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I’ve been thinking a lot deeper about Labrava & Gentle this time, but I think that there was a drop-off point one or two steps deeper than that …!

I think that this Chapter 181 was an interesting Chapter if you pay attention to the psychology of Gentle or “depth of understanding” !

Chapter 181 “For Whom” Spoilers Confirmed Impressions & Consideration!

This time, I think the interaction between Gentle and Labrava is the most important point, but let’s start with the following cuts.

Ectoplasm teacher who interacts with Hounddog teacher.

It seems that several ghosts were accompanied by Mr. Hounddog, but as far as this state is seen, it seems that Mr. Ectoplasm’s “partition” and “main body” are completely separated in terms of communication and information. Right!

Mr. Hounddog, who is surprisingly calm in dealing with it, seems to be quite villainous in appearance, so I think it was a tense situation.

In addition, the gentleman’s self-defense scene was also quite moving, wasn’t it?

Gentle who lost the light from his eyes … This scene must have been really sad! And the eyes of Labrava! !

The above cut is “lie, stop?” has a labrava’s eyes that convey the feeling of

Like “go against not vortex” , such as the despair of when swallowed, I think that has been floating around the atmosphere that exudes a kind atmosphere …!

About the understanding Gentle had reached!

And Batwan got goose bumps in the following scenes!

This is, I ‘m telling a naive woman” or “I was brainwashing” I’m …

Isn’t it gentle? Isn’t it?

But you had to say that, right?

This is … Gentle’s determination to dedicate himself to the bad guys to protect his loved ones to the end is hot! !

Batwan had the following thoughts in the past (please read this!) … but he was aware of this!

I knew my weaknesses and knew what I was doing …

But I did that … It was a gentleman …!

I think I can only say that “fate went crazy in that way”

Well, Labrava.

Maybe Gentle didn’t notice when he met.

Labrava is like a rushing wife, and it is an irreplaceable presence that filled the hole in the heart of Gentle that had been vacant.

As a hero who broke his dream, he couldn’t help grasping the light as Gentle, who didn’t scream or fly as a video contributor.

But that light was gentle to Gentle, “a light that you shouldn’t grab as an adult .”

But when I realized it was late.

Because at that time Gentle had already loved Labrava …!

A small drama with the curtain down!

A small drama that kicked off behind the Yuei Cultural Festival.

Regarding the behavior of Gentle, the party, Deku, said:

This is the biggest concession for Deku, and I think it is the only compassion I could make to Gentle.

Deku’s words have been carefully selected because they are naive.

It seems to me that you are choosing the expression that dilutes the “bad things” that Gentle tried to do as much as possible!

I think the atmosphere that kept me out of sight with Hound Dog also shows Deku’s intricate heart!

In order not to understand emotions?

Or did you feel too depressed about Gentle’s thoughts and became depressed?

Well, I think it’s a very difficult place, but it’s Deku who has a strong power to sympathize with other people, so maybe the latter? How would?

Deku that changes feelings!

Then, from now on, the “strong part” of Deku will be drawn!

This was really good, deku.

It feels like a mental switch, not strong or weak in the physical battle with Gentle.

I’m a high school freshman, but I’m really working hard!

The above cut is a scene where Deku looks like he is trying to change his mind.

Just as Gentle wanted to see Labraba’s smile, Deku wanted to see Eri’s smile.

There are various ways of doing things, but in that respect, there were a lot of commonalities between the two thoughts.

That’s why Deku empathized and made a melancholy expression, but in the last Chapter of this 181 Chapter, I could act with a firm smile and convey that feeling!

Deku who acts with a big smile just after such a thing, this is strong! !

Labraba’s tears behind Eri-chan’s smile.

I don’t think Eri-chan needs to know anything about that now, and I don’t think it should be known.

Deku who made a small skirmish behind the school festival spin his mouth and make people who want to laugh laugh.

Deku’s fighting ability is getting stronger, but he seems to have grown considerably mentally!

I don’t think it has started yet, but it may have been the most intense Chapter of “The Legend of Deku has already begun” in the post-almite world

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