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Finally, the turn of the Yuei Cultural Festival has come! !

So, this time, I would like to touch on the impressions and consideration of reading 182 Chapters!

Every Chapter of the anime that’s being broadcast right now is the best, but it’s really interesting, My Hero Academia! !

Chapter 182 “Drain! Culture Festival!” Spoiler Confirmation and Consideration!

Instead of the battle times up to the last time, this time it feels like a “hot spring time” .

I think it was a good time for everyone from 1-A to demonstrate what they have been practicing so far!

Deku was after that intense battle, but he did his best until the end!

Well, first of all, I would like to check from the following cuts!

The production of 182 Chapters is like cutting from the band corps first.

Each of them plays hard according to the powerful drums played by the bombers!

The real protagonist of the band was Oro-chan, but it was the bomber who took the leadership …

Teka Bakugo! The personality of the bomb has been activated! ! (Good performance!)

Otoro’s “Thank you very much !” , each of them demonstrated the results of their practice, starting with the voice

I think there were several highlights, so I hope I can follow them in order!

I felt like I was looking forward to what kind of gimmicks would pop out around here!

From dance to chorus!

Let’s start with the activities of the dance team.

Was it busy this time, unusually “lightly drafted frame” fair, it was a bit disappointing that to come up with a .”

However, since My Hero Academia is a manga that has gained tremendous trust both in terms of scenario and drawing, the scenes like this are “exciting elements that look forward to complementing comics!” is a strength to be able to interpret positively as I think!

Expression of Ochako’s fingers! Cute rainy season! !

Also, in the above cut, I think it was good to see Aoyama and Deku breath together.

It seems that the two of us have had a wonderful friendship with each other through sweets, and I think it was a good scene, including that part!

Then, the following cut is a powerful page 1 spread! !

No, really, Professor Horikoshi is really good at using spreads!

If it’s just a double-page spread, it will look like a picture book, but the area where you can skillfully insert it into an important place like this is perfect! !

In this scene, “the feeling of dynamism and presence was amazing”I think amazing”, so it would be ridiculous if it was animated? There is no doubt!

Pick-up fine play!

From the middle of the film onwards, some fine plays that I would like to pick up appeared.

Let’s start with the high-touch Ochako below!

This kind of performance is so wonderful that only Ochako can do it in the world of My Hero Academia! Wow! !

In the manga world, you can do things that you would never do in the real world.

Even if it is absolutely useless to do it on a live-action film, reality and dreams can exist at the same time in the world of manga.

I think the expression of Ochako above was really good because it was full of such elements!

And the other one I would like to cover is the following “Iida Dance” !

What are you doing, Iida-kun? (Lol)

Iida-kun is a robot dance, so it’s a good dance (Batwan names it arbitrarily!) … This scene was so funny and I laughed!

I’m not trying to force you to laugh, but it’s nice to have a casual gag! !

It was a wonderful scene with tension and relaxation!

About Otoro’s past & Kairi’s smile!

Then, the last is a general comment about this 182 Chapters.

I think that various fine plays have popped out, but I think Miro is the biggest protagonist of all!

Her happy look on the microphone was a new face she never showed before!

Kyoka Oro, who had a boyish atmosphere and had a slightly lacking presence.

But, with this Chapter, I’m sure that my love and attachment to her has increased dramatically!

She will have won many fans as a result of this, and she will be a person who is expected to be more active in the future!

Her past (why did you want to become a hero) was lightly touched and I was intrigued!

And the last is Eri-chan below!

However, the biggest harvest at this school festival is none other than “Eri laughed at me !”

She feels like she’s lived a much tougher life and this is the brightest treasure above all!

It was impressive that Tsuruga Milio, who lost her tears even if she lost her personality, shed large tears! (“Who is for” wherever Million …!)

With this, one case of 1-A is settled down, and the next 183 Chapters will be drawn such as “Romeo and Juliet and the prisoner of Azkaban-The Return of the King” or “Yu-Miskon” in 1-B . Maybe Ayaki Bibi will come out) Maybe it’s going to feel!

I’d like Batwan to win his favorite Hado Twist, but what happens?

Will she really be able to beat the pine hair of Bibi Aizaki?


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