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The second set of joint combat training, where the individual characteristics of each other fluctuate and fluctuate.

This chapter of 201 was also quite exciting and it was fun!

Below, I would like to show the impressions and consideration of Batowan after reading this volume!

Chapter 201 “Look Ahead” Spoiler Confirmation & Consideration, Kento Team Victory!

This chapter 201 is from Yao Momo vs Kento’s fighting.

Immediately, Yao Momo’s creativity came into play, and he brought it to the stage of playing with a huge cannon!

As Kento-san read, it was a fake, but if it is against villain it will be enough to create a real thing, so in this scene Yaomomo is proof that he judges “the appropriate range for training” himself. It could be!

In the main part, it was not like hitting a shell from a cannon, but swinging sideways using the barrel of the cannon … It was like using it! (Maybe it was made lightly assuming such usage?)

In response, Mr. Ken Fuji responded from the front with Sodaiken.

According to the original policy, he seemed to choose the flow of deciding the game with his strength.

It is true that you can make decisions without shaking your judgment here! !

If Mr. Kento becomes bearish here, he will forgive Yaomomo who hesitated to allow a few arrows.

In that case, the advantage that we have built up to this point may be destroyed, so I feel that it is better to stick to the policy of “defeating without giving a chance to think !”

In addition, it was wonderful that the opponent’s artillery would be weak in a short distance, or maybe the distance was reduced!

Item addition by Yao Yorozu Lucky Bag!

In addition, I think the items delivered to the team by Yao Yorozu Lucky Bag also performed very well.

As a partner “should not been found here of the position” because it felt that worked on the assumption that, it was a good decision had gone the blind spot of the thinking in the butt!

Tsurugami-kun, who is good at fighting in the dark, and thermography goggles are a perfect match!

I think Yaomomo’s “make and hand over items” battle method is flexible enough to handle all situations.

Although Baiu is also a very calm planner type, Yaomomo can be said to be a military officer type who makes an operation as a good leader and puts out items according to the situation to control the place!

Even if you don’t always fight only in the dark, if you’re Tsunegumi-kun who shows his power in the dark, you can even wear these goggles as initial equipment for your costume.

Maybe this battle will add some more costumes!

Thermography goggles that allow you to visually check the movements of the opponent by checking their temperature.

Even so, I made a well-complex thing like this ~ Yaomomo! You can only say that you are a talented person! !

Each decision technique dances!

Mr. Kento vs. Yaomomo’s one-on-one fight, and this is the 201 chapter that became an item passing.

However, after the mid-game battle, it turned around, and from here it became involved in the development where each deciding skill danced!

Especially, the battle between Tsunegami-kun vs. Lullaby-chan might have been very hot!

Black Ankh Sabato was cool!

First of all, I would like to touch on the special move. Black ankh sabat.

After all, is it a derivative of Black Ankh that was used in the past?

You can get tired of standing around the speedy Tokogumi-kun! !

As far as I can confirm, I wonder if it was a technique that combined the old black ankh and the black fallen angel …

I want to pay attention to the place where the dark shadow’s claws grow and attack power increases!

In addition, Komori-chan’s spore attack that counters it is a powerful counter!

Uses a mushroom called Suehirodake to attack the lungs of Toko darkness.

After all, this is a technique in which mushrooms grow in your lungs if you inhale them, right?

Since the effect of mushrooms is 2 to 3 hours, you don’t have to worry about pulling it back, but it’s hard to keep coughing all the while! !

Also, this is the first killing thing!

As a result, Group B was the perfect winner …?

It was Group B that won the victory by following these series of steps.

Last time, two times before, and because Group B had taken the initiative and brought it to the strategy victory, it was difficult to overturn it … It feels like!

However, I think it’s amazing to bring it back in here because it tends to be one side up there!

The number is 4-0, but I think it was a close match for the match!

In addition, the above movements of Yaomo Momo are obsessive as individual movements!

Even if I catch myself, it’s a scene in which the intention to “completely stop Kento ‘s movements!”

In this scene, if I meet someone else in Group A (especially Tsunegumi-kun), I think Kento will suddenly be at a disadvantage.

Mr. Kento could have safely won because everyone around him won the 3 to 3 battle!

Anyway, as mentioned above, the winning and losing of this time was given to Group B.

It feels like the joint combat training is now in the 1-1 match!

I think that the close battle shows that Group B is also firmly holding on to the ground, and that it is highly likely that the third and fourth games in the future are likely to become a powerful union. I can say!

The next battle is 凡戸 – Awase – lizard – sickle switching vs 爆豪 – Mimiro – Seraryo – sugar means that, in turn, bought her is likely to have been active flow.

It seems that attention will be focused on how the bombers will behave in the battle of team vs team!

The quality of the 1st and 2nd matches was terrible, and I am really looking forward to the 202 chapters next week! !

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