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My Hero Academia, who was suspended last week because of the author’s interview.

After all, it’s calm when My Hero Academia is posted in the jump!

Endeavor vs high-end battles that have continued to intensify from the last time, but this time the rain has finally come to an end!

Below, I would like to write about Batowan’s thoughts and considerations after reading Chapter 190!

Chapter 190: “The Beginning” Spoiler Confirmation & Consideration!

This time, My Hero Academia started from the flow around the cut below.

Endeavor should already be in a state close to full-blown wounds, but it seemed like he was fighting with his deadly power!

As expected, I was able to meet the burning hero No. 1 with spirit and obsession, and I think it was very cool!

“Heat builds up” in the bodyEndeavor that swings out his fist with the whole body while having the negative property of keeping .

I will never lose” in that fist might feel a fighting spirit like !

In addition, Endeavor seems to have been part of his past for the high end …!

Those who tried to have multiple personalities (I wanted to give my child half-burning), and those who wanted more strength than anyone …

Certainly, this characteristic may have a part that fits the portrait of Endeavor in the past …!

I think his brave figure that burned all his energy as if to shake off the ghosts of the past was really awesome!

Fiery freeze supporting Endeavor!

I think the following cuts were also quite impressive.

“Do your best!”Although it was not a direct word such as , Kyoto was supporting his father.

The relationship between the two people, who had a strong image of the fucking father and felt a lot of feud, but this parent-child relationship has its own complexity …!

Endeader seemed to have been asking for his freezing desires to fulfill his ambitions, but that is just one aspect of him.

You may feel that the part that isn’t completely “disliked” in terms of pyrofrost is creating a drama in the relationship between the two parents!

By the way, the scream “I’m watching!” Of Pyrofrost over the TV monitor was the “hot part” that was also transferred to EndoVery. it may seem symbolized that there was also !

And the ones I wanted to keep in mind this time are the super deadly techniques below!

PLUS ULTRA / Prominence Burn used by Endeavor.

The normal Prominence Burn used a while ago was also cool, but this Endeavor was good too!

It was a blow that Endeavor’s hard work was transmitted to the other side, even though he did his best!

Endeavor victory confirmed!

Endeavor has successfully beat the high end in this 190 Chapters.

The evaluation of him has changed drastically in the last few Chapters, so this time I really want to say Thank you !”

I saw the brave figure of Endeavor who fulfilled his responsibility as No1! !

The victory scene was strongly impressed!

If Endeavor is killed by this, the society will be exposed to the double punch of allmite retirement and No1 defeat, so I think that was the only place I absolutely wanted to avoid.

The Hawks seemed to be relieved because Endeavor had won, and I think many of the readers stroked their hearts as well.

It’s as if the fist of victory, which I barely stood in … stands for the beginning of a new era!

The freshness like almight is not fine, just the endless victory of Endeavor.

Well, I think it’s also true that it had a cool look!

Obviously, alumite and endeavor are different people.

I want to keep an eye on his “new No1 legend” starting from this gut pose !

Anyway, it’s really good that Endeavor won the high end.

Until a while ago, the image was rather desperate, so this is one case at a time!

The rest is the best if the turmoil calms down!

Think about the relief of Hawks and the appearance of Zodiac!

Lastly, I would like to conclude by touching on the expression of Hawks’ relief and the appearance of Zodiac.

First, let’s check the expression of Hawks!

Hawks had been in a fearless mood all the time, but as far as this look was concerned, he definitely got the impression that he was n’t a bad guy .

I was skeptical when it came to the high-end attacks, but I’m sorry Hawks!

Hawks showed a facial expression in contrast to the intimidating atmosphere that was repaired somewhere.

The smile of the above cut is different from the “business smile” that Hawks has shown so far, it may be a relief from the bottom of my heart!

The last thing I would like to mention is the following:

For a while, he won the high-end, but this time, the villain of the villain association attacks.

It’s the worst timing, and it’s certain that he’s not the reason to come to play

It would be best if other heroes rushed in and surrounded him …

On the other hand, however, he is not the only one who came, and I am worried about the appearance of other characters of the Villan Union.

Endeavor also thinks that he has no room to fight, so if he manages to withdraw, he may be the best, otherwise it may be a big pinch …! !

Mr. Jizo’s remark, “Is it nice to meet you?” Is also meaningful, and I can’t help but worry about the subsequent development!

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Boku No Hero Academia Manga Chapter 191

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