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MHA was in great shape this week.

I personally like it and I collect all the manga and DVDs, but even the latest Chapters have the fun that the momentum does not stall!

This time, the scenario will be drawn from both sides of the Yuei side, who is working hard to prepare for the school festival, and Gentle, the video distribution villain.

Below, I would like to touch on Batowan’s thoughts and considerations after reading Chapter 174!

Chapter 174 “Gold Tips Imperial” Spoilers Confirmation and consideration!

Deku has been fired at the last dance party.

This time it started when the true meaning was revealed.

When it comes to fire, it doesn’t sound very good, but strictly speaking, it seems that I was pulled out to help with the production…!

I also wanted to see Deku who is doing his best in dance, but if you think carefully, it is also a type to think about various things. It may be better for the deck to become an “unsung hero” in the production team ?

It seems that the mission of the director team given to Deku is to help Aoyama, who transforms into a mirror ball, to reach the venue.

It seems that Ochako, who has a unique personality and zero gravity, is better suited for the role and it is difficult to pull out.

I can say that Deku is more suitable here!

Deku who continues his personal training!

Although he is very busy preparing for the school festival, he also trains his personality.

It feels like I haven’t had a year in practice to get the one-for-all allowance momentarily.

It’s clumsy but it’s nice to see the hard work! I just want to support you!

Although it is a skill to practice how to handle individuality while being taught by Allmite, it seems that the results have not been good so far for internal bleeding of fingers.

As a deck, I would like to practice a lot, but if I get injured, I think that it will take time to recover, so it may be a dilemma training.

By the way, it seems that the control of this individuality, Almite, has been learned without difficulty. As expected! !

It turns out that there was a time when Almight also tried to use support items!

Also, in the middle of the work, it turned out that there was a period when Almite was also trying to use support items.

Apparently the following cut looks like a sole, but what a wonderful powered suit!

Isn’t it because there is a personality factor of almite that it suits the Gundam-like atmosphere that is drifting?

One of the characteristics of almite is that you fight alone, but the above almite is quite cool.

Deku seems to have been very interested, and it is irresistible for all-might lovers!

Actually, it didn’t seem to be broken and was useless immediately, but you might want to take a look at this almight fighting wearing a powered suit.

About the relationship between Gentle & Labrava!

In the latter half, the relationship between Gentle and Labrava will be drawn deeper than before.

Labrava seemed to be the “first fan” for Gentle, a non-popular video distributor !

Labraba came to see her address and come to see her.

It seemed scary at first because Gentle was too sudden, but it seems that this was a destined encounter!

What happened alone wasn’t going well, but when I met Labrava, it blossomed.

And now, the relationship has been built up to a sidekick that would be a problem if you weren’t there …

In that sense, Labrava may also be a gentleman’s benefactor !

The relationship between the two people is really worrisome!

Labrava feels like a mascot character and Gentle feels like a butler.

The interpretation is frustrating because of atmospheric issues, but I can’t help feeling something more than “video distributor and his partner” between the two !

The following series of interactions seems to hide the “something hint / back setting” no matter what!

Labraba weeps into Gentle’s attitude of trying to respond to Labraba’s wishes.

Gentle seems to be “special existence” for Labrava even now that he has started to act as a buddy .

Looking at the above exchange, Gentle is “Villan” from a standpoint , but is it a “hero” for Labrava ? I can remember the feeling.

In addition, I feel that Labrava will have a feeling more than a “enthusiastic fan” even in the following cuts !

The line “I love you, I love you Gentle Criminal!” Is very impressive.

Well, this looks like a romantic feeling, but the decision is very delicate.

It’s difficult to verbalize, but I think I also feel “another feeling” that is not romance .

Perhaps the relationship between the two may not be accurate unless it goes back to the moment when Labraba met through the monitor before coming to meet Gentle!

After that, the feeling that the activities of the two people will become a special thing that sets them apart from “mere villain” is really amazing!

It’s not annoying to try to break into the cultural festival, but I can’t help but expect their success!

Even though it is a villain, I would like to continue to pay attention to the gentle and labrava circumstance that does not feel bad for now!

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