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197 Chapters of the previous time when the first round of combat training was over.

The four people, Baiu-chan, Shinsou-kun, Shishida-kun, and Shiozaki-san, were very active and I think they had a particularly strong presence!

And this time, I’m looking forward to what kind of battle Batwan has been looking forward to for the second round! !

Chapter 198: “Necessary!! Sometimes grasping the current situation!” Spoiler confirmation impressions and consideration

This time it was a story that progressed at a good tempo, with the feeling that it was flowing into the main line after sandwiching the one cushion just before going to the second round.

Even though My Hero Academia is still packed with about one to two Chapters of information, it has a good sense of progress and is really easy to read!

First of all, from the reflection points of group A members who participated in the first round & advice from Professor Aizawa!

Not only a teacher at school, but also Aizawa-sensei, who is also a professional hero, so the above-mentioned cut is very convincing!

It’s the most fluffy and dangerous of the above four! (It was dangerous if it was a real battle!)

After each of these advices, we will further power up, so I would like to pay attention to that area.

In particular, Kuchida-kun is thinking about the “entangler” and Kirishima’s “setup that invites frontal battle” I would like to pay attention to the on, and the creates!

In addition, as for Group B, it seems that the cause of defeat was being analyzed.

It seems that Shishida-kun and Shiozaki-san have the ability to play the leading role on their own, but when they fit into one team, they lose their balance.

This is a way of thinking unique to team games, and I think it was a very satisfying commentary.

No matter how strong an individual is, I have to keep in mind that cases like this will come out if I don’t have the right leadership …

An all-might watch over the growth of intention!

Batwan is an all-might fan, but I personally like the following scenes.

Looking over Group A and Group B as a whole, I am deeply moved by the appearance of Almite that I can think of.

What kind of state of mind is the symbol of peace that retired after the fierce battle with All-For-One …!

It is said that the cultural festival is over and the end of the year is approaching.

After Christmas and New Year’s events, I’m going to have acupuncture for the second grade.

I think that there are cases where Group A and Group B are shuffled, their homeroom teachers change, and so on.

Since Almight and Midnight are coming to see us, the next homeroom teacher is two!

The second round of combat training begins!

Then, as I touched on at the beginning, the battle of combinations that Batowan is most looking forward to has started!

Tsunegumi-kun, who controls darkness, and black, who controls black.

I’m looking forward to the success of Mr. Hagakure who can reflect light and Mr. Aoyama who shines light, and I am worried about the mental growth that Yaomomo has cultivated throughout the year!

As I touched on in the above discussion, it’s unclear how two fighters, Kinoko Komori, who has a mushroom-like personality, and an unfamiliar balloon comic, will fight, so I’d like to pay attention to it!

Was Kento’s battle scene since the forest camp?

She has a lot of ways to use her individuality, and she has a lot of experience in battle, so she will definitely become a powerful enemy!

In development that rivalry burns!

In addition, in this battle training 2 lines, I would like to pay attention to each rivalry.

Among them, I want to be aware that Yao Momo vs Ken Fuji, Tsunegumi-kun vs Black Dominance are clearly drawn in pairs!

Not only in battle, but also in psychological warfare and personal growth, it seems to be close-up!

Each of the rivalry!

Both of these rivalry relationships are interesting, but first let’s look at Yaomomo vs. Kento.

These two people were avant-garde type and rear-guard type, so I felt that they were a bit opposite, so it might be a little surprising that they were drawn like rivals this time.

The relationship at the time of the CM appearance is based on that, but if you dig deeper, it may have been compared with “two people standing in the class” !

Mr. Kenfuji, who has the leadership of his elder sister’s skin, pulls Group B while shivering the runaway between things with his hand and sword.

On the other hand, Yao Momo is a type that takes a bird’s eye view of the whole and makes use of the surroundings to complement the surroundings.

I would like to look forward to seeing how the two women who were spotlighted this time will work hard together!

Also, as Batwan, I get excited about the following Kojimi- kun vs. Black-dominated Koji disease confrontation” ! !

I knew that Tokoyami-kun was in the illness, but it’s true that even black domination is like this w

“Differents also profound understanding person …” “need to black always (forever) …” and, the other, the battle is not how fun at the time who has the exchange, which was fidgeting! !

As I mentioned in the previous discussion, I think these two people will definitely be the center of the battle! !

The individuality of black domination & the fallen angel of black!

In 198 Chapters this time, the individuality of black dominance was specifically revealed.

As I will touch on each page, it seems that his personality “black” can be moved by blending with black things!

It’s a powerful personality, just like the name of black domination!

It was amazing that I also controlled that dark shadow in the work! (Maybe it will be the strongest friend of all!)

In the first crossover, dark shadows were controlled, and the side of Tokogumi was at a disadvantage once.

From here onwards , it seems that you will be greeted by the technique (?) Of “Black Fallen Angel” .

This show is so exciting and exciting. I’m really looking forward to seeing what Hidden Balls are like in Tokoyami! !

The two abyss battles that tickle the hearts of the two illnesses have finally begun.

Assuming the previous one line, this team battle seems to be a technical development!

As a member of Group A, it seems that the biggest attacker and how to utilize the dark shadow will be the focus of attention! !

By the way , I think that it is good to have Black Ankh, which was created by the special move development, and there is still a good spot, and I would like to expect it to appear again! !

The logic of the first round of the team battle has been carefully elaborated, and I am looking forward to the development of the second round! !

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