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Uoh-oh! Monday is here again!

I bought a jump today from the morning, but I think there’s even a spin-off before the movie! Deep emotion! !

Actually, I’m really looking forward to it every week, so I read the work more exciting this week!

Below, I would like to write about Batowan’s impressions and consideration after reading Chapter 192!

Chapter 192: “The Todoroki” Spoiler Confirmation & Consideration!

The first thing I would like to touch on when talking about Chapter 192 is the following cut.

Endeavor won the death fight against the high-end, but the damage seems to have been bigger than expected.

The wound that was torn up from the bottom to the top seemed to be the only remaining part after being healed by Recovery Girl. seems painful…!

I was worried about what might be going on at one point, but I had a fight with a high-end player, but Endeavor won it.

Right now, the wounds in the battle are just fresh, but I ‘d like to expect the day when these wounds will become “medals” !

On the other hand, Hawks is also a Hawks, and it seems that he had a “special feeling” in this case .

The above Hawks look was very impressive.

The suspicion that he was a human on the villain side completely disappeared in Chapter 191 of the previous Chapter, but his feelings seem to be quite complicated.

  • Lies and sacrifices are necessary to create a good society in the shortest time
  • To do that, you need to fool your conscience

For Batwan, it seems like Hawks was thinking about the two things above!

About Todoroki who faces Endeavor!

Also, in the middle of the work, it will be drawn about the Todoroki who faces Endeavor.

It seems that you are a little different from ordinary family members because of the influence of Endeavor.

It seems that my sister was kind enough to welcome my father, but my brother was quite angry.

I wonder if I got the impression that it was neutral and calm.

Below, it was kind of cute that I was sipping soba noodles!

In addition, it seems that the following big brothers were experiencing the most fierce fire and couldn’t control emotions like I’m more selfish!”

This feeling may be very understandable in a Batwan style.

If they were in the same position, Batowan might have felt the same …!

Looking at the content of Chapter 192 this time, it seems that all the brothers, except for Pyrofrost, had been raised by Endeavor as “bad treatment .”

It’s true that Pyrofrost was born with the terrific quality of being half-cold and half-burned, but the behavior of the circular deva as drawn in this recollection is a bit unforgivable.

It seems that lately, only the cool parts of Endeavor have come to light, but the past when he was a fucking father cannot be erased.

Endeavor, who says that he will make up for it from now on … What kind of action will he show in good faith in the future? I want to watch over with the Todoroki brothers!

About Endeavor as the No1 Hero!

In the latter half, let’s touch on Endeavor as a No1 hero.

It seems that there were various opinions on the pros and cons of the citizens who were watching the high-end battle, but it seems that the voices to approve of him gradually increased.

In Chapter 192, I think the scenario was constructed with such an emphasis on it!

About the break of “Watching Boy”!

The one who played a big role in the process up until the last time was “Miyaya Shonen,” who was a Gachifan of Endeavor .

Below are some breaks that are reminiscent of the something odd” that was popular some time ago .

Even mugs and T-shirts were made, and they seemed to be widely recognized by the citizens of the MHA world!

Now, in terms of Batwan, will the above factors have a little impact on future scenarios? I wonder, but how about it?

For example, the above-mentioned “Miyaro Shonen Goods” is just a moment in fashion, and scenes like the ones that citizens soon get bored of … have been drawn.

Or, I’m wondering what the boy thinks of this, so I’d like to pay attention to what happens to these elements afterwards!

Then, the following cuts I would like to touch next!

I sometimes hear the words that it is necessary to make efforts in the right direction.

I don’t think Endeavor’s efforts so far have been wrong, but it can be said that the reason why the vector changed slightly was shown by the steam cut!

It is very interesting that people can change in such a reliable way with just one such notice.

People don’t change easily, but they can change as often as you notice.

Rather than directly pursuing the distant back of No. 1 hero allmite as the “purpose” , from the point of protecting the happiness of the family in front of them.

There is a “result” of No. 1 hero on the extension line … Is it like that?

It’s common that we are moving from purpose to result, but here we might want to pay attention to the difference in the process!

About the dream that Deku had!

Then, the last of this time is lightly talked about the dream that Deku had and finished.

Darkness clings to Deku’s body like a black haze.

Is this darkness the one-for-all fantasy that Deku saw once (at the time of the sports festival)?

Speaking of one-for-all, it feels like the power of justice, full of light, but the honest opinion is that I feel the opposite from the above cut.

Which is more like a grudge or something …

If you do clumsy verbalization, do you feel like “a thought obsessed with justice” ? Somehow!

So, based on this development, it may seem like the scenario will be developed centering on one-for-all and all-for-one Chapters.

In the next Chapter 193, will the story of Deku’s dream be told, or will this last be left as a hint and proceed to the subsequent developments?

Either way, it’s deep, and it’s been a really interesting development!

Monday has just begun, but I am worried about the next development as soon as I can! 

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