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Monday came again this week! !

So, although One Piece is suspended, MHA is in great shape!

The big success of Uncle Endeavor, who has been cheering for Batowan, has been drawn!

Below, I’ll write about your thoughts and thoughts after reading 188 Chapters!

Also, the animation’s impressions and consideration are as follows, so if you like it, please do!

Chapter 188 “Father is the No. 1 Hero” Spoiler Confirmation & Consideration!

Brainless, high-end with overwhelming combat ability.

This time, the high-end vs Endeavor battle that suddenly struck will accelerate further!

He’s been labeled as a “fucking dad” for a long time , but it’s easy to see that his dependability has increased many times over here!

Hereafter, it is also about to mitigate the damage by burning out the severed skyscrapers!

I think this is dangerous because the shards will scatter, but the

damage will be many times less than that of a building falling down as it is … or tens of times less.

This is where Endeavor’s judgment shines!

Also, Hawks’ response to it is quite calm and cool!

It’s hard boiled around a chat like this during the battle … There may be an American comic atmosphere!

I don’t think it’s a scene that stands out, but I like this kind of expression, so I thought it was good !

I felt like the “likeness” of the Hawks was hidden and visible!

Brainless high-end wonder!

Then, in the middle of the work, a high-end wonder was drawn.

According to Endeavor’s analysis, this brainlessness has five characteristics: “flight by shoulder jet function, transforming arm, muscle growth, power, and regeneration” , as well as “retractable” personality.

In addition , it is suggested that it is many times more powerful than the previous brainless in that it can think autonomously .

Until now, the brainlessness was “just follow orders” , and there was no such thing as situational judgment or free will.

However, the high-end of this time has evolved so that you can think like a human anymore, even though it has no brain!

Words are katakato, but it’s a pretty dangerous evolution, isn’t it? this!

High-end that allows you to think freely and judge the situation, even though Kurobane Mutsu is powerful.

I think it’s the strongest of all generations of brainlessness, and it’s still a serious threat in that it’s not the perfect form for a remodeling person ! !

The technology on the villain side is definitely improving, and it seems that something like “a doll brainless comparable to humans” will soon appear! 

Endeavor battle & preparedness!

From here, let’s talk about Endeavor battles and preparedness!

He has always had a negative image, but I think he has lived in various conflicts in his own way.

Simply, from beginning to end “clumsy man” it might have been just feel like I?

Thoughts on the family & prominences of the whole body!

In the middle of the film, Endeavor’s feelings for his family were revealed.

Endeavor seems to have a weakness that “heat continues to stay” due to the influence of its constitution and individuality .

Certainly, with this personality, I can understand this weakness, and I can understand that I am willing to commit a dream to pyrofreezing (I can cover the weakness only with my own personality)!

However, did the above cuts look like Batowan, like the ones that were recollected with a slightly different meaning from “unique kunnnu” ?

Rather than a selfish feeling like “for personality “, it may be that there is a stronger sense of “love for the family .”

Somehow, I got the impression that “the personality of the frozen food was a big factor and it made me sick, but my love for my family is not false .”

The following Prominence Burn was released with that feeling!

It feels like a simple fire release. I feel prepared for my father! !

Immediately after realizing that the fever continues to stay.

Action after understanding that your power and speed are not at the high end.

In this situation, it might have taken a considerable amount of preparedness to be able to release such a special move .

A clumsy battle of a clumsy man to talk about being a No1 hero with his back.

At this point, I was sweating and flipping through the pages, really! !

Reality that obsession doesn’t always pay off!

Then, it was the development of the last that was thought to be “Horikoshi sensei …!” .

No, I absolutely wanted Endeavor to win here.

But the reality is not always what the reader wants.

At the high-end, tear off your neck and make an emergency avoidance, and immediately after that, play from there to counterattack … This brain is too dangerous! !

Wow, really I thought that Endeader would definitely win and become the next symbol as a No. 1 hero (even if it doesn’t reach Almight).

However, I feel that the above-mentioned cuts have led to considerable fatal wounds.

What than “one eye” plus and a too long and the Yarra, by this if Horikoshi teacher “field of vision is narrowed,” I’ll get to come in consideration of the fact ….

No, but rather by one eye is no longer visible, something “different things” kana become visible … is like a possibility has been left?

Anyway, this last round ended with a feeling close to a brainless high-end victory declaration …

What should readers think about here?

Should he think of Endeavor as “don’t move anymore!” , Or respect his pride and cheer for “Do your best! Get up!”

This correct answer is honestly unknown to Batwan today … There is no choice but to wait while praying for the next 189 Chapters.

What will happen?

What kind of fate does Endeavor in Chapter 189 follow in the mood of losing to the high end …! !

There are many things to think about, but I’d like to confess here that I’m still in the back of my mind and I’m expecting the fighting spirit of Endeavor to stand up! 

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