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Gentle and Labrava made a very good appearance in the last 170 Chapters.

This time, their Chapter was half, and the Chapter of the English Culture Festival was half … It was like that!

At any rate, the atmosphere is likely to become a scenario like “Gentle in the Cultural Festival” from now on!

Below, I would like to touch on the impressions and consideration that Batwan made by reading 171 Chapters!

Chapter 171 “Gentle and Labrava” Spoilers confirmed impressions and consideration!

The first cover I would like to pick up in Chapter 171 is the following cover.

This is that, it ‘s a parody of the YouTube catchphrase “Living, doing whatever you want !

Youtuber is interesting, it fits the times, and the attitude of Dr. Horikoshi to adopt flexibly is amazing! I felt it!

One piece is the monument of battle manga, but it’s a bit of a world-view to put the parody of Youtube into one piece.

If you want to bring this kind of development to your dress, you probably have to be a bit more abstract.

Isn’t it the cover that proves that MHA is better suited for the real story?

On the cover of this time, you may feel a little bit of flexibility that can be loaded with as many current topics as possible!

Gentle purpose & aim!

Also, this Chapter 171 will reveal what Gentle is aiming for.

Then, in that process, the “legendary villain” was also revealed!

  • The Liberation Army / Leader Destro
  • The rare thief, Harima Ouji

About these two people, it’s just their name and appearance, but they may appear in the work later, so I want to remember the fact that there was such a villain!

Then, apparently, through the video posting, Gentle has the impression that he wants to join the “legendary existence” category.

He seems to be doing his best as a “banditist who sanctions those who are not gentlemen” !

However, as long as you see the cut below, the reaction from the subscribers (?) Seems to be various. Do not mind!

The above cut is a scene where Gentle looked a little cute.

  • Sanctions only on subtle cases
  • Labrava

I especially like Batowan for these two points, so I might have laughed a little!

This time it was a sanction against the “fluffy pudding case,” but have you ever sanctioned subtle cases? I imagined!

If you have videos from the past, I would definitely love to see them!

Preparation for the Yuei Cultural Festival!

In the second half, let’s talk about the preparation for the Yuei Cultural Festival.

The 1-A members have decided to aim to “provide a space that blends band performances and dance halls,” but this seems too straightforward.

I felt like a good idea at the class meeting (?), But when I saw the following cut this time, I thought “Ah …” …!

I think that there are various things, but when I confirm the above cut, it seems that the plan for 1-A this time was “a plan that seems to be thinking about other departments, not actually thinking .

It seems that we need to dig deeper one step further to fill the gap with the families around us …

That’s why, as the bombers said, if we don’t do our best to “kill with sound” , this project may not be possible.

In other words, the stance of “I’m sorry to bother you ” is weak, but rather , I’d like you to think “If you’re a little annoyed for these guys, you can work hard while supporting each other May be necessary.

Oh, by the way, I have to touch on the fact that it was decided that the bombers would join us on drums!

Originally I was a talented man bomber who could do anything, but I thought it was cool to be able to play drums, so I thought it was cool!

I think it’s a character that looks good on a guitar or a bass, but I think the drums will be a good fit for the bombers!

By the way, Oro means that the guitar is the main thing, so at least I will work on the guitar or the bass … I think the feeling will be the main thing!

What kind of instrument do you need if you want to become a band?

Eight million is a piano or violin, Aoyama-kun is a dance, and Chihozu is a Japanese instrument, but …

Gentle that seems to sneak into a school festival!

Yuei 1-A students who are busy preparing for the school festival.

On the other hand, Gentle seems to be aiming for the festival and trying to do something!

It is true that Yuei is easily targeted by villains … It may be unavoidable because it is the main headquarters for hero development!

After the invasion he is the male English if, male English students “Wow, also attacked by one of the villain” I

It would become, perhaps brunt of the anger will be directed to the 1-A Based on the history of the past ..

Gentle is still good because it doesn’t feel like a bad villain from the beginning, but it seems to cause more troubles …

Stray villain gentle who interferes with the groove that occurs between other departments and 1-A.

The irregular three-way Chapter is about to begin!

I think that the next 172 to 173 Chapters are still “preparation” steps, but I’m looking forward to the future development as soon as possible!

I’m also looking forward to the 1-B project and the re-appearance around the launch that has a relationship with Deku!

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