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Since the jump was a merged issue from the end of the year, it seems that it has been a long time since I read it, but it feels so good to read this magazine freshly!

I think Batowan’s favorite MHA was also a good development with half a gag and half serious! !

Below, I would like to touch on Batowan’s thoughts and thoughts after reading 165 Chapters!

Chapter 165 “Grab the Heart” Spoiler Confirmation and Consideration!

This repair seems to be a task given by the four members of the bomber, the roar, the night storm, and Chemie for the purpose of “making friends with the children .

The kids are very free-spirited … I think it was fun to play with the four one after another!

The behavior of the children was really real, and I was surprised at Dr. Horikoshi’s human observation! !

At this point it is not possible to judge whether there is a clear malicious intention or not.

However, as far as I can see, I feel that these children have a fairly self-centered way of thinking.

He says he keeps his heart closed to adults, and it seems like it’s not easy to do …!

It seems that the point of attention will be how 4 people will fight against this!

People treated by children!

I don’t know much about Chemie yet, but each of the three people, Bakuoh, Frozen, and Yarashi, has a unique personality, and it seems that children are unlikely to face them.

Bombsters are too violent, there is little humor in froze, and night storms are just momentum.

I can’t say that this is bad because I have “personality = individuality”, but this time, I ‘m under pressure to see my own personality and master it well

By the way, according to the analysis by the bombers, it was like “There are bosses among these children, so if you show them off, the problem will be solved” !

I like bombers, but this idea may be a little inflexible for children!

In fact, the following children were lightly treated! !

This child came out in the previous scenario, but it’s really a point!

It may feel like an opponent who seems to be very bad for a bomber! !

I think the bomber’s thoughts of trying to force the children to force them to close their hearts more tightly! !

A child with a personality like the above cut may be irretrievable, especially if this response is unreasonable.

I think that the entanglement between this child and the Bakugo will be drawn to you from the next time onwards, so I look forward to the future development!

Inasa and Poke Freeze were also quite messy!

In addition, I think that the negative points in terms of personality were also greatly exposed regarding Inasa and Pyrofrost.

Well, personally I don’t hate their personality, but I can understand that it’s difficult to deal with children.

I would like to think about this area separately for each person! !

Think about your personal weaknesses!

First of all, it feels like the kids are “defeating an adult (hero?)” .

However, based on that assumption, I can’t deny the feeling that each individual has their own weakness!

For example, the following night storm is pointed out because its meaning is meaningless!

At night Arashi succeeds in producing a feeling that only the atmosphere looks fun, but in fact, the children often look at it.

Even during the production, I was pointed out that his remarks weren’t subtly matched, and this is probably the weak point of Yarashi!

He might be feeling that his children are vulnerable to intelligence …

I think this was the scene that Millio would have survived!

Then, I would like to talk about pyrofrost next time …

There may be some aspects of pyrofrost that are too serious and lack humor.

This weakness doesn’t seem to hurt heroes to that extent, but what about?

This opportunity for Aseko is “reaching out to the other party, which had closed the heart, difficulty and importance of getting grabbed his hand,” learn, I feel like going to be a good opportunity to!

In any case, the three people, Bakugo, Pyrofrost, and Night Storm, are full of premonitions that seem to be a great hero if they overcome the personal weaknesses mentioned this time!

It may feel like it will be an immediate force! 

Outbreak of battle with children? !

It’s such a scrambled training team, but it feels like the deployment has finally begun to move in the final version of this time!

The battle with the children and the remedial team started to break out!

Apparently, the children take it as if “the heroes are unreliable and they are better” , and that is reflected in the attitude shown this time … I see!

Now, the battle development is easy to understand, but this battle seems to be difficult!

Bombsters can’t afford to blow up their children, and even freezing can’t put out a big ice wall.

I think it will be necessary to have something like getting the trust in battle” rather than giving in violence only .

Well, how do you deal with each? I’m looking forward to! !

Chemie wasn’t active this time, so it may feel like Chemie’s turn is coming next time! Somehow!

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