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This week, One Piece was suspended, but MHA was really interesting!

Below, I would like to touch on the impressions and consideration as Batowan after reading 167 Chapters!

Chapter 167 “No1 Hero’s Start Line” Spoilers Confirmation & Consideration!

The four people who successfully grasped the children of Mazegaki Elementary School during the last temporary supplementary training.

It seems that the bomber’s strategy and the scorching slide of the scorching ice had become the deciding factor, and I felt like I was completely friendly and became friends!

In particular, the following cuts are symbolic, and communication with pyrofreezing has become smooth as such!

This child seems to have been quite rebellious last time, but once he gets over it, he is a very obedient and cute boy.

Maybe the day when his growth will be drawn!

Anyway, I think there was a presence, so it might be a character that I can expect in the future!

Also, this time the gang orca teacher with the following cut was also interesting!

Gang Orca-sensei had an instructor-like atmosphere, but he seemed to be forced to play this character!

“Ah” might feel a messy part while changing the character while saying !

With such duality, the character has a deep depth and is wonderful! Yup! !

The people who completely solved it!

In addition, in the 167 Chapters this time, I think that it was a big step forward that the four people were able to understand each other.

In many ways, the explosives on the Yue side and Pyrofrost are at their own pace, but Inasa and Chemie on the Shiki side have a “walking force”. is amazing!

For example, the first side kick that comes to mind when a bomber becomes a professional is Kirishima, but Chemie eventually came up as a side kick candidate for a bomber …

Regarding Inasa, he has overcome his self, which was originally an endeavor fan (sometimes he was reversed and became anti), so it may seem like he can build a good relationship with Fiery Freeze!

It seems that the freeze and Inasa are active in the Endeavor office!

I think the connection between them will be important in the future, so I’d like to pay close attention to them!

About each progress!

In the latter half of 167 Chapters, the entanglement between Endeavor and Pyrofrost was drawn.

I thought this scene was a good one that came out like a Batwan, so I would like to write down my heart’s movements here!

Thinking about parents and children walking up!

I think that the expression of Endeavor & Pyrofrost this time used a very good expression.

Especially the following two cuts. In the flow “I dare to omit the words of freeze” may feel the strangeness of the expression in the .

I feel that some feelings are changing in the freezing when I read the following flow!

At first glance, the top and bottom cuts are “scenes that convey the thoughts of Endeavor” seem to be .”

No, of course, but the “frozen expression” sandwiched between them. if you can check the and read the lines, you should know that this is a conversation!

When Endeavor said, “You ‘re a proud son,” he must have felt like “a fucking father as usual .”

The image of his father “is regarded as a” tool “for crossing all-might.” can be seen from the depiction strong aspect, and that it instantly irritates pyrofrost.

But that idea was canceled in the next cut!

Perhaps I think Fiery freeze has noticed a change in Endeavor.

The above line, “Become a hero that you can be proud of, ” can be received by Endeavor’s apology if the opposite is true.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t be a hero to keep my heart on. Look at my back.”

Somehow, it might feel like Endeavor’s statement of intention.

Aoyama-kun’s true nature begins to be revealed? !

Then, the atmosphere of the final board this time changed a little and the flow is as follows.

Finally, “Aoyama’s turn” looks like has arrived! !

As the MHA voice actors said at the fan event, Aoyama-kun is a popular character for everyone.

Don’t be wondering how you’ll stand out from now on! !

In the last Chapter 167, Aoyama-kun, who makes Deku eat cheese suddenly, was drawn.

He has a very unique sensibility, but why did he come to such a thinking circuit?

Furthermore, considering the following cuts, he seems to be “marking Deku for some reason” ! !

What happened?

The reason he marks Deku is currently unknown.

If I dare to give it, I wonder if it’s because the intern is influencing the timing …!

The main thing that Deku did on the intern was to “defeat Harazaki somehow” , but this is what drives Aoyama-kun’s current behavior … Is it the most natural thing to read?

Perhaps he is doing a lot of research with Aoyama-kun in order to analyze the strength of Deku who has beaten Harusaki, who was the boss of Death Hachisai Akira!

The way the character is a character is very unique, but I’m really looking forward to the day when his debut and action motives will be revealed in the future! 

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