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Endeavor has been driven into a pinch of despair.

But anyway, this Chapter 189 was the development of his obsession with fire!

The weather is ridiculously hot in July, but Endeavor’s burning spirit is even hotter! ! Woooo! !

So, I would like to write the impressions and consideration of Batwan after reading Chapter 189!

Chapter 189 “Why did he keep standing?” Spoilers confirmed impressions and consideration!

The start this time is from the following cuts. Very cool Hawks were in contrast to Endeavor!

I feel like I’m looking for the next turn while defeating the white brainless (it seems that there were 9 bodies in total).

A very invincible figure of Hawks … There may be some parts that are still unmeasureable in Batwan!

But anyway, his success eventually pushed Endeavor’s back (see below).

Without a Hawks, there’s no doubt that 189 Chapters were a completely different story.

Even though he is a relatively weak hero, his presence is huge!

So what’s the high-end you care about?

High-end who seeks strong opponents.

Is it because of that tone that you have a thought circuit that is close to that of a normal human, but it feels like you’re somehow blown away?

From Batwan’s point of view, I have a feeling that “something is wrong with my mind” (the basis is quite thin and the intuitive part is large), but what about the reality?

I don’t think the power of the high-end has yet been revealed, so the more I push in, the more I feel like I’ll be exerting a “further threat” …! !

Endeavor forcibly stood up!

The following are the hottest things I read this time around!

Oh, you got up (it got up), Endeavor!

In this scene, I would like to confess that there were “two me in Batwan !

On the other hand is a “who stood up well! Show me! Its underlying strength” There is a feeling of support and, but on the other hand , “do not have to anymore impossible, us do not stand up here because the opponent is too bad …!” And This scene was where I was hoping.

Endeavor vs high-end battle, I was a little confused as to which of my feelings should be prioritized.

I think many readers had the same complicated feelings, right?

After, in the on 189 Chapters following the boys this time “well each me to say!” It was a feeling!

A media that is bearish (or agitated) as “absence of a symbol” compared to alumite.

On the other hand , I think this boy had an accurate grasp of what he was seeing now !

No, maybe he was an Endeavor gachi fan, so he might have taken such an action, but I was able to read the above frame with a lot of sympathy!

Endeavor vs high end again!

In the latter half of 189 Chapters, the Endeavor vs high-end battle intensified again.

Despite the fact that the heat continues to build up, Endeavor’s guts that spout out the flames and stand up are cool! !

I think he was a clumsy but obsessive manly man!

Endeavor standing up and Hawks to support!

It’s hard to move your body because the heat is all over your body.

Either way, I think it’s like you are moving your body by using the momentum and heat of the heat as it is ejected.

If you continue to give off heat, the body of Endeavor will be safe. I’m worried!

While supporting the consciousness that you are about to fly due to the pain from attacks from the high end.

The appearance of Endeavor that stands up and faces the high end until the very end.

I don’t think that figure is yet to reach the absolute sense of security that Almight has, but as far as his efforts are concerned, there is no doubt that he is trying to fulfill his responsibilities as a No1 hero !

The Hawks have also seen such Endeavors from before!

To be honest, Batwan was quite suspicious of the Hawks (about 50%) because the high-end attacks were so pinpoint.

However, as long as you look at the behavior of the last time and this time, the suspicion has dropped to about 20%!

Hawks are aware that they are superior in speed but inferior in power.

When observing this behavior, you may have felt that I met this time because I was an endeavor whose character and ability are the exact opposite of my own” .

The feeling that General Endeavor & Military Officer Hawks are likely to be felt!

If the Hawks weren’t the bad guys, I think his composure would be very reliable.

That may be the possibility to become the strongest sergeant / staff in support of the wild advance type Endeavor!

In a little while ago, Endeavor said something like, I think I’ll be a warlord of the time, like Masamune Date!” , But then the Hawks might feel like a “military” to support it. I don’t know!

So the last cut is the above cut!

The wings of the Hawks that smartly port the slightly lacking acceleration of Endeavor!

Endeavor’s Tekken, with its fiery flames and hard wings, is about to reach the high-end face! !

At the time of the previous story, it was difficult to support Endeavor obediently, but at this point, we all have to push our backs, right?

Go Endeavor! Swing out the burning Tekken as much as you can and blow off the high end! !

Next week’s My Hero Academia will be on standby for an interview, so I’m afraid for a moment, but I can’t wait for Endeavor’s victory scene! 

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