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Would you buy an antipathy? You’ll buy an antipathy, right?

That’s because Batwan, who was always gentle and labrava, was reading the Chapter 179, and I wanted to clearly support them …

You’re doing what you’re doing, you’re a criminal in a framework, and justice is definitely on Deku’s side …! !

Chapter 179 “Holding Festival!” Spoilers confirmed impression and consideration!

179 Chapters that started like this.

I think that this time it was really a tight development.

It seems that Gentle started a little while the gentle growth was pushed, even though Deku’s wonderful growth has passed.

No, Gentle is already inferior. It seems difficult to win this battle as early as possible …

As you can see from the collision above, Deku seems to be ahead of the curve, and Gentle has a distressing look.

The elasticity of the character is strong, but if the super heat of Deku is swung around, a single concussion should give a shock of a concussion class to the whole body …

It can be said that Gentle is always restricted from standing around …!

Furthermore, even though I used the love of Labrava’s personality, I couldn’t settle it immediately, so I pushed further into the mental state of the two!

“I lacked love” in tearsLabrava apologized I .

I wonder if this scene was a one-shot scene that trembled and screamed. To be honest, I was moved!

If you loved , “I lacked love” say I ! !

Labrava is surely “not self-confident” from past experience .

So I might have blamed myself enough to say such a word.

Not bad, Labrava!

Gentle that controls your dying power!

Then, from here on, Gentle squeezes his death force!

Be proud of not being your own dream felt a strong conviction from the .

Moreover, that belief is “destructive” like dead trees, Harasaki, and Stain. is not .

Rather, I might even have the impression that I was inspired to protect the love of Labrava!

I don’t think either is right for this fight. No, the deck is correct, but it is correct.

However, it is only the result measured by ethical and social things, and for humans, the psychological state of Gentle is worthy of sympathy!

I felt that it was a “very painful mistake” that I chose the crime method , but he felt his justice!

So, the gentle counterattack scene is below!

Gentle with a gentle sandwich that blows out deku.

As usual, the power of individuality seems to be quite strong! Just elastic millefeuille!

Is the theme of this battle something like “justice vs. love” ?

The feeling that love is winning or justice is winning will continue to develop.

Well, honestly, I can’t quite read where this win / loss settles down! 

About the gentle past!

By the way, I was able to explain how much I wanted to support Gentle & Labrava’s love.

Despite this, in the latter half, I felt that the history of Gentle was explained.

Oh, that’s right.

Gentle also wanted to be a hero …

So, I don’t have enough abilities and it doesn’t work well, and I have the experience that I backfired …

I suppose this is a really painful experience, Gentle.

Even if I didn’t have the ability, I worked hard and worked hard, and the result was this.

The hand that I reached out to help the ordinary person who was about to fall in front of my eyes appeared behind the scenes and the above was dealt with. (The graffiti at home is hard!)

This experience isn’t even Duk saying “If I made a mistake, it would be like this” , right?

You say , “ Your body was moving before you thought” , right?

That would lead to such a fate …!

Certainly, efforts are often not rewarded, and it’s a world where it doesn’t matter how hard you try.

However, I don’t think there are many fate that Gentle has been waiting for …

Just clumsy, unlucky, lacking in abilities.

But that’s probably not a “sin” , right? (Is it a sin?)

If I blame Gentle, I wonder if I shouldn’t have made an unnecessary effort by recognizing my bad self ?

Batwan may not be able to make such a point …

I ca n’t confidently answer the question is n’t Gengent bad?” When I think of a man who has fallen and healed for 6 months, but it’s also difficult to treat Gentle as a villain …! !

It might be a point that you can learn something if you think about it for a while.

Deku vs Gentle, incandescent battle!

So let’s talk about the intense battle of Deku vs Gentle!

This last time, the series of flows below, the fist of Deku and Gentle will be violently crossed!

Ah, it’s already tough in this scene. I had a frontal collision with a power type deck …! !

Deku’s fist, which has such power even with air bullets, and Gentle, which strikes from the front.

Even if you have your hands elastic, I think this strike is definitely a disadvantage.

When choosing this fighting method against a power-specialized deck …

No, did Gentle prioritize “complete combustion” rather than infiltration into the hero ? Hmm …!

The last cut is the following cut, the wish of Labrava sticks out!

“Win !!!! Gentle !!” , Labraba’s wish echoes.

You may want to confess here that you’ve been supporting Labrava and supporting Gentle.

But I guess it’s no good … I’m sure.

Deku is obviously justice, and considering other members of Yuei, Gentle should be caught here.

However, his journey, his feelings from Labrava, his sense of mission to respond to it.

Considering that, I would like to pray that I will not knock down as it is!

What happens, Gentle Criminal! 

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