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An intern group who successfully completed a battle with Aki Yasai.

This Chapter 163 will be drawn mainly from one act after returning to the dormitory!

Each had their own behaviour, but I think everyone’s reactions were different and everyone felt good!

Below, I would like to touch on Batowan’s thoughts and impressions after reading Chapter 163!

Chapter 163 “Smoking Flame” Spoiler Confirmation & Consideration!

This 163 Chapter will start around the following cuts, but it is interesting that this one is packed with a lot of information!

Everyone was really worried about Deku!

It was Mineta that took the lead in the front, so it might have been a scene in which he could feel his “thickness” !

It wasn’t just Simoneta the Great, Mineta!

In addition, Sugar Rikido seems to have baked homemade Gato chocolate (?).

Looking at the cut above, I wonder if “Mimi Mineta is taking the initiative to eat sugar-baked Gato chocolate” !

By the way, it’s a transparent human, but it seems that Hagakure had the greatest reaction in the female team!

And Iwa-kun, Batwan’s favorite, is …?

The above cut is the most impressive scene in 163 Chapters this time.

The interaction with Iida-kun seemed to be a “best friend” , and the impression was strong!

In addition, Deku seemed to have become mentally stronger by going beyond his efforts.

It seems that you can tell from the above cut that the inner surface is growing surely depending on the number of situations!

Yaomomo & Ashido were cute!

Speaking of women, I think Yaomomo and Ashido were especially cute!

Regarding Yaomomo, I feel like the following, and I thought, “Is there anything I can do for myself?” And sent me herb tea!

It seems that lavender has a relaxing effect, but above all, she is happy about her consideration!

Since I was raised by a young lady, there are some parts (natural parts) that have a different idea from those of ordinary home-grown characters, but I’m relieved to see Yaomomo’s behavior like this!

The following remarks from Ashido were also good!

The exchange between Ashido and Kirishima was so short that it didn’t look like that, but I think this distance was great!

It was a recollection of Kirishima, and it was drawn as an Chapter of two people in junior high school, but even if you suddenly start to get close to each other, it feels strange, and it was a really good description!

Not anything “unfriendly conversation” by putting, had felt the movement of psychology somehow deep!

Where each person’s thoughts are worrisome!

People who reunited with such a thing.

It seems that each of the subjugations of Aya Hatsusai had a lot of thoughts.

It seems that the bombers and scorching were also lost in thought, and Deku, Kirishima, Ochako, and Frogbuki had the experience that a martial worker came out of their duties” … ..

I don’t think I’ll be able to chew anymore soon, but this must bring significant mental enemy growth to each!

THE next day!

Then, in the latter half of this time, the theme was “Temporary exemption training for Bakugo & Pyrofrost” .

Two people headed to the site because they were led by Allmite and Present Mike.

In an all- might recollection scene, it was revealed that “Kuromiri was arrested” !

Since Gran Turin was suppressing the black mist in the last time, I was wondering “Is it possible to arrest him ?”

I think that it was a great progress to be able to catch the black fog that has the characteristics of a warp gate, but what will happen next?

He grabbed it and strolled from inside and outside Tartarus prison, working well with the Coalition to open up Stain, Moonfish, All For One, and so on.

There may be some parts that I read while being a little wary, because Kurogiri got caught in the assault!

It was good that Chemie was safe!

In addition, Chemie, who had not participated in the provisional exemption test, will appear for the first time at the provisional exemption training site! (The previous Chemie was garbled by Toga-chan)

It’s kind of like a girl who talks like a girl …

I was worried that Toga would have done something awful, but I’m glad I’m fine!

The Chapter before the provisional exemption course was “One case of All for One” , and at that time it seemed that he had suffered from ragdolls, so I was really worried about Chemie’s safety.

I thought it wasn’t strange to be killed if I didn’t do it well, so I’m glad I was alive!

Her personality has not been revealed yet, and I’m looking forward to future provisional training!

Anyway, as you can see from the expression of the cut below, this course seems to be a flow in which these four people are the main players.

As for Inasa, it has been a long time, so I’m looking forward to his success!

According to the story flow, there are 3 people, Almight, Endeavor, and Present Mike, and there may be a gang olka teacher who was active before.

Meat seniors (Nikukura) are also coming from Shijie High School, and it may happen that they are in agony!

As expected, yesterday’s attack on the villain alliance … I don’t think it’s a bit safe, but I’m wondering how the scenario will evolve! !

Personally, I have great expectations for the success of the bomber after a long absence! 

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