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Continuing from the previous time when the joint battle training of Group A and Group B began to heat up, this time the first team is climaxing!

It became a fierce battle in which each individual’s individuality fluctuated!

If this pace is set from the beginning, it is certain that the subsequent battles will be even more difficult!

Hereafter, I would like to think about the impressions and consideration after reading Chapter 197 as Batwan! !

Chapter 197 “” Personality “Donpachi Great Exchange” Spoiler Confirmation & Consideration!

The first cut I would like to mention in Chapter 198 is the following cut.

As a Batwan, I was stepping on “three rainy seasons as a moulting ability, but this expectation was ten and irrelevant.

In fact, it seems to have used the “toxic mucus” to overwrite the odor and upset Shishida’s nose accuracy too high! I see!

I think it was the part that was hit if I observed it more calmly, so I regret it.

The reading was missed because my consciousness went too far toward new techniques rather than past frames! Too bad!

But anyway, I was impressed that this utilization was really wonderful, as expected by Dr. Horikoshi!

A hero activity that requires a flexible response on the spot.

There is no such thing as a “perfect countermeasure against villain” , and you have to use your head to twist out the most efficient operation against the enemy at that time with the strength you can have at that time.

This is difficult to study only by studying and reviewing, and I think that it is a part that you can not easily learn unless you cultivate it in your experience.

Considering these points, you may get the impression that Group A and Group B are really growing!

About the fighting ability of Vine Shiozaki & the exchange of terrific personality!

From here, let’s talk about the fighting ability of Iba Shiozaki & the exchange of terrific personality.

It’s a nice surprise that the hero name of Shiozaki was firmly identified in Chapter 197 this time!

I thought the Vineto name was simple and good looking! (Shishida’s Jebodan is also nice!)

Here, I would like to focus on the viad rosa, etc. used by Shiba Ibaraki.

The used viad rosa looks like the above.

By stretching the countless thorns generated from the head over a wide area, it is possible to affect all directions.

For an enemy who does not know what Shiozaki’s personality can do, it can be said that the attack has elements close to the “barrier” that are hard to approach !

By the way, after this personality was activated, the battle accelerated at a stretch.

Shiozaki thorns thorn combo-> Kaminaru Electric’s one-sided convergence thunder-> Support by scale flying by scale flying dragons … With a feeling like that, it will be drawn a terrible battle with the enemy’s attack gap!

That’s the cut below, but I think that the speed of response to an attack is expressed by drawing the next attack as a biteful and leaning forward !

Mr. Horikoshi’s “big expression” using 1 to 2 pages is truly unique, and it has a coolness that other works do not have!

The frame allocation is also very cool, and I read it as if to eat it because it has a great sense of speed!

The flow of the strategy of the A group members is perfect!

In the latter half of the year, the strategy of the members of Group A became a flow, but I think that the highlight of the process to get there was tapping.

As a Batwan, there were a number of points that bothered me, and even though I did not read one or two Chapters, I felt that the amount of information for two to three Chapters was condensed!

About the success of Kaminari Denki and the explosion of the persona code!

The highlights of the latter half were also drawn so that they would be folded over, but first, from the following cuts.

I think this is where the amount of information is quite large.

First of all, it is worth noting that the details of the Hiroko , the personality of Rinhiryu, were revealed.

It seems to be a powerful personality that you can fly and turn into a gun or armor!

Also, you can get a lot of information from the above melody on the right side of the cut.

Ichiou said that he was fighting in the “joint exercises”, so I could say Kaminari’s decoy strategy well.

The above cut is only confined in the thorn ball, but it is dangerous if the enemy is villain, it may have been done by Gigigi.

To put it the other way around, it turns out that Shiozaki Thorn’s personality is so powerful!

Furthermore, the “persona code” used in this flow is quite intense! !

I think it was always a point of attention when mental exercises use brainwashing, but I think the above cut was a pretty good timing!

You can see that you are aiming for the same idea as when you brainwashed Shishida a while ago!

Does the target feel like “just before engaging in pursuit” after the opponent succeeds in attacking ?

I think it’s a scene where it’s easy to see that the mind is pulling out to the last minute and activating brainwashing!

By the way, in the case of a real war against Vilan, it could be said that it was a very tense situation because the life of the crying was dangerous if it was not done properly!

In practice, the brainwashing of mental exercises should be kept as the last resort, and if possible, I would like to be able to win with certain other factors .

Anyway, activating the personality at this timing was a wonderful thing!

Aizawa-sensei’s capture cloth is also in use!

In addition, in the final version, Aizawa-sensei’s capture cloth was successfully activated!

I successfully managed to beat Shishida, who is a beast in power, and beat the void!

This area is quite tricky and exciting, and I feel that he inherits the “ness” of Professor Aizawa !

It’s true that the spiritual and seriousness of my heart is like Mr. Aizawa’s taste!

The above scenes are also scenes where it was found that the truth had acquired a base that could fight without individuality.

If you don’t use individuality, it’s the same as non-individuality.

By telling us that you have a personality of brainwashing, you can divide the communication of the other person, it is a really strong personality!

Although it is inferior to avant-garde systems such as Deku and Kirishima for fighting on the front line, it is quite useful for the strategic battle.

If you can protect yourself by using a captive cloth, you can stand on the front line, and I’m really looking forward to the growth of my heart.

There may be a side effect that the individuality is broken due to the sports festival, but I feel that it is less impressive than the members of group A and group B, and it seems that it will be quite active in the first team against villain!

Anyway, the joint training has just begun.

Next, it’s the time when Kenshin participates in the battle when it’s the “Thing team” , so I’d like to get involved with the collaboration at that time!

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