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The third term of My Hero Academia’s anime is “broadcast from April 2018” ! burn! !

That’s why, while very happy news jumps in, this magazine’s My Hero Academia also gets excited!

Below, I would like to touch on Batwan’s own thoughts and impressions about Chapter 162! !

Chapter 162 “Fasashiki” Spoiler Confirmation & Consideration!

The Chapter this time was mainly about the exchange between Milio and Deku, but before that, I felt like I was told about “a little bit previous Gran Turin” .

Grantorino seemed to have been fighting Kurogiri at the time when Deku and Hachisai met each other!

Moreover, the Gran Torinos are dominant and are completely suppressing the black mist!

If you can suppress the black fog that has the character of a warp gate, you can greatly reduce the power of the Union.

In Chapter 162, I didn’t know what the final story was about Kurogiri, but I’d like to make sure that this move is a factor that will have a huge impact on the scenario, and I want to slam it into my head!

By the way, it seems that Kurogiri was moving while visiting a certain mountainous area, the following Gigantomakia.

When it comes to Gigantomakia, it looks like a power fighter …

Kurogiri also said that he was a “wildman” and I was wondering what kind of villain he was!

Also, I’m still wondering what it is like a radio that I hang from my neck! ! I’m looking forward to new information!

About the assault incident during the criminal convoy!

In addition, the fact that Death Tree attacked Harizaki in the previous scenario seems to have been in the news as an assault incident while the criminal was being escorted.

It seems that this news has been repeatedly broadcast, and it seems that it was drawing public attention (from the reaction of Recovery Girl).

The villain coalition has become famous since the Stein case, but I think this news will help the coalition again!

Originally, I think that the media is for heroes and police, but depending on how it is used, the villain can use it for advertising.

If what the “important evidence” mentioned in the above cut was like was disclosed through the media, all the rogues in the world might try to get closer to the Villan Union. !

It seems that the landing point will change depending on how the dead tree appears and how the media reports!

About the exchange between Milio and Deku!

In the latter half, it was decided that Deku’s communication would be mainly drawn in the room of Milio.

I think Mirio lost his personality and was quite Shindoi, but he was really resolute! cool! !

About Deku’s guilt and Milio’s heroism!

There were a lot of things about Aki Yasai, but I think Milio did his best.

At the end, the result was shining, but MVP should be Million! !

The following cuts were looking good and I think it was really cool! !

If you think about it normally and put yourself in a position like Milio, you can’t stay so bright, though not very.

Even if I think I have to be fine with the air, if it’s Batwan, it’s not very good

But Milio is a man who can do that! ! Just a hero! !

So what’s the deal with it?

On the other hand, Deku seems to have felt deep guilt for Milio.

I don’t think anybody is bad about this case, but I think this was the result of Dek’s kindness (where I’m worried about).

It’s not as resolute as Milio, but I think it’s a behavior that you can sympathize with like this!

In addition, the lines of Milio released to block this word were so cool that I was nervous! !

Milio’s words were thrown out of the way!

The following words were released with a slight overwhelmingness before Deku finished speaking.

This word is also “got me!” I think that was good enough to feel!

Mirio is a person who has been trained for a long time under Sir, and Sir is a type who dislikes the behavior of blocking the words of others.

However, Milio dared to block the words … I felt a strong, strong intention!

If you can use words like Deku when you are weak, it is usually humanity that you want to rely on …

I think it was a new act that made me feel the extraordinaryness of Miri’s “blurring” !

That’s it for the main Chapter of Chapter 162. It was one story that made me think about various things!

Pyroic and explosives start moving!

The last time this time, I ended with a place like Pyrofrost & Bakugo’s provisional exemption class start.

The activities of Deku and others have become more prominent, but from now on, the activities of other members will be drawn!

Both of them were a little late at the start, so I’d like you to recover here! !

If they can get a provisional exemption, they will also be able to participate in the actual battle as an intern like Deku.

It’s a promising future and a super powerful force …

Since the complaint was “This time the battle of these guys !!” , I want to believe that a provisional exemption course will be drawn next week!

How irritated insect bombers & cool boys’ freezing are growing before I see them … I’m looking forward to next week’s My Hero Academia!

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