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My Hero Academia, who is in great shape in anime and is gradually approaching the release of movies.

One Piece even though I like, as is this year Batowan of My Hero Academia demon pushing “summer of My Hero Academia!” Is thought to come now!

I think 185 Chapters of this week were also very interesting and finished as good Chapters!

Below, I would like to touch on the impressions and considerations that came from reading this scenario!

Chapter 185 “Wing Hero Hawks” Spoiler Confirmation & Consideration!

In this Chapter 185, the hero billboard chart JP announcement will be made mainly with the appearance of a conference & a feeling of a conference.

The ranking itself is mentioned in the following article, so I would like you to refer to it!

Ryukyu looks a little serious in response to this award.

It seems she wasn’t convinced to win the prize … As expected, the hero has a strong sense of responsibility! !

It feels a little dark, but I like this kind of “self-responsibility” approach .

I think it was one act that reflected the seriousness of Ryukyu!

Also, when the crust was so cute in response!

 The cuteness of the crust that I couldn’t even say! (Is this feeling transmitted?)

Class is like a good old hero, but it’s a bomber that’s moved by seeing Ryukyu’s posture. This is definitely a nice guy!

It may be hot when you get along well, but I like the feelings of friends and feelings of friends!

It seems to be compatible with Kirishima and Tetsu Tetsu! !

About the Hawks, too early man!

Also, the figure of the wing hero Hawks that Tsunegumi-kun went to the intern is gradually revealed!

I think that the feeling of hitting big for a newcomer is just like a “spirited-up type” hero!

There may be many people who have a bad image, but what you are saying may be correct!

As Hawks says, maybe people don’t want words like “I’ll humbly do my best.”

Not so much as anodized, but catchy, harsh, pop and fantastic.

Now that the symbol of peace has retired, entertainment and humor may seem to play an even more important role!

I think the Hawks’ attitude should be questioned, but I felt the words contained truth!

About entanglement & reaction with Endeavor!

Hawks is a popular hero, partly because it has the “No. 2 approval rating among the people (the 1st place is a jeanist)” .

By climbing above Endeavor, which has a rating of No.4, it may have seemed more confident!

Although he had an ill-mannered attitude, he was a talented person with both popularity and ability!

Hawks who saw the endorsed and the response!

Endeavor’s response inspired by Hawks like that is as follows.

The words that ended with just saying “Look at me” without telling a lot may have given me the spirit and determination to stand on the hero front without almight!

I think it was a scene that attracted attention to the attention that was given by the instinct of the truth of the Hawks to the whole body!

Endeavor has really grown over the last few years.

In contrast to Allmite, which is like an American hero, it seems that it will grow as a character that leads the hero world in a Japanese hero-like atmosphere like a stubborn father!

Also, the correspondence of the Hawks shown in the following cuts is a bit meaningful!

Apparently, the Hawks have the idea of ​​Hawks, and it seems like they dared to fuel them.

The words “I’m relieved. It was cool” was very impressive!

Endeavored with a suspicious expression , “ Is it true or you’re making fun of it …” , but I’m sure they’re both.

The person said that he wanted to do freely in the 20th to 30th place, but as for the atmosphere, it seems like he thinks, “If I can take the attitude that Endeavor can respect, if I can not take it, I will replace it?” ?

High-end appearance & team up with Hawks!

By the way, this Hawks seems to have brought End Team Request” to Endeavor .

You can’t do such behavior against such an opponent unless you have a big sitting heart. I feel the size of his vessel!

Hawks asks Endeavor to ask for a team up.

At the interview, Hawks behaved as if they were holding Endeavor’s ability, but he must have highly evaluated his ability because he wants to team up!

This 22-year-old man has some fear that he can’t read what he’s thinking, but he’s not the only one!

Then, the opponent who will probably fight the Hawks next is the brain called “high end” below .

Unlike the rare brainlessness, it doesn’t jump out of the brain, so it feels like it’s feeling down, but it’s a feeling that it’s uplifting.

Normal brainlessness was also quite powerful, such as having multiple personalities, but what about the high end?

I’m sure that new features that are completely different from those of the brainless ones have been added, and I’m worried about that!

“Personality” is an important ability in the world of My Hero Academia , but is it a sign that an ability that falls into a different category from personality is about to appear?

I think it will be a collision with the high-end around the next 186 to 187 Chapters at the earliest, and I’d like to wait for the next week while expecting around that!

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Boku No Hero Academia Manga Chapter 184

Boku No Hero Academia Manga Chapter 186

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