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Yuei High School is steadily preparing for the school festival.

This Chapter 175 will be drawn mainly from the flow from the day before the school festival to the day!

Below, I would like to touch on Batowan’s impressions and consideration after reading this Chapter!

Chapter 175 “On the day, morning” Spoilers confirmed impression & consideration!

Anyway, in this edition of the Cultural Festival, the spotlight has begun to hit the cuteness of Oro, who hasn’t been noticeable so far!

Up until now, things like Rainy season, Ashido and Yaomomo have always been the focus of attention.

The fact that Oiro, who had a slightly sober impression, attracted a lot of attention in the future will give readers a lot of thought for her, which is very good!

Isn’t this the only female person who hasn’t been noticed about this yet?

Hagakure was built into the dance team, so I hope she’ll be able to see a remarkable development!

Anyway, I would like to look forward to the future cultural festival, Oro’s performance and song! !

Then, the appearance of everyone on the previous day was like the following, and I felt friendly!

Until a while ago, some members had a fierce battle with the Death Hachisai Society, but when I saw this scene, I was still a high school student.

I could see the feeling that I was really looking forward to the cultural festival, and I felt very “good!” !

Only Aoyama looks at the camera a little bit!

The manifestation will appear! !

Also, in the middle of the production, there is one act where Akemei delivers items for Deku.

The cultural festival is a showcase for support departments …

It feels like my whole body is muddy, but it’s nice to see her who is so absorbed in it! I want to support you!

Even when compared to the last time I saw it, it was clearly dirty.

Originally, when I got hooked, I couldn’t see my surroundings, but this time it seems like I’ve been escalated especially!

By the way, the support items she delivered are below!

Currently, Deku is undergoing special training to be able to demonstrate one for all with pinpoint accuracy.

So, I wonder if this is the support item for assisting that movement.

The look of the gloves is stylish and cool!

Deku said , “I can do what I want to do with it,” but I’m looking forward to how this item will be used!

Deku who encounters Gentle and Battari!

In the latter half of the work, Deku who happens to encounter Gentle accidentally is drawn.

As a gentleman, he stood out as “a suspicious person,” and he immediately thought that Deku was suspicious.

Gentle & Labrava has been a “villain that I can’t hate” from the beginning , but I wear sunglasses, a mask and a hat …!

If you’re wearing this suspicious look, it’s harder to guess.

Furthermore, Deku is a hero otaku, and it seems that Gentle’s existence has been seen on a video posting site.

This is an atmosphere where one shot seems to be a battle …!

Gentle didn’t want to fight, but …?

Looking at the flow this time, Gentle felt like “I don’t want to fight but I can’t help …” .

He might be wary because his opponent is a male-English student, and this time he thinks he’s really “sneaking in” and may have planned to avoid fighting.

However, it seems that the fact that I was noticed here led to the decision that I had to fight .

Deku stops to stop the gentle infiltration.

As far as I can see the feel of my hands, I’m probably holding deco pins!

Immediately after receiving the support items, I am ready to fight anytime … I wonder!

Also, as Deku knows “how everyone is looking forward to the cultural festival,” it seems like I can’t help moving here!

At any rate, however, the personality of the Gentle that appeared before seemed to be very powerful with a description that seemed to “twist the space”, and I’m sure it is a strong enemy. ..

Deku is a power type, so there is a possibility that it will be “idle” depending on how Gentle stands around ?

It seems that this school festival has a promise that if a problem occurs, it will be canceled immediately , so it seems to be the only time to stop it …

Now, in the next 176 Chapters, I would like to look forward to what kind of development the two confrontations will bring!

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