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The full color of Endeavor, which is the 186th story of MHA drawn in the introductory color, is cool! !

This is burning ~ No1 hero! Below, I would like to touch on the thoughts and considerations regarding Chapter 186!

From the all-mighty blue image, the fiery red is vivid Endeavor.

This time, both Endeavor and Hawks are active!

Chapter 186 “Endeavor & Hawks” Spoiler Confirmation & Consideration!

The beginning of this time is from a patrol-like exchange of Endeavor & Hawks.

At the beginning of the show, flasher Vilan Teruo Shagashi (31) was swaying with his individual “shame” , but he kept his eyes closed by covering his ugly spots with his wings!

The Hawks are fearless and can be divided into likes and dislikes, but what they do is truly a hero!

Also, as the name implies, he seems to have been a hero based in Fukuoka, Kyushu!

With the fact that “Speaking of Fukuoka is Softbank Hawks!” , I think that it was a production that would seem to be irrelevant for fans who like baseball! (Batwan, unfortunately, isn’t that familiar!)

It was impressive that Hawks in the story was acting like an idol, listening to the voices of local citizens and not forgetting fan service.

By the way, even though he has his own “wing character” , he liked water-cooking (chicken soup) and yakitori, which might have made me want to pay attention. (I think it’s different from cannibalism …)

It may be a shame at the moment, but there may be something wrong in the future, so I want to remember this setting!

Anyway, the Hawks with the highest approval rating.

It seems to me that people in Fukuoka are really fond of it, but in Batwan’s way, I may have begun to feel a little bit of a bad smell …!

No, it’s fine if you care. If the Hawks are on your side, it’s really encouraging!

Changes in the world and views of Hawks!

Hawks, who is still a young nova, is well understood that his ability is high.

Moreover, as he has run up the industry with the momentum of breaking bamboo, he seems to have his own reading as a foresight.

I think the appearance of Hawks, who is trying to capture the psychological swell of the whole society, was particularly impressive!

Then, the reason that Hawks offered to Endeavor for a matchup is to pursue remodeling and brainlessness.

It seems that the aim is to produce No1 hero without moving himself as much as possible.

It’s easy to see that he has a very different set of values ​​from Endeavor, who had a strong desire to become No. 1!

There may be various ways of thinking, but I would like to confess here that Batwan felt “I’m a little bad at this Hawks way .”

Even if Endeavor brings peace to society through the use of monsters and brainless subjugation, it will eventually be credited to the Hawks.

However, if Endeavor does not move and brain damage occurs, it is the responsibility of Endeavor.

This is a line of “I said, I won” and may have felt the slyness of Hawks …!

What I think about the Hawks’ way of doing at the moment!

Hereafter, I would like to run the text focusing on what I think about the way the Hawks are doing at the moment.

In this Chapter 186, even the battle between Brainless and Endeavor was drawn, but from the conclusion there was a part that I felt like “Is it all organized?”

Hawks … Perhaps you were trying to get rid of Endeavor and Brainlessness?

Was Hawks trying to get rid of Endeavor and Brainlessness?

The innocent smile below.

This smile doesn’t seem to have a single cloud, but looking at his behavior so far, there is something that I can’t really trust.

Batwan isn’t the only one who can feel a thorny thing at every end of his word, although it sounds a lot like saying I ca n’t wear clothes on my teeth” !

Also, during the exchange with Endeavor this time, you can’t miss the point that the following brainless players rushed in at the right time!

Is there such a coincidence?

From a number of restaurants, it seems that the No. 1 and No. 2 heroes will be attacking for a room where they happen to have a meal together.

I ca n’t help feeling something “intentional” here too !

Like the Hawks’ speculation mentioned on the previous page, I think it is very likely that Hawks is planning something.

For example , if you say “You have to choose between No1 heroes and you become the No1 hero” , you are still better.

Depending on how you think about it, it’s a scary place because I have a premonition that there is a possibility that it might be a spicy thing that will be given to the villain side.

However, if it was a purely good guy, I would have to apologize …

Well, anyway, I don’t think he should be easy enough to solve it for now!

Endeavor vs Brainless Battle!

By the way, in the latter few pages of the work, it was hot to see the battle between Endeavor vs. Brainless!

The coolness of Endeavor that emits Jet Burn!

And I want you to pay attention to the fact that the ability to fly is also demonstrated by the injection of flame (?)!

Endeavor is a big success in the anime version, but in the original story it is the lion’s fighting battle.

It’s the first battle that Almight has to bear on a new society where she has retired, and it’s about getting excited!

Whether this battle is organized or not, a brilliant victory should be a must for Endeavor! Good luck Endeavor!

Then, this last finish around the following cuts!

These days Endeavor is getting cooler and smarter.

Rather than being a real hero, I think that I’ve changed as a hero that I want to support because of the increased depth and depth of being a human!

In the next Chapter 187, I think that the battle with monsters and brainlessness will be the main subject, but what will happen?

Personally, I feel like I’m on the verge of a Hawks “horizontal spear” flying at some point …

As the situation continues to be urgent, what kind of future development will converge to the future?

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