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MHA, the brainless high-end vs Endeavor battle has begun.

This time, I would like to write about Batwan’s impressions and considerations regarding Chapter 187!

By the way, last Saturday I confessed that I was watching the video recording at least 10 times repeatedly at Hirokami’s anime hojinkai! !

Chapter 187 “Burning Gogo! VS Brainless: High-End” Spoiler Confirmation and Consideration!

In recent years, MHA mainly focuses on the storyline of No.1 Endeavor.

First of all, it was decided to be drawn from an Chapter about the Todoroki family!

The scorching mom (Cold Todoroki) looks happy to have received the letter!

My mom used to be boiled in boiling water, but she seems to be gradually recovering both physically and mentally.

The mother’s smile that makes her happy to look at the envelope may have made her feel a bit disappointed!

It’s a Todoroki family with a sad past, but the clouds are slowly changing!

By the way, this time, not only Fuyomi Todoroki, the elder sister of Fiery Ice, but Natsuo Todoroki, her older brother, will be drawn!

It seems that Natsuo has taken over Endeavor’s blood strongly, and it seems to be quite slick.

I don’t think he’s really thinking about his father, maybe because of a messed up family relationship.

The smile I showed to my mom felt very gentle, and I think he was a young man who can be exchanged!

Is the distance between Endeavor and your mother getting shorter?

Natsuo was disgusting with his father, but he had a little misunderstanding.

Endeavor was also an endeavor, and he seemed to be facing the relationship with his family and starting to go step by step.

A single flower delivered to my mother.

I think it was quite a force for the person himself to deliver the flowers nowadays for that arduous Endeavor.

I think there is something that my family still can’t accept as a father, but I still feel that your hard work is gradually being transmitted.

If you have a strong antipathy to Endeavor’s fucking fatherhood, you might feel, What do you mean by delivering flowers?”

I think that’s true, and I honestly feel that I’ve done such a small thing, but I think Endeader is confident about that.

The first step in an endless distance, in order to reduce the distance between families who may or may not be buried.

At the end of the wrong journey, I think that the courage of Todoroki Enshi, who took such a step, should be highly evaluated here!

I think everyone can “make a mistake” .

In particular, Endeavor has a side that has largely lost the path of people because it longs for No1 hero.

However, while admitting his own past, he tries to push forward again.

I think this is “awesome strength” that is different from alumite !

While not trying to be perfect, I definitely seek the best.

I think I have a Datte storm of condemnation is there … such if Endeavor “Ganbare !!” want to cheer me! 

The battle with Brainless is intensifying!

This is the end of the Chapter with the Endeavor family.

In the latter half, let’s talk about the battle between brainless and high-end!

While having a strong personality, this brainless “speaks with a will” .

It’s been confirmed to be a very powerful and awkward enemy!

The battle with the high end has started!

In Chapter 186 of the previous Chapter, I had a single blow with “The Burning Fist Jetburn” , but it seems that this alone was not enough.

In other words, it seems that the individuality of “regeneration” has been planted and the vitality is not odd!

Moreover, even from the aspect of attack power, it seemed to be more troublesome than the previously released Brainless!

I think that the brainless characters that appeared in USJ and Kamino were usually powerful.

In particular, Brainashi, who came to USJ, showed a reluctance to stand against that alumite opponent.

However, compared to the past brainlessness, the high-end has a great potential in terms of attack.

I was impressed by the fact that I was able to demonstrate the out-of-specification, with the attack power that stands out a bit in the MHA world, such as using the extended arm to scoop out and separating the high-rise building in front of it.

I don’t know, but isn’t it more dangerous than I imagined?

The personality of the Hawks is revealed, and people are rescued by Gou Tsubasa!

And from here on, it’s the Hawks turn.

The skill to rescue people by individuality and hard wings was considerable!

By the way, Batwan had the view that “Hawks was very suspicious” in the previous consideration, but that feeling is still continuing!

Although I do not want to doubt Hawks who helped people as a sentiment, if there is an event that Endeavor is struggling & Hawks makes a rescue rescue … at the same time, mass psychology seems to be “Hawks to ask ~!” Premonition.

The possibility of calculating it is … honestly, I can’t rule it out yet!

Excellent personality to control the wings!

But I think there was no doubt that he was a hero with excellent fighting abilities.

The Hawks succeeded not only in flapping their wings on their backs, but also controlling each of their wings to rescue many people at about the same time.

Without him, I think the 76 people who were helped this time had a lot of dead and injured, and there was no doubt that the activity was fine play!

A greedy, hard-winged, invincible hero.

Hawks have some invincible elements, but I’m looking forward to what position they will play in the future!

Endeavor vs high-end battles have become even more intense!

Then, the last touches the following cuts and wants to finish.

Endeavor vs high-end battles have become more intense, and it seems that they are showing a good excitement.

Gale Burning Ken Health Pider, which was released after Jetburn.

The spider thread produced by the flame attacks the high end! !

Endeavor decided that he should be caught lively and received information from the high-end peculiarity .

Collecting these pieces of information, I wonder if this Health Pider is a special move to capture the enemy …!

By the way , I think the “capture policy” is a wonderful decision with many advantages.

However, I think it’s more appropriate for Batowan to consider the various situations, such as it is better not to aim for the capture , and to dispose of it immediately”, but what happens?

The policy is different from that of Endeavor, but if you succeed in catching live, that is the best.

The movement of the Hawks is creepy, but it would be best if he could win as it is …!

After that, which direction will the battle in Chapter 188 fall into? … I want to pay attention and watch!

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Boku No Hero Academia Manga Chapter 188

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