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My Hero Academia is finally at the dawn of the Battle of Gentle.

This time, My Hero Academia may feel like I really liked Gentle !

I’d like to touch on Batwan’s thoughts and thoughts after reading 171 Chapters below!

Chapter 177 “At the Construction Site” Spoiler Confirmation Impressions & Consideration!

In this Chapter 177, it was impressive that Deku played the role of Tsukkomi.

Gentle is a character that is a bit natural, isn’t it?

Below, I laughed at the scene where the cloak was caught on the steel frame! As expected! !

I behave as if I’m calm, but what I’m doing is completely crap.

For the time being, it’s a villain or an enemy, but I can’t hate it when I see a scene like this!

By the way, the following cuts made me feel like I’m trying to infiltrate Yuei, and it was also fun!

Based on these trends, I think it’s okay if he’s not a bad guy!

I mean, it’s treated as villain, but should it really be classified as villain? he….

I don’t think I’m going to stab or scold me, and I think it’s more like “a mischievous child just became an adult .”

Gentle trying to persuade Deku further!

Also, in the subsequent developments, gentlemen who tried to persuade Deku even further were drawn.

As soon as I’m convinced by Deku’s tsukkomi that I’m convinced, I think I’m aware that what I’m trying to do is “not good .”

It’s a pretty cute villain, compared to the Villan Union or Death Hachisai.

The villain is a villain, no matter how obedient it is.

The worldly Gentle and the other “kind of existence” ‘s a feeling that is in, I’m not only to respond like this even as dec.

From a deku perspective, I’ve been hitting deadly trees and villains that are quite dangerous like Harizaki, so maybe I’m overly cautious?

The gentle personality stands out!

From the middle of the work onwards, the personality of Gentle became even more prominent.

Gentle that stretches the curtain of air and uses it to bounce and fly.

This kind of fighting feels exactly like a “phantom thief” !

Gentle that moves air with elasticity like a trampoline.

It feels like I’m flying using an invisible curtain, so it seems that it was difficult for Deku to aim.

Despite being a fairly friendly villain, the personality of Gentle? Is definitely excellent!

By the way, his personality is “cancelled after a certain period of time” .

It seems that things that have once been given elasticity gradually regain their original hardness.

It seems that you can turn a hard steel frame into a rugged one, and versatility is also extremely expensive.

There were also scenes where he tried to stop Deku by loosening the steel bolts and collapsing them while acting as if they were involved with the general public.

By the way, it seems that he was trying to prevent it from actually being damaged by just pretending to be a civilian underneath.

Therefore, I think that the offense is small (I read that Deku will help).

Deku’s reaction and Labraba’s determination!

Deku moved on the steel frame as Gentle expected.

This makes it seem like they have been able to stop, so it may be a victory for Gentle!

Deku, on the other hand, might seem a little frustrated with this.

In fact, it seems like “I was going to bounce back before hitting a civilian,” but it was an undeniable fact that I was scared from the standpoint of Deku.

Deku also knows that everyone is looking forward to the cultural festival …

You may be angry in many ways!

In addition, Labrava was also showing “a sign of showing individuality” at the last time !

I don’t know yet, but next time it seems like Labrava’s individuality will be revealed!

Judging from the above, I wonder if it’s the personality of the system that I don’t want to use if possible …

She’s a hacker for the time being, but that might have influenced her personality too!

Somehow Labrava uses personality as if it were a rare case, and that might be the proof that her personality is also very strong.

I think that the concrete point will be revealed in the next 172 Chapters, so I’d like to pay attention to that area and turn the page next week!

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