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Oh, what a good day today!

Hirooka’s introductory color for the first time in a while was super beautiful because it was painted with Copic, and in the movie of My Hero Academia decided on the national road show on August 3, it seems that Batwan is a big, big, and loved all-might youth. …!

I will touch on the impressions and consideration after reading 176 Chapters below, but this time My Hero Academia was really satisfied!

Chapter 176: Deku VS Gentle Criminal: Spoiler Confirmation & Consideration!

Before entering the main part of My Hero Academia this time, we must first touch the following introductory colors!

Speaking of Jean, the fact that One Piece is a signboard is an unwavering fact, but I like Hirooka’s My Hero Academia as much as I can!

I think that the introductory color this time has also been devised in painting, making the jump a heroic color!

As a hobby, Batwan sometimes draws at a clip studio, but I can’t imitate it at all. !

If Horikoshi’s art book comes out, I’ll buy it! Buy everything! !

So I thought that the opening color of this time was also the best!

Then, 176 Chapters is the main story, but in the scenario, the battle with the noted Gentle has begun! This one was also hot!

Gentle was trying to carry out the operation Yuuei, I tried to enter” , but as Deku, I can not miss this.

For now, it seems that justice for Gentle … has not been drawn yet, so it seems like Gentle is just a villain at Deku at the moment.

However, because Gentle & Labrava feels a unique background, that area will be the focus of future talks!

Gentle personality is discovered!

In this Chapter 176, the personality of Gentle is also revealed.

The name of individuality is “elasticity” , and it is possible to give elasticity to anything.

It seems that the space was distorted a little while ago, and I think I used this personality well!

This personality can give elasticity even if it is the atmosphere.

That’s why Deku’s face has been pressed against Saran Wrap.

Considering that you can build an invisible wall, it seems to be a very powerful ability!

Then, what was actually used by “elasticized air” was the following “gently rebound” !

Gentle himself was surprised at the frame immediately after that, but he didn’t think that Deku would blow away like this.

Deku’s rushing power was so terrible … I guess!

Isn’t it the point that he feels familiar to him that his gentleness and cuteness of gentleness appear in every move?

In other words, looking back, Gentle might be the first “friendly villain” ever!

Deku seen from the gentle!

A little while ago , I thought about various things from a “gentle point of view” , but this time it’s worthwhile to read while empathizing with each other.

By the way, the “Deku statue” seen from Gentle & Labrava seems to have been as follows!

Since Gentle is terrifying and saying “madness!” , He may have recognized Deku as a “bad guy” !

In the past, Batwan was terrified about the bloody muscular and death row prisoner Moonfish during the forest camp, but the fearful sole that Gentle felt this time might be similar to what I felt at that time?

There are some differences, but I feel like that!

And this time, I was really happy with the following dialogues!

If it is a battle manga , it is likely that the instruction form will be like “If you make a mistake, do not go to school!”

However , I think that it is a very good expression that it seems to be deku, as it is said that Izuku Midoriya, the phrase “Do not put your hand!”

It may be a casual point, but here is the part where I really felt the reality!

Delaware Smash Air Force activated!

So, this time, Deku’s “Delaware Smash Air Force” is activated , thanks to the special training of Almight and the item made by Hatake !

It was an air cannon that was fired by applying Decopin, which was Deku’s initial technique!

The attack power is relatively high, and I think it was good that the reach was long!

Gentle does not seem to be such a tough villain in terms of individuality, age and appearance.

So, if you get a heavy blow at a short distance, it might be pretty good.

This shot was a mid-range and long-range attack in the air, but it was impressive that it was still gruff.

It felt like a spectacular “Air Force debut” for Deku !

Then, this time’s last finishes with the following efforts!

This is the last time we can’t draw each other.

For the scene, the power type deck is considered to be slightly more advantageous.

If it goes right, the gentleness will be suppressed as it is … The flow is natural!

However, I don’t really want to think much about it, but I feel that in the current My Hero Academia world, the “Villan Alliance” is beginning to take off in the darkness .

I don’t know, but if Gentle develops into something that relies on “drugs that enhance individuality,” I don’t know what will happen from now on.

Whatever the case, this year’s Yuei Cultural Festival is a difficult phase for a red card if a problem occurs.

The impact of this Deku vs Gentle battle on the scenario seems to be immeasurable!

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