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The battle between Deku vs Gentle, which has been heated up, is finally settled.

I think it was a fairly light fight, but I think it was a lot of fun throughout!

Below, I would like to touch on Batowan’s thoughts and considerations after reading 180 Chapters!

Chapter 180 “Unknowingly” Spoiler Confirmation & Consideration!

This battle where claims and claims, dreams and dreams clashed.

The atmosphere was “justice vs. love” , but in the end I think it was good to call it Deku’s victory.

Anyway, the conflict of power and power was intense from the beginning!

Gentle that was considerably strengthened by the love of the love of Labrava .

I think he was the only one who couldn’t stand the power of Deku, but the power-up by love was really powerful!

By the way, the question and answer with Deku is a must-see, and you can see that each other is fighting on the “line that can never be pulled” !

Gentle can’t draw because of his dream and Labrava.

On the other hand, there are many people who care about Deku, so I can’t draw it.

I think that it was a scene where I felt the heat that there was something I wanted to protect the same as each other and the game was decided on it! !

St. Louis Smash is the final hit!

By the way, in this battle, Deku’s shoot style St. Louis Smash was the decisive hit.

I think Gentle also had a good fight, but it wasn’t one step ahead …

Did Deku, who has been training hard with power, had a slight advantage in the meat battle …!

Gentle was powered up by Labrava’s individuality, but in reality the above blow was a decisive blow.

After this kick, there was no room for a counterattack, and he was held down by Deku.

And from here onwards, we will join Labrava, but I think the psychological description from each individual was really skillful!

Labraba’s action is quite impressive!

From this point onwards, Labraba’s actions were quite impressive.

The cut below shows a labrava that beats Poka Poka and Deku … but it seems that Deku does not hurt or itch.

On the contrary, it’s as if he was deciding what to do with this situation!

How does Deku feel about the love of Labrava for Gentle?

There is a part that I want to let go of, but it is a consultation that the other person can not do it only …

As for the following cuts, I couldn’t get enough of the love of Labrava …!

It was Batwan’s idea of ​​having a gentle and labrava until the last time, but the impression may have changed a little after seeing the confusion of labrava this time.

Labrava, a girl who has been extremely gentle and reliant on gentle lines.

I know that Gentle was saved by Labrava, but this time Labrava seemed pitiful in a slightly different sense.

Wasn’t Gentle in love with Labrava?

This is a difficult place to judge & it’s a naive and sensitive part, so it’s difficult to go deeper into it, but when you read this 180 Chapters, there may have been a part that felt like “Is Gentle in favor of Labraba?”

Honestly the following cuts are also subtle. How should I accept it?

Even though they love each other, they are middle-aged and middle-aged girls.

The two can be regarded as “an equal relationship as adults” but can also be interpreted as “gentle has the responsibility for protection and supervision .

Looking at Labraba’s psychological state in Chapter 180, I feel that Gentle had somehow abandoned the latter’s responsibility …

If Labraba was an adult woman who could be considered to be independent, it would have been nice if she didn’t have to think about Gentle’s responsibility (?).

But as far as Labraba’s reaction is concerned, she’s obviously so dependent on Gentle that she’s in a state of mind that she wouldn’t know what to do if he lost his pillar.

Gentle might have understood her favor and dependence, but he might have been spoiled for some reason because of his love.

It can be said from now on, but since he is a rather old man, ideally I should have taken into consideration that Labraba’s heart is still a girl … (However, it seems difficult to detect this in real time …)

Then, at the last time, I finished with Gentle’s own neck.

Perhaps because the male side is Hound Dog & Ectoplasm, I don’t know which of the above cuts is villain.

With that in mind , the expression of the above cut may have been devised with the feeling that it is “technology to read from the standpoint of the gentle side” !

What happens to Gentle & Labrava after that … I’m really worried!

I think that what Gentle has been doing now is that there is room for a little lightness, and if possible, it would be better to settle or lightly punish …

I want to pay attention to the future fate of the two people and turn the pages!

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