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Everyone’s charisma Aoyama elegance!

So , this Chapter 168 has become the long-awaited “Aoyama Kai” !

That was because I was pretending to be the last one last time, but I was really looking forward to it! !

Below, I would like to write down the impressions and consideration of Batwan after reading 168 Chapters!

Chapter 168 “Aoyama Bizarre Edition” Spoilers confirmed impressions and consideration!

First of all, I would like to touch on the following cuts from the last time.

Aoyama-kun looking into the balcony of Deku’s room at midnight, when everyone would have slept at midnight …!

What are you doing this! To be honest, this scene was probably a horror for Deku!

Even though they are members of the same class, they usually get nervous when they suddenly appear outside the room.

Moreover, Aoyama-kun has some strange aspects, so I’m more surprised!

By the way, after he left, when Deku opened the balcony …?

“What … do you know what ?!”

It may be a message that Aoyama-kun left with some intention, but at this point the meaning is completely unknown!

I thought that the view of the world was a unique character, but the sudden approach this time had a strange feeling!

I’ve just read in to eat! !

The classroom the next day!

I was terrified (?) At dawn, and in the classroom the next day, I was drawn to the harmonious atmosphere.

Deku’s “awareness of Aoyama-kun” has become lightly talked about!

It seems that Aoyama-kun has no way of grasping because he has a very unique view of the world, but I think it was impressive that he was thinking about various things in order to understand him as he was.

I think that the above cuts are different depending on the person.

As Deku, he thought, “I wonder if Aoyama-kun has some reason,” and decided to aim for the opportunity to ask questions.

This seems to be a very discreet piece!

In addition, the “everyday scenery” of other members after a long time was also good, and it was quite nice to watch!

In the above cut, the girls are excited about the story of “Team Rainy Day” that can be taken seriously or as a joke .

On the other hand, Kaminari & Mineta were excited about the topic of “Edge Shot & Mount Lady & Shin Rin Kamui’s Team Up” .

Both of these areas may become hints later, so I would like to remember them firmly!

Aoyama World is in full bloom and it’s good to be friends!

In the latter half of 168 Chapters, it will be revealed why Aoyama-kun took such an action.

As a result, it was nice to get along!

I feel that Aoyama-kun will be actively involved in the story from now on!

Does your personality and constitution not match?

According to Aoyama-kun, Deku seemed to be “individuality and constitution did not match” .

He seems to have had a congenital incongruity with the Neville laser, so he seems to have a sympathy with Deku!

Seeing Deku, who is struggling with his own personality, and thinking I want to get along with him” is a strange result last night!

It is not yet clear what kind of environment Aoyama grew up with.

However, as far as his personality is concerned, there is no doubt that he grew up in a slightly special environment.

It’s kinda clumsy and clumsy, but that’s why it’s nice and charming!

Apparently he was just trying to please Deku last night .

He seems to be clearly separated from his likes and dislikes because My World is so terrible, but I’m really glad I got the chance to break it down!

It’s such a great idea to “appear on the balcony at midnight and write letters with cheese” ! Yaba! !

It was nice to get along, Aoyama-kun!

By the way, the reaction of Deku who heard Aoyama’s thought is as follows.

Aoyama-kun doesn’t like to be friends with Sarah, but he smiles when he walks up.

I think I was able to get the feelings right? As expected, it is deku!

Deku was originally in the position of being a bully.

It may be a little different from Aoyama-kun, but the feeling of “I don’t know how to make friends” may be part of the feeling that I can easily relate to.

Below, Aoyama-kun is still at his own pace, but he seems to have succeeded in getting along! case being settled!

Aoyama, who had a little “floating” feeling in the class, was able to make friends by taking a step forward from himself.

By doing this story, I think it will increase the number of entanglements with Deku in the future!

Neville Laser has a strong personality, so I would like to see Aoyama-kun play an active role in future scenarios!

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