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Finally, the 2nd round of the joint battle training that I was most concerned about started!

The last time was a lot of excitement from the last time, but this 199 episode also became a very interesting development!

Therefore, I would like to show the impressions and consideration of Batwan after reading Episode 199! Black Fallen Angel! !

Chapter 199 “New Technique Improvisation Operation!” Spoiler, Advent of Black Fallen Angel!

In episode 199, not only the battle between group A and group B, but also the entanglement of Tsunegami-kun and Hawks will be drawn in a retrospective pattern.

Hawks was a No2 hero who was faced with Endeavor against high-end battle a while ago and was revealed to be in a dangerous special mission to join the villain alliance, but the human relationship with him is a little highlighted!

Also, I feel that you have somehow heard something like “Hawks’ loneliness” .

A Hawks who freely floats in the sky and solves the incident at an overwhelming speed.

It seems that there were quite a few cases in which the surrounding heroes did their best to do “post-processing” about it.

I feel like I’m lonely … I wonder what about…?

Then, in that situation, it seems that I had a little thought about Tsunegami-kun, who has the same “bird connection” .

Although Hawks often used to work as a single horse like this, there is one aspect that teaches “flying” about Tsunegami-kun .

Certainly, when you look back, it seems that Tokogumi-kun looks like a bird, but has never been interested in the sky?

I think that the above-mentioned cut was a very good scene, because something like “impression of flying in the sky” was transmitted from Mr. Tokogumi !

Dark shadows can fly in the sky, are strong in combat, and can be made in a variety of ways and have a strong personality!

Hawks’ words as a senior!

Also, the following scene may be quite impressive in the cut immediately after.

Hawks gave me some advice as a senior, but he might feel something more meaningful when he speaks.

He said, “I don’t need to be tied to the ground,” but his expression was a little dark, and I felt as if “the sky was bound to something to fly .”

Maybe you should remember here? What a casual thought …

Conspiracy Hero Penta Black!

By the way, in Episode 199, it turned out that the black domination was about to make a mental trap.

It seems that he was pretending to be in the illness because he intended to induce the actions of group A to some extent.

Conspiracy hero Pentablack … Wasn’t it the second disease!

It seems that he was a hero who has a strong personality that blends into black, but also possesses the strength to try to get into the gaps between people’s hearts!

In the following, a black fallen angel (described later) brought in a speed win, but it can be said that his ability is unmistakable!

The struggles of the other members were also very good!

Although the base of Episode 199 was always dark, the efforts of the other members were also very good!

So, on this page, I would like to describe what I think about each activity!

And before that , I have to mention “Black Fallen Angel” !

Cooperation with dark shadow, black fallen angel!

A black fallen angel used in conjunction with Dark Shadow.

Looking at the explanation, it’s simple because the dark shadow that is always floating is holding Toko darkness, but it is powerful to fly in the sky!

Since both hands are clogged, I think the neck seems to weaken the attack power.

Dark shadow and black fallen angels are quite powerful in air combat.

I rescued Aoyama-kun by catching up with the black domination that escaped the complicated terrain and was perfect in terms of speed …

Then, Aoyama-kun, who was caught for a while, started the Neville Buffet and struggled!

Mr. Aoyama has always been through his own unique world, but I feel that the laser feel is getting stronger and stronger!

The variations are increasing, and attention is paid to the fact that the shape of the shadow is changed to block the movement of the black domination, and that it is standing around calmly regardless of its appearance!

It was said that if you use it too much, it will hurt your broth, but it seems that the usage limit will be raised little by little!

I feel good growth of Yaomomo & Kinoko Komori is cute!

Also, did you feel that Yao Momo has grown considerably inside?

The cuts below are just that, and I feel that I have the mental toughness to move with the fact that “unexpected things happen” have been incorporated!

She used to be a little confident in her behavior before, but now she feels responsible and confident and feels her inner growth!

Finally, I’m Kinoko Komori who appeared at the last time …

With respect to the child of Butchakeko, at the moment when the saw “For example, wait a minute!” Was I!

It’s too cute, it looks like eyes and shiitake mushrooms!

She had been drawn so far, she didn’t even show her face at all, and I thought it was a more subtle type.

However, as far as the above cut is concerned, it is rather a naughty child? Such a strong impression may be stronger!

This time too, I was growing mushrooms on Yaomomo’s nose immediately, and the next 200 episodes may be a nod to Kinoko-chan!

I’ll talk about her on a separate page, but I’m really looking forward to the more 200 episodes!

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