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Following on from the previous 182 Chapters , MHA has become a trend where the scenario of the cultural festival of Yuei continues to develop this time.

Both the original and the animation are in great shape, and this is exactly what Manufactured Maho is!

This time , Batwan’s thoughts such as “Romeo, Juliet, and Asgaban prisoners” or “Yu- Bi Mithkon” will be drawn! It was really fun! !

Chapter 183 “All Day !! Cultural Festival” Spoilers Confirmation & Consideration!

First of all , “Romeo and Juliet and Asugaban of prisoners” Let’s touch from.

The following notice (?) Street, the main character is between an object and , as an enemy TetsuAkira , heroine is small large only It was a feeling-chan …!

I had some expectations that this would happen, but it seemed like I was chaotic because it was packed too much!

But anyway, the students from the other departments who came to see it seemed happy! As expected B group!

It seems that many students laughed because they were drawn into the enthusiastic performance of Tetsu and Tetsu!

Bibi Ayasaki Standby! Kobayashi Sachiko mode lock on!

Also, in the middle of the game, the hottest “British Miscon” will be drawn!

Bibi Kamizaki, who is attracting attention, has surpassed her imagination from above Naname! The champion of the previous year is different! !

It was impressive that something like a tremendous device (?) That could only be called Las Boss was activated!

What a tank like this w

Of these, in the “Battle Against Vilan” , it will appear as a custom weapon! (I want to see that!)

Anyway, Bibi senior who showed a tremendous presence.

Batwan will never forget her in the future! Thank you Bibi senior! !

Until now, I was only paying attention to the gag of Matsuge, but this time I really liked it! !

Innocent innocent fairy, wave twist senior!

And it was our heroine, Twisted Senior, who won the title of Miscon!

The expression “innocent fairy” expressed in the work is perfect for her, and made me feel even a fantastic atmosphere!

At the sports festival, there were many places where men who excel in athletic ability showed up, but at the Cultural Festival, it became a place where the women who were brilliant were shining!

Also, many readers including Batwan paid attention to the following expressions!

It seems that only Eiichiro Oda and Dr. Horikoshi can adopt this expression naturally and beautifully in the current jump! !

Manga is a creation of pictures and sentences.

Therefore, you will inevitably use both of these to express yourself, but “expressing only with a picture” like this is unique to manga!

It is extremely important to choose words carefully, but if you want to express everything in words, you can write a novel.

I think this kind of expression is “a way to give readers a lot of imagination as it is expressed without using letters” !

Imagine what kind of dialogue each person draws here, and I think it will be even more fun to read!

Surprise from Deku!

In the second half, let’s talk about the surprise sent to Eri by Deku!

This was a moving scene!

Deku-sensei got angry in the first half, but I thought I should do my best again !

Eri who eats apple candy is cute!

Surprise of apple candy sent from Deku.

According to Milio, “I couldn’t find anywhere” , but it seems that Deku looked at how to make it and made apple candy as a gift! Wow! !

Not only strength is important for heroes! It is a scene that reminds me of that!

It is the character of a hero who tries to do his best with someone’s smile as his or her own food.

However, I think it’s impossible to be able to turn around as fast as this unless you have the power to closely match the feelings of the other person. (Ability to think from the standpoint of the other person, not smart or bad)

Batowan is surprisingly more of a million hero after all-might, but Deku was better at this scene! (Million isn’t bad)

Also, Eri-chan, who was eating deliciously, was a little devilish and cute!

It seems that Eri-chan looked like a little devil because of the horn growing on only one side.

The above scene of eating apple candy satisfyingly may be one of the best cuts of Chapter 183!

Eri-chan becomes a beautiful woman when she grows up! !

The landing point of Gentle & Labrava!

And happy as Batwan is that the landing points for Gentle & Labrava will also be drawn!

I was thinking about the possibility that it won’t be drawn for a while, so I’m glad that it was so quick!

Labraba’s attitude was consistently for gentleness !

Though they are separated by age, their love is true.

There is some glimpse of “dependence” from Labrava to Gentle, and there is no doubt that they need each other!

The above-mentioned stubborn attitude is also the flip side of love for Gentle!

On the other hand, the gentler is …?

“I can’t say I can’t start my life again, I’m not willing to start over again, or I’m the impatient guy who rushes to the results.”

It was also good that the words of the gorilla policeman were at the heart of the game.

What kind of path will Gentle take in the future?

The individuality is also strong, and I hope I can somehow rehabilitate this time and be involved in the dream hero activity in some way …!

And, hopefully, a few years later, I strongly hope that I will be happy and happy with Labraba as an adult!

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