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The air that had been heavy during the “vs.

So it feels like we are going into a new “cultural festival” from now on !

The battle with Villan is inevitably slaughtered, so I think that it would be very attractive if such a daily scenario with a lot of gag woven in is sandwiched!

Below, I would like to touch on Batowan’s thoughts and considerations after reading 169th story of MHA!

Chapter 169 “Cultural Festival” Spoilers Confirmation and consideration!

Aoyama-kun’s trouble (?) Is also settled down, and from this time everyday mode.

Mr. Aizawa told me that there is a cultural festival , but I suddenly attacked it with an impact!

Whether or not it can be said as usual, in the following cut, he is standing in the sleeping bag “in the sleeping bag” ! !

No, I think it’s soft and fluffy, but it’s a beetle!

But anyway , I think Mr. Aizawa’s “likeliness” was clearly transmitted and it was a good cut.

I did my best in the last death Hachisai-kai edition, and I like Professor Aizawa, who is so comical!

By the way, this school festival seems to be an event in which the regular course, support course, and management course will be the main events!

Professor Aizawa says that some of them are dissatisfied with the fact that they are hero-based movements .

Ordinary exercises may be a typical example!

I’m excited by the feeling that Batowan’s favorite meme will reappear! !

Let’s think about the event together! About the corner!

It seems that it became a flow of deciding what 1-A should do because it was a school festival.

Each one has their own ideas, but I think the flow around here was really fun!

In the following, Kaminari’s “maid cafe plan” may have been pretty good! (I want to get one vote personally!)

All 1-A girls are very attractive and cute, and the maid cafe should be very popular …!

It was nice to see everyone’s maid in the above cut!

By the way, I think the other members were very unique and good!

Personally, Hagakure’s “Surprising House” and Tsunegumi-kun’s “Dark School Feast” were the key points!

In particular, I don’t know what to do about the “Death Student’s Banquet” … on the contrary, I am worried! !

Iida-kun to serve the progress of the meeting also “Hohou !!” and was also good was the somewhat through downside reaction! !

Aoyama-kun and Mineta also had the same feeling …!

Each has its own ideas and feels good!

An unexpected proposal explodes!

In the latter half of the year, the “promising proposal” due to pyrolysis exploded.

Iida-kun had the opinion that “a standard that should help dissipate the stress accumulated in other departments should be published, but I think it’s convincing here …

Also, I tried to make use of what I learned in the “Mazegaki Elementary School Class” a little while ago … I think there was something like that!

I didn’t think I was the type that would appear in front of me, but I would suggest a convincing opinion in this situation! It feels like that!

Perhaps this was also a case of provisional exemption (communication with Inasa and Endeavor), and there may have been a part that made me think about the character.

It seems that the freezing is definitely growing!

Directing a Parisi space using dance and music!

There was such a suggestion of scorching, and the theme of 1-A seems to have been set to “Directing a Parisi space using dance and music .”

Then, apparently, the protagonist (?) Of this time seems to hit the spotlight on Oro! !

Asasho is in charge of the dance, the feeling that Otoro’s portrait will appear more clearly!

As was the case at the beginning of Chapter 169, is Oro apparently a special skill? hobby? It seems that the “music” is not so confident.

When I was the king of the room, I’m sure he said “I can do one instrument” , but I think this special skill is good with confidence …!

By the way, Kamei turned straight to such Minoru and told him straight, “It’s cool!” I like this scene!

I don’t know what’s good, but this scene feels good anyway.

I’m not sure how much Kane thinks of Oro’s feelings of lack of confidence.

I feel like Oro, who was crazy, was pushing his back with a big smile! 

A mysterious person on the monitor!

In addition, the last Chapter of Chapter 169 was finished with the following cuts.

A mysterious person on a YouTube-like video site.

Is this person also involved in the Cultural Festival edition? If so, who is he?

Somehow it looks like Aoyama-kun, so maybe it’s “Aoyama-kun’s papan” or something?

If so, it seems convincing that Aoyama was close-up in the last scenario, but what about?

Ashido, which may be entangled with Aoyama-kun, was also hit by the spotlight this time, and I feel that the Cultural Festival edition will be a little different from the past!

Looking forward to the next 170 Chapters! 

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