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This time again my hero academia was amazing.

The author’s teacher, Horikoshi, combined with the fact that his psychological agitation was extremely skillful, and I think this development really took hold!

The fight with the high end a while ago was impressive, but this time it was also dangerous ~!

So, I would like to write the impressions and consideration of Batwan after reading Chapter 191!

Chapter 191 “Tadaaki Hawks Endeavor” Spoiler Confirmation & Consideration!

The main feature of Chapter 191 this time is entanglement.

The following discussion was done about two years ago, so the point of view is different from now, but I’ll stick it!

Not only for freezing, but also for Endeavor.

I wonder if he ‘s one of Endeavor’s sons who haven’t been revealed yet ?

Takubi fights with “blue flame” different from Endeavor .

The above pose, like a ghost, may have influenced his existence. (Is my brother who should have died from pyrofrost?)

I would like to remember this area just in case, and follow the next development!

Then, the next cut I want to touch is the following!

Heroes who seemed to have come to a pinch again due to the sudden attack of Tadaaki.

However, it seems that the worst situation could be avoided by Mirko rushing to the following.

Ms. Takubi withdrew comparatively assassially, suggesting that Mirko is a fairly powerful hero from the view of the villain alliance!

Fighting by bouncing and kicking, it might be a flesh bullet and fighting hero!

The relationship between Zodiac and Endeavor!

Also, I think the following cuts were the most impressive in Chapter 191.

It seems that he had something to say to Endeavor … Well, what is it! ?

Even when I was competing with scenic ice, he used to say the meaningful words, “I’m sad, roaring scenic ice,” and I’m worried about the true intention of Tadaaki!

Immediately after the fierce battle, Tadaaki bites into the exhausted Endeavor as if to fold it.

On the other hand, Endeavor only said, It seems that Snatch was killed,” so it ‘s subtle to see him in person.

If there is a connection between the two people, is it right now to think of it as “one-way one-way traffic from Endeavour” ?

The public reaction may change a little?

The story changes a bit, but I would like to mention the following cuts for Batwan.

Until now, the public had the impression of being “scary” for Endeavor , but there may be signs that the eyes will change a little in this battle.

If there was an injured person in this fight, I think it’s possible that Endeavor had been completely ruined as if he had returned his palm.

My Hero Academia: The world is so real, I think that being a hero in this world is a tough position.

Although the announcer praised Endeavor in the above, this one scene is likely to be reversed in later expressions, so you may want to remember it for the time being!

About the movement of Hawks that was too unexpected!

The Hawks had an unbelievable impression from beginning to end, but the impact of this Chapter 191 was amazing.

Many readers couldn’t hide their surprise in the second half, saying “Eh? Really!”

Below, I would like to give you some thoughts on the trends of the Hawks!

Any relationship with the Villan Union? A scene I doubted!

It happened that a high-end attacked the place I had chosen to eat with Endeavor.

I was suspicious of Hawks if there was such a coincidence, but in the fight I was convinced that he was an “ally .”

However, I think it was a great shock to draw the following cut in such a psychology!

Although I doubted it at first, I was relieved that Hawks was on my side.

The appearance of Hawks who had a secret meeting (?) With Zodiac who should have left had a great impact!

For a moment, I felt like I was going inside, and I want to make it clear that it was difficult to swallow the situation!

Of course, the same applies to the following cuts.

A Hawks that behaves as if it were a new entry for the Vilan Union.

Many fans must have been confused when they saw the above sequence, and they must have struggled between wanting to believe and doubting Hawks!

However, the suspicion was safely resolved in Chapter 191 of this time. This is amazing!

Hawks seems to be a spy role from the hero side to the villain side!

Looking at the cut below, it seems that the Hawks had been given a spy role from the hero side to the villain side.

A man who can move for the purpose of breaking the villain’s main ball (center) far away even if the person in front of his eyes is sacrificed.

It seems that the Hawks were expected to move in this way according to instructions from upper management.

He seems to have a pretty dexterous personality, but this task seems to be quite mentally demanding.

However, as far as the following cuts are confirmed, it seems that Hawks respects and adores Endeavor.

He’s on my side will be unwavering when this happens!

The policy as a hero may be different, but it was really good that Hawks was not an enemy!

Also, regarding Chapter 191 of this time, as I was folding the information about Hawks at once, I felt the skill of Dr. Horikoshi!

Most writer’s scenario would be divided into 2 Chapters, and the scenario of 191 Chapters would be drawn.

  • After all, Hawks was an insider! … After making it look like…?
  • The Hawks were actually spies from the hero to the villain!

I think that the above two points can also be established as independent scenarios, but I think that the impact obtained by condensing this into one Chapter was not odd! (If you think that 2 Chapters are packed into 1 Chapter … that’s convincing!)

In this Chapter, the reader’s psychology swayed to the left and right in one scenario, which impressed me.

I think that this Chapter 191 that weaved ideas in a luxurious way was a highly satisfying story! !

Observing this kind of place makes me feel that “Horikoshi is really trying to entertain the readers …!” And that leads to a sense of trust …!

The world of My Hero Academia is getting stronger day by day.

If such a terrible composition is shown, expectations for the next 192 Chapters will increase even further!

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