacerated, so it might remind me of the high defense of coins!

I don’t have a name here, I’m worried about Milio & Sir too much! !

Almite visiting the hospital!

From this point on, I think the relationship between Almight and Sir Night Eye was moving.

The bubble girl called all-might!

Previously he was hesitant to meet Night Eye saying “ I have no face to match” , but it seems that he finally raised his heavy hips just before his death.

There are various opinions here, and some people may criticize them.

However, as a Batwan, you may have strongly felt the aspect that “even a superhero is one person …” !

Even superheroes have a kind of emotional movement like “I’m sorry and difficult to meet” You might feel a certain human touch!

On the other hand, what about the night eye?

A night eye with eyes closed in an intensive care unit (?) Style.

Whatever, he says he’s already out of his control.

It seems strange that he is alive, and he cannot reach tomorrow.

Since there are so many tubes in my stomach, I may be able to see the traces of my hard work so that I can manage my life.

After that, the little conversation I had with Almight was so sad and laid on my chest.

The Night Eyes are really bad guys, and I’m sure you’re regretful about All Might.

A sign of “individuality” hidden in Deku?

I don’t know, but in the second half, it may have been a scene where you could feel the “sign of individuality” hidden in the deck .

Deku, who was thought to be non-individual, did a great job of twisting and bending the future with everyone’s thoughts.

This is a part that cannot be explained only by the power of the all-might one-for-all!

Here, I had a straight line saying , “Actually, I have a personality that opens up the future!” It may be too cheap.

However, if Deku had that kind of personality, he could explain it to the “scene that gave his personality from almite” … that possibility may not be zero at all!

The future changed by Deku!

From here, let’s talk about the future changed by Deku.

This is what Sir has said, and may have an impact on subsequent scenarios.

It was no surprise to Sir that Deku was successful in twisting the “established future” !

Sir who analyzes this case despite the fact that it is a little more life …

It is said that “the future that I want, the strong vision that there is no doubt, the energy that I want”, etc. evoked the results of this time …

It was expected that not only Deku but a lot of people’s thoughts got on Deku, and as a result, this big reversal was caused.

I think this will function for a long time in the future as a hypothesis that gives a great deal of growth to Deku’s growth!

Immediately after this cut, Sir’s line saying “The future is uncertain … you changed your mind” was very impressive!

For Sir, who has believed that “the future I saw once is unshakable” , I think this fact is a little lightening.

In the future, when my beloved Allmite dies, the possibility of “foreseeing / missing has arisen …

About parting with Millio & Sir who rushes!

It’s been quite moving up to this point, but the scenario is more dramatic because Million has come to this place.

It seems that Millio, who is still at a bad level, can’t wait and can’t wait.

Sir Night Eye is an important teacher for Mio!

It is an undeniable fact that Mio and Sir’s teacher and pupil are also connected by a strong bond.

In particular, Milio is a man who has climbed up due to his efforts, so it cannot be denied that Sir’s existence has become a strong mental pillar!

However, contrary to Milio’s thoughts, the reality was to say brutally farewell …

The expression around here is real, My Hero Academia! !

The moment when the sir in front of you catches your breath.

At this time, Milio felt really painful, and she might have been so empathetic that she couldn’t see it!

I don’t know (maybe I don’t think) whether or not Milio is still reviving, and I wonder what will happen to Milio in the future …

Sir feels like he’s gone without knowing that Milio’s personality has disappeared, and I don’t think there’s a subtle difference! !

For the time being … Million may need a mental rest …!

It feels painful to look at him even if he behaves vigorously, and what kind of days he will have in the future … I want to watch it carefully!

I’m really looking forward to 162 Chapters next week!

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