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My Hero Academia, the production of the 4th anime has been decided! The 200 Chapters were still in good shape!

Below, I would like to write down my thoughts and thoughts on reading this story as Batwan!

Everyone was very unique this time too! !

Chapter 200 “Ji Sho!” Spoilers confirmed impressions and consideration, everyone was very unique!

Kinoko Komori who showed me how to fight with spores at the last time.

This time, we will start from group A’s reaction to the mushroom attack.

Hagakure’s secret silhouette is getting embossed, which is a bit exciting!

“It’s embarrassing to see the silhouette!” Hagakure is impatient,

That’s right, she was taking off to make the most of the invisible man’s personality!

If you look at the above cut based on such a premise, it is only Batwan that feels like a cutie cut!

And it turns out that the range of effect of the mushrooms used was quite wide!

For now, I don’t think it’s because mushrooms have grown.

It doesn’t mean that I get any damage, but I think the wide range of effect is dangerous!

Also, I think it’s a personality that shows its true value by fighting in collaboration with friends. How is it!

If she could use poisonous mushrooms, it would be dangerous! !

Kinomori Komori & Venta Black combo!

Seamage, a wizard of the mushroom world, has a very good naming sense.

It is said that it has a “buppaku habit” because you can shoot mushrooms in any place instantly by ejecting spores from your body , but even if you take that into consideration, it can be said that it is a difficult personality!

Later, he derailed , but Mineta said, “Is it a horror! It’s a horror!”

If I knew how it works, I have a feeling that it might be possible to develop with a spore (from Kinoko-chan’s body).

Then, the one that makes the most use of her mushroom is Venta Black (black control).

He has a personality that blends in with black, and he seems to be a heartbreaker who blends in with black mushrooms and launches a surprise attack!

Notice that the dark shadow is a “double-edged sword” as long as he is an enemy !

Group B members aiming at a surprise operation that hijacks the dark shadow.

However, even if Plan A fails, we are preparing a more intense Plan B … In terms of being two-stage, it is a powerful operation!

From here, I want to pay attention to how the pair of black domination & Kiko Noriko moves!

The turn where Kazuka Kento and the balloon comics are active!

In the latter half, it was a turn where Kazuka Kento and the blowing manga were active.

Until now, Group B had been pushing and pushing, but the situation where it is being folded further continues … I feel like it!

Now that the brains of Group A, Yaomom, have been cut off, how will they compete?

Kazuka Kento’s strategy is exactly like the strategy!

At the moment, the match is exactly as Kento-san’s strategy was.

What is wonderful is that even if you fail Plan A after hijacking the dark shadow, you are aiming for “within the range of the operation” !

Mr. Kento who is an athletic system & fighting group, but I think his strategy planning ability is considerable!

Ken Kazuka Fuji’s precise operation that does not leak water.

In addition, attention has also focused on the balloon comic “Onomatopoeia Attack” !

What is the character of this character? I’ve been wondering for a long time, but that kind of thing! !

You attack in the form of onomatopoeia, I see! !

The onomatopoeia attack of the blowing manga is the above, but I think it’s crazy and serious.

This is a pretty cheat personality even if A group and B group are combined (depending on the disadvantages).

Moreover, not only physical attack like this block but also onomatopoeia like “Jimejime” can be used for support.

It was an attack that Villan would expect, and I felt like the balloon comic would be an excellent hero!

Glowing! Kazuka Kento vs 8 million! !

So, at this last event, Kazuka Kento vs. 8 million people will become even hotter!

In terms of the situation, Mr. Kento’s strategy is so intense that I think this is quite a disadvantage.

I think the physical attack with a big fist is quite difficult for Yao Momo who is weak, and how to overcome the attack seems to be the key! ! !

Even if that is not the case, Mr. Kenfuji seems to have refined his physical fighting skills.

If you are brought to such a one-on-one situation with such an opponent, the disadvantages of Yaomomo will be confirmed.

Now, I’m wondering what kind of counterattack she’s prepared from here!

Anyway, it is a little late for the counterattack to start right now, with the strategy so addicted.

In the previous offensive and defensive Chapter 199, it would be like if there were some tricks that could be a hint …!

At any rate, however, the expression of Yaomom is “confident” .

From any point of view, the disadvantage is Group A, but what kind of counterattack is going to be from here?

Also, in the above cut, Mr. Kento is also interesting as he looks like “Huh …!”

Yaomom had some sort of counterattack, and he knew that … maybe?

Whatever the case, if Yaomom is able to successfully reverse this, it is certain that the situation will have “sealed the enemy general” .

How the two fights that look exactly opposite are settled … I’m looking forward to the next Chapter 201! !

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