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My hero academia was very interesting this week.

In the last 195 Chapter, I thought Shishida-kun was a game set, but it turned around and it became a big hit in the counterattack!

Below, I would like to write about Batowan’s thoughts and considerations after reading Chapter 196!

* Addition: It seems that Baiu’s ability was not a molting but a toxic mucus! So that’s it!

Chapter 196 “Go for it!” Spoilers confirmed impressions and consideration!

This Chapter of MHA 196 starts with a supplementary explanation of “Brainwashing” , the personality of Shinji .

Not only “I can brainwash by making the other person respond”, but I was able to dig deeper.

I’ve always wanted to know this point, and I’m grateful for the details. !

Although it is a brainwashing that has a fairly strong personality, it seems that it is quite difficult to connect that personality to victory.

Even if it’s an unrivaled personality from another’s point of view, there are various restrictions from the user’s point of view … I feel like a pattern like that!

By the way, it is probably impossible to brainwash a large number of people. I also want to remember this!

Also, as shown in the cut below, the range that can be operated by brainwashing is limited to a fairly simple range!

Although it is possible to do simple tasks that do not use the head, it is impossible if the content requires even the slightest use of the head.

As you can see from the above cut, it seems that the side being operated can be operated while it is in a “blurred state” .

Even if you say brainwashing, you can see that it has a different property from mind control that inspires every belief!

The rainy season was captured by Baiu-chan and Shishida followed!

Now, let’s go back to the joint exercise.

In the early stages of the battle in progress, Shishida will return to the front as soon as the yen is read.

Batwan thought he had “defeat Shishida at the end of the last round , but it seemed to be completely wrong!

However, the counterattack of Group A members seems to be on the right track, and Baume-chan also succeeded in catching the yen.

Shishida returned and the yen was restrained, but as a result, it seems that this was more efficient for Group B.

The air coagulation in the Enba is also strong, but after that Shishida’s “Beast” has become a fire!

It’s true that Musashi Shishida was stronger than I imagined and honestly surprised!

The above is Shishida, who follows the rainy season, but the power at this time is considerable.

It was revealed later, but Shishida’s tension in Beast mode is very troublesome because it seems to be “not calm” .

I think that I was able to see quite a high degree of careful and computationally high behavior, such as turning around beast mode and human mode well and standing around, or taking Kuchida-kun away and “reliably” trying to eliminate it 2 to 1.

Anyway Shishida is strong, this is definitely. I think it’s okay to affirm! !

Baiu-chan’s strategy vs. Shibazaki Ibaraki!

The main part of the second half is about Baiu-chan’s strategy vs. Shibazaki’s battle.

Speaking of Ibaru Shiozaki, he is a talented person who killed Kamaru-kun at the sports festival in an instant … Well, can I win this time!

Baiu-chan’s strategy vs. Shibazaki Ibaraki!

Before touching on Baiu’s case, I would like to casually check the following cuts.

Although it has been done, a circle that turns red, recollecting that it was entangled by the rainy season of Bero.

Somehow already! this!

I’m a fan of Baiu-chan, so I think it’s a little bit understandable. Fukuzatsu!

This scene may be followed by an Chapter of human relationships that connects Enba-Baiyu-chan (such as Enba’s unrequited love), so I would like to remember it for the time being!

Then, let’s start from here!

Mr. Baiu who cut out “I have an idea” .

Now that Shishida is in a warrior state, I would like to pay attention to how Baiu will survive!

As far as the cuts below are concerned, I wonder if they are going to fight using the characteristics of the “mopping” of tree frogs …

Last time , Mr. Baiu who stood around using a “protective color” peculiar to frogs , but there are many things she can really do!

It has the versatility to be able to cooperate with all heroes, and Mr. Baiu is intelligent in the first place.

Are the two left people molting? Or …?

Probably a “three frog rainy season” operation that was achieved by putting on the skins that had been dehulled and putting them on their hearts .

Certainly this may have the effect of cheating Shishida’s nose, which has a good sense of smell!

By the way, if you think about it in a fair manner, you think that the two left people with different colors are molting …

If you think normally, I think that the two people on the left that are a little dark are wearing a peeled skin and doing a good work, but if you are the rainy season’s position, you can also consider “being noticed there” camouflage You might want to do it.

If you can identify the rainy season on the right as genuine by making the two left people to be fake, the mark on the right will be empty.

If the rainy season on the right is “a messed up thing,” the difficulty of brainwashing an enemy using the persona code will be dramatically reduced.

Do you feel technical if you start to stand up?

Then, the last is drawn with a powerful cut of the approaching Shiozaki Thorn!

If this is the case, it is the most natural to collide with Shiba Ibara vs. 3 rainy seasons.

However, there are some unknowns as to how it works from there!

There is a possibility that the rainy season side’s measures will be perfected by the above-mentioned strategy, and there should be some measures behind Shiozaki Thorn.

A brain battle where strategies and strategies collide … Next week’s 197 Chapters are just about to look fun!

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