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My hero academia is becoming the two big jump signs.

The movie was also very interesting, and in the theater, you might feel its dramatic popularity and generational transition!

For the future generations, I realized that there will be more and more people who read “My Hero Academia and have grown up!”

It was really interesting, so if you are wondering whether to go or not, I definitely recommend you to go!

So, this time, I would like to write about Batwan’s impressions and consideration after reading Chapter 193 this time!

Chapter 193: “Shadow” Spoiler Confirmation and Consideration!

The movie is in great shape, but the original is also darker and thicker.

Continuing from the previous Chapter in 193 Chapters , an Chapter about “One for All” , which is the personality that was inherited by Deku, will be unfolded.

The contents of the one-for-all illusion that Deku saw in his dream (a glimpse at the Hero Sports Festival) … Deep! !

The fact that Deku is the “ninth successor” is mentioned in the following article, so you may want to refer to it!

I also want to pay attention to the fact that in this cut, the faces other than Nana Shimura are revealed!

Successor to the successive one-for-all lined up side by side.

For now, it’s only about Nana Shimura, but since it’s Mr. Horikoshi, I’m sure that all of the above members have their individual settings firmly incorporated!

It’s now pre-legend existence, and it’s unclear how much it will be revealed … but remember that their powers may be indirectly passed on to Deku. I think it’s a point!

In addition, the all-Four One is in this 193 Chapter “evil that was brandishing a good” also close-up is the thing!

About bad faith different from hypocrisy!

It is called “hypocrisy” to do good deeds for some reason even though we are really thinking the opposite .

But anyway, did you get the impression that this all-for-one behavior was “a little different from hypocrisy” personally ?

The following cut, the first generation had perceived the behavior of All For One as “apologetic” , but it seems that there was Fushi who tried to push the all for one person himself.

Is the impression of “I was trying to brainwash” stronger than hypocrisy ?

A plausible theory, a theory that seems to be correct at first glance, is brought out in pieces to persuade the other person.

It seems that this way was also in the dead tree (at the time of kidnapping a bomber), but it may be one of the usual methods of villain.

By attempting to bring up the “correct theory that no one can convince” and shake it, we try to realize the original purpose and aim that is far from it.

This kind of feeling can be seen a little in the real world, but it can be said that it is a bad (but cunning) act!

A long-standing relationship with All For One!

A long-standing relationship with the all-for-one that has continued since the first generation.

That Deku had this dream would mean that this relationship would deepen and become the core of the story in the subsequent developments.

Therefore, this Chapter 1 may not be taken as a past Chapter, but it may be necessary to read it carefully …!

Thinking about the interaction between All For One and the first generation!

The story begins with two people, the first and All For One.

There is no doubt that the scenario will develop centering on this after that.

The following cuts should be noted.

The original idealism and all-for-one realism seem to symbolize the present-day My Hero Academia world!

Heroes who always keep their ideals, and villains who continue to insist that the reality is different?

Looking at the following cuts, I felt that the discrepancy caused a further drama!

Another one.

In the series of flows leading to the above cut, there is a part where “the exchange of the first generation and the all-for-one” feels like the beginning of everything, but originally it was “Because it brought the individuality to the world, the fundamental I’m still worried about “something” .

What (who) brought personality to the world in the first place?

If this disrupts the order and destroys the standard of human beings, the sudden manifestation of individuality may be called, in a sense, a “major catastrophe !”

Assuming that the world of My Hero Academia, which feels like ordinary everyday life, is actually a “world after a disaster” , the appearance will change and it will be deep! !

What does this dream bring?

Now, let’s get back to the main story, but I’m curious about what this dream brings.

By the way, Deku seems to have been waking up in a dream and unconsciously activated a full cowl, as he was awake.

As you can see by checking the state of the messy room below, I think this rampage was quite a thing.

The chair collapsed, the all-mighty figure collapsed, and it was still good until about that.

The sheets of the bed have come off, and the floor has some stains that I don’t really understand … I wonder if this was unwittingly rampaged with considerable force?

It felt like Aoyama was worried in the next room, but … Isn’t that around the next 194 Chapters?

The mysterious dream that hit Deku and the black shadow of the all-for-one that spreads like a blur to society.

The next and subsequent developments will surely keep an eye on the future flow, as 193 Chapters will surely become a wedge and the story will be dug deeper! !

Also, I’m curious about Aoyama’s next words!

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