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The 3rd season of MHA anime, which has become an Ela Koccha every week.

The movie will be released on August 3rd, and PS4 will be released on August 23rd, so it seems that this year will be “MHA’s Summer” ! !

My hero academia is being refined as a work of unprecedented quality in every aspect.

Below, I would like to touch on Batwan’s thoughts and thoughts after reading Chapter 184!

Chapter 184 “Hero Billboard Chart JP” Spoiler Confirmation and Consideration!

The introduction of 184 Chapters this time is from the following cut.

It is a scene that started from the topic of Eri-chan drawn a little at the last time and made clear what happens after that.

Apparently she was supposed to be kept in English.

Certainly, considering the time when her personality went wild, the presence of Professor Aizawa is indispensable, and is this the most rational?

It’s best for Eri-chan to have Aizawa-sensei attached to her, but she also has a job as a teacher.

If Dr. Aizawa’s burden will be heavy, it seems that Milio will support you and it is encouraging! !

Also, as shown in the cut above, Milio is currently on leave of absence.

I wish I could somehow find a way to restore Milio’s individuality during this “British period” !

Although he has become uncharacteristic nowadays, I strongly expect him to reactivate himself with his invincible character and transparency! !

The Pussycats are back! Are you gradually regaining stability?

Also very pleased, it turns out that the Pussycats are back! (Mandalay is sexy!)

Oh, ragdoll! It was nice to be back! It was good~! !

For Batwan, there was a very ominous premonition about confirming the safety of the ragdoll immediately after the rescue.

However, that anxiety may have been wiped out in this depiction!

It’s easy to understand if you also check the following cuts, but apparently she seems to have been “just” lost the individuality .

I think there is a lot of sadness that has lost my personality, but if I can recover so much, would I want to see that there are few more traumas?

Ragdoll is supposed to support Pussycats in his clerical work.

The expression in a state of dismay just after the rescue was shocking, so it was really good to be able to recover to this point …!

Even if you can’t actually play an active part in the field, I want you to use your experience and work hard with everyone at Pussycats!

A scene where I feel like the world is gradually returning to normal!

Hero Billboard Chart JP!

From here on, I would like to touch on Hero Billboard Chart JP.

I’m really worried about who’s going into it!

Some heroes I have never seen have appeared, and this announcement was very interesting!

About the top 10 rankings!

The scene where Hero Billboard Chart JP was announced

Judging by the number of cases resolved, the degree of social contribution, and the people’s approval rating, it is a ranking that brings smiles and peace to people …

So, this doesn’t seem to mean “strong ranking” ! (Of course, I think ability affects these factors!)

The Hero Billboard Chart JP announced this time is as follows.

Among them Yoroimusha, wash, crust, Mirko, five of Hawks’s a first appearance, to read “over!” Was I!

  • 10th place … Dragoon Hero Ryukyu
  • 9th place … Foot hero Yoroimsha
  • 8th place … Washing Hero Wash
  • 7th place: Expected man Shin Rin Kamui
  • 6th place: Shield Hero Crust
  • 5th place … Rabbit Hero Mirko
  • 4th place … Ninja Hero Edge Shot
  • 3rd place … Fiber Hero Best Genist
  • 2nd place … Wing Hero Hawks
  • 1st place … Flame Hero Endeavor

Top 10 heroes, each with its own charm.

It seems that wash isn’t a battle type, but the rest are all heroes who seem to be strong in practice!

I wonder what their active scene looks like … ! (If more information comes out, I would like to consider each individual!)

Best Genist Popularity & 1st Place in Endeavor!

Next, I would like to touch on the Best Genist.

In the fight with All For One, he said, “I had my abdomen slammed , but is he okay?

Very popular fiber hero and best genist for both fashion and heroism.

I sincerely hope for his quick return! !

Also, I think the Hawks depicted on the left was also a remarkable hero.

He is also an intern at Tokogumi-kun, so he feels like he flies in the sky, as the name implies!

I’m also worried about his true ability!

And, of course, the last thing I’m curious about is Flame Hero Endeavor.

Oh … has it changed? Endeavor? (It’s not a costume, it’s an inside!)

Is this an illusion? Isn’t it an illusion?

Is it only Batwan that the Endeavor feels like it’s peeled off?

From a slightly scary atmosphere, to a dignified appearance where you can feel calm and dignity …!

It was Batwan who promoted Allmite when he was active, and was promoted by Milio after that, but it seems that Endeavor can also rely on it!

I think the old “almite mythological” that is still big in people’s minds, but with the current Endeavor, I feel like I can make a new legend!

After that, it would be nice if the composition of “No1 Hero = Endeavor” was constructed with the passage of time !

I really wanted to support this last time! Good luck Endeavor! 

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