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My Hero Academia is in great shape after the start of the third season of TV anime!

Certainly audio drama CD2 was unlucky to DVD 1 Chapter anime “pool opening has come!” It was felt that Allen had been interweaving! (Although it got more interesting from the middle of the story!)

So I bought a jump today, but I think My Hero Academia was quite interesting again this time. Labrava was especially good!

I mean, this duo … I like it! !

Chapter 178: “Woman named Labrava” Spoilers confirmed impressions and consideration!

This Chapter 178 starts with an Chapter of preparation for a cultural festival.

Mr. Monoma, Mr. Kento, Hado Twisted Seniors, etc. also appeared, and it was a good feeling!

By the way, I think it was Miumi Ayazaki, who was the one who showed his presence in that situation!

Going far beyond the roses of Versailles, the luxurious feeling is sublimated into a gag!

It’s amazing pine hair, is this her personality?

My Hero Academia but the main part also it was interesting, but this time I think her impact was Tomedonaka’!

My Hero Academia 178 story main story!

Below, I would like to touch on Batwan’s own thoughts and considerations after reading this Chapter of 178 Chapters!

Anyway, Deku who wants to prevent Gentle’s “I tried to enter the hero .

It felt like I was pursuing hard with the air bullets I wore!

It’s an air bullet that I’ve just worn, but it seems like I’m in a smash, probably because I’ve had a fight with Deco Pin since the early days!

On the other hand, Gentle had a feeling that he had already been pushed by Deku at this point.

If only the fighting potential of the first place is used, Deku may be better than Gentle.

Up until now, Deku has a history of interacting with Mascular and Harazaki, so maybe Gentle alone is a bit lacking in roles …! (As Batwan, I want Gentle to do my best.)

Labrava’s individuality is demonstrated!

However, in this Chapter, the “Labraba’s individuality” has a considerable presence.

Her personality was very touching, but before we dive into that, I would have to touch on the following:

An old Chapter of Labrava reveals that she had a tough experience with her!

What she had experienced was not so desperate in an objective sense, and was in a range that was “likely” for girls around this age .

However, from the standpoint of Labrava himself, it was a very painful experience …

It feels like a stalker, but uh. Considering that Labrava didn’t have any offense, it might be a pity!

And that’s why Labrava was fascinated by Gentle!

Since each person has a different level of experience, I think she has suffered in various ways.

The light that I met in that situation was none other than Gentle Criminal!

You may feel some kind of fate guidance here!

Individuality that powers up the target by whispering love!

Such a Labrava Chapter was also lightly reinforced, and her personality was found on that.

It was to power up those who love, on the condition of “whispering love” !

As I touched on in the following article, I think it’s the perfect personality for Labrava!

To be honest , I wasn’t able to wipe away the chunky impression of Labrava until the last time, but after this past recollection and individuality was revealed, the image for her was renewed.

She is an undeniably maiden , and I think she has a strong will to keep on the one-sided desire to “support the will of Gentle” !

Then, the gentle that became strong because of her individuality is below!

Deku is also a one-for-all, so his physical ability is terrible, but the gentleness immediately after receiving Labrava’s personality was amazing!

With a sword, a flash of Deku, who has been fighting against the powerful people who have been present so far.

Gentle alone is inferior to Muscular and Harazaki, but if they receive the personality of Labrava, they may be too thin (I can’t seem to cross it)!

Deku cannot give up!

However, you can’t just give up on Deku.

I was recollected a while ago, but many friends are looking forward to this festival.

Gentle also seems to be challenging with Gentle and extraordinary preparedness, but Deku can not withdraw for everyone.

If you take the position of Deku, you have to stop here!

In, you want to consider towards the next 179 Chapters of the still “or Gentle Why are you obsessed with this time?” Point named.

Well, how about it?

It’s true that infiltrating Yuei has a great impact on society, but I think Gentle’s true intention is one step deeper!

In the next Chapter, Chapter 179, I feel that Gentle will reveal a little about the real reason why he wants to infiltrate the British! Looking forward to it!

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