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My hero academia has finally entered a new development.

The 170th Chapter has been a long time since Millio has re-appeared and has become involved in the story!

I’ve been worried about him ever since the battle with Ai Hatsusai, so I’m glad to be in the scenario!

Below, I will talk about Batwan’s thoughts and considerations after reading Chapter 170!

Chapter 170 “Eri-chanto” Spoiler Confirmation and Consideration!

To get into the impressions and consideration of 170 Chapters, let’s start with the following cuts!

Around this place, Million is really an adult and amazing! I felt that.

No, Milio’s personality isn’t new, but he’s kind of like a person rather than himself .” cool! !

Milio’s personality has disappeared, and the difficulty of dreaming of becoming a hero has jumped up.

The reason is that “the smiles of the children are above all”Even if you can think of it as what it is very difficult to control your mind.

Mirio is really sincere, “Become a hero, no matter how difficult!” may be able to behave like this because he is determined to he is!

On the other hand, however, it seems that Eri-chan still has the trauma of the acts he has received so far.

Well, this is inevitable …

It was quite awkward for Harizaki to come, and it was not a trauma level that could be easily overcome.

I think it was the human frame that tells us that it wasn’t that easy to get out of a nightmare that had been trapped for a long time.

Deku was very quick!

Eri-chan didn’t look like that, but here Deku shows fine play.

Or rather, “A case of Aoyama-kun” a while ago rather, it was because there was !

Let’s distract your heart by inviting Eri-chan to the school festival! I think it’s like!

Batwan was hospitalized in an accident when he was a kid, but when he was sick in the hospital room, he was even weakened.

If you take it out like this, it will be a good refreshment!

By the way, Eri-chan seemed to be interested in Mirio’s “Ringo candy .”

As far as I can see this reaction, I think I’ve never eaten apple candy … I can tell you that I’m looking forward to it!

It doesn’t seem to have been decided that it can be called to the school festival yet, but it seems that Professor Aizawa will be talking to the principal, and I think it will be a flow to safely participate.

Well, Hongwaka mood is here for now.

The mysterious video contributor Gentle appears! !

In the latter half of this scenario, the mysterious video contributor Gentle will be drawn violently.

Because I was robbing a bank, I think it’s a character that falls into the framework of villain.

However, it doesn’t feel as wicked as villain or Aki Yasai.

Which is more like a “stray villain”

I still don’t know anything about his personality, but as far as the cuts above are concerned, “distorting the space” he seems to have the ability to .

No, or it may be perceived as a personality that distorts the sense of what you see in this way.

In any case, since it has appeared in this way this time, I have a feeling that it will play an important role for a while!

By the way, his buddy is a character called Labrava below!

From the outside, it feels like Splatoon.

It’s a place where you’re concerned about the number of video views, the managers who are editing the video together …

The two seem to be motivated by “I want to leave a name in history” , but how will they relate to the scenario? concern!

About the last case was cool!

By the way, the last cut of this time was really cool, and gag was also interwoven, so it was a pretty favorite cut for Batwan!

As you can see from the scene below, Gentle trying to pour tea from a high position is quite astringent!

However, the black tea is fanned by the wind, or it has fallen into Labraba’s face … alright or Labrava!

This scene is likely to burn your face if it was normal.

It looks like I’m overlooking it because it’s looking good, but I’m sure you’ll be laughing at something like this … Professor Horikoshi! !

A rare incident that will be caused by a combination of Gentle & Labrava, who are messy in many ways.

I still don’t know who will solve it, but I’m looking forward to his future activities!

Personally, I’m feeling short of Iida-kun, so I might feel like Iida-kun!

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