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No, MHA was interesting this week too!

This Chapter was mainly written by four people who took part in the temporary dismissal training course, Bakugo, Kotoyo, Yarashi, and Chemie, but what would it be like to put it all together!

I realized that everyone is steadily adjusting their intestines! Especially personally, you may be impressed by the growth of the bomber! !

Below, I would like to write about Batowan’s impressions and consideration after reading Chapter 166!

Chapter 166 “Hocco Provisional Disclaimer” Spoiler Confirmation and Consideration!

I think that this 166 Chapters was an important one to keep in touch with the children of Masegaki Elementary School, following the previous Chapter.

Although it was a battle story at the last last time, this time the four people “What do you do with the children?” paying attention to something like

It was described in detail in this magazine, but I think the children’s personality was also very strong!

In particular, I think the following children’s “eating soul (bite ball)” was quite powerful!

It’s pretty powerful, and you can see that it’s very easy to crush the ornaments behind the bombers’ ears!

It’s a feeling that being able to do this kind of thing without hesitation is a kid’s childhood and fear …!

How to communicate with the ferociously fanged children … I think the part of the correspondence of the four people was asked!

The personality of Chemie is discovered!

Although it’s a little off from the scenario, it seems that Chemie’s personality is the following illusion .

In the process, he created a “phantom of fleeting ice” to play with a girl (child)!

It’s not a personality that can be used directly for attacks, but it seems to be quite convenient!

For a moment , I thought, “Is it like a transformation of Toga Himiko?”

It may be Chemie who can make a bold move when it comes to a fight!

I thought that her personality, “illusion” , could have many uses!

The sight of bombers and scorching has arrived!

After the middle stage of the work, the sights of bombers and pyrofrost have arrived.

Pyrofrost contributes to the whole with individuality, and the bomber contributes in terms of personality.

You may feel his growth, especially regarding the behavior of the bomber!

Bakuho who makes slides and shows freezing and personality growth!

The following cuts were the decisive measures for the children of Masegaki Elementary School.

It was Pyo freeze that directly made a big credit!

With the ability to freeze even large ice walls, I made a big slide! Wow! !

I said I can’t make complicated shapes” , but it’s a great slide.

It feels like he’s indirectly dealing with the other person by using the arekore created by the children’s individuality as a framework, and I think it was a really good way to win!

In addition, the bomber has shown that the leaders of the children are praised (?) In terms of personality as follows. I’ll do it!

I think Deku and Pyrofrost have grown up, but the bombers are growing steadily.

Until now, it was a one-man thinking of “follow me” regardless of anyone , but this time I feel like I have walked into a child’s position!

Then catch the opponent’s heart.

You might have the impression that the bombers are also becoming quite mature mentally! As expected! !

What does Endeavor find?

So I think the following cuts were interesting around the last time.

What do you think of Endeavor when you look around the four people, Bakugo, Kotoyo, Yarashi, and Chemie?

He’s a real No1 hero right now, but what exactly is Endeavor missing?

I think there are a lot of kindness, compassion, refreshingness, etc., but the above cuts may seem like Almite gives a pretty confident and simple answer!

Are you trying to be the No1 hero for yourself, or the No1 result as you work hard for someone?

It was a scene where I think that Endeavor needs to be aware of such aspects,

From an almighty standpoint, I can’t say to Endeavor, “It’s important to do your best for someone!”

This is the part where the person must think for himself and find the answer.

However, this time I felt that the feeling was closer to the answer … Perhaps there will be such developments that Endeavor will grow into a “person suitable for No1” after this matter !

Almight has retired and Milio is still in the hospital … so I want Endeavor to take this opportunity!

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