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The long-awaited Monday! That’s why MHA was in great shape this week as well!

I’m wondering which one to read first, every time, but I’ve lost my mind to that much!

Therefore, I would like to show the impressions and consideration of Batwan after reading Chapter 195!

Chapter 195 “Clash! Group A vs Group B” Spoilers Confirmation and consideration!

In this Chapter 195, the joint exercise of group A and group B finally started!

Up until now, the focus has been on Group A characters, but after that I think that the individuality of Group B members will be fully exerted, so I would like to pay attention to it!

In addition, the points that the following heart messenger ambassadors can not miss!

“Brainwashing” is the individuality of the mind a subject that is ridiculed as a villainous individuality, but its strength is unquestionable.

Furthermore, since you adopted the “capture cloth” of Professor Aizawa, do you feel that you feel like Aizawa’s love disciple?

I like the behavior of the above-mentioned cuts, but I was sick of it, but I felt a good sense of ambition!

About combination of A group VSB group!

The combination of A group VSB group drawn this time is as follows.

It seems that Bentwan’s favorite Monoma team and Baiu-chan’s team are trained by their hearts and minds!

I feel that each other team combination has a distinctive personality!

Even so, it’s bad to say such a thing, but I wonder if it’s only Batwan who feels a loss when he becomes a “same team as Mineda” … w

It was good that Ochako was on the same team as Deku! On the other hand, I have to keep my concentration!

Now, let’s write down the character allocation of Group A vs Group B below.

There are many things I thought about individual characters long ago, and the interpretation has changed from now on, so I hope you can check it based on that area!

By the way, among the above combinations, Batwan is paying the most attention to “Lullaby, Kento, Black , Blowing vs Aoyama, 8 million , Hagakure, Tsukumi the battle of !

And Tokoyami kun responsible for the darkness in the A group, of lasers that emit light Aoyama, Hakomo which has the power to reflect, while there are eight million of the universal type, also to the other party I likely responsible for the “really darkness “ I want to focus on the point that there are characters that black domination!

I think it’s going to be a flashy battle here!

Brainwashing of mental exercise explodes! Good!

In the final edition of this time, the brainwashing of heart exercises was to explode splendidly.

It was a very powerful personality as it was a deadly shot if I got it right!

Below, I would like to touch on his debut and the final hit of Shishida!

A persona code that mimics your voice!

This may be touched upon in individual articles, but the decisive hit was the skill called the “persona code” below .

The mask on your mouth keeps the other person from realizing that you are “talking” !

Is the voice imitation learned by the effort of the mind or the mask?

I would like to identify this area in the subsequent development!

The individuality of mind exercises is that “by answering questions, you can brainwash the other person .

When you think about it, this personality and “voice imitation” seem to be a good match!

However, it seems that the above cut has a pretty steep look, so some restrictions may be necessary.

At the very least, I need to have a high concentration and I can’t repeat the fire … I feel like there are some restrictions!

I have already succeeded in getting a reply at this time!

So, if you want to go back a little to understand the persona code, it would be appropriate to check the following scenes.

This scene is a copy of the voice of Enba with the character of air solidification.

Shishida completely thinks it ‘s the voice of Enba , but this call is a heartbeat!

This ability has always been strong in terms of “first-time killing” , but this has further refined its strength.

Since it is possible to “defeat before being damaged by the opponent” with the ability of the mind, even if the opponent has any strong personality (even if it is an all-for-one opponent), the condition As long as they’re ready, they have the potential to win without injury.

I think that there are negative points such as not being able to engage in flesh warfare and secret activities, but if you cooperate with team members and fight firmly while defending it, it has been proved that you have the ability to kill one shot !

After that, in the Monoma team, there is a possibility that Neito Monoma will copy her mental abilities, and it is fun to imagine various standing situations! 

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